Zambezi River Guide: All About Your Next Soothing Trip In Africa!

Zambezi River The fourth largest river in the whole of Africa, and this amazing water source flows through many important countries, and in between Lake Kariba, Victoria Falls, Lower Zambezi National Park, Mana Pools National Park and then finally it falls into the Indian Ocean. . Mozambique.

The Zambezi River produces food, aquatic activities, electricity, transportation and is also home to some extensive wildlife. Here you will find abundant opportunities for river activities and all full of adrenaline rush. In zambezi river map You will see that there are some lush green forests along the river, which are national parks, and the best part is that there are crocodiles and hippos.

Things to do on the Zambezi River

Check out this list of adventures you can do on the Zambezi River during your trip. Keep scrolling below to know more.

1. River Rafting

River rafting

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Zambezi River Rafting This is one of the intense activities that is done by many tourists who come here to enjoy the river and its view. This is the best one-day river rafting experience in the entire world, and it offers unpredictability of water levels not found in other river activities. The variety of water levels makes the adventure more exciting and this mostly happens in January when the levels remain high. There are some dangerous bowls in the way of rafting and they are 25 in total and these provide endless thrill during rafting. This river rafting thing started in 1991, and it is the edge of the jungle and a safe route through the amazing Batoka Valley. Here tourists get a chance to cross 10 rapids or bowls in a half day tour and 25 rapids or bowls in a full day and also get time to relax on the river bank. After a whole day of rafting, tourists are offered a ride out of the canyon by a cable car.

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2. Elephant Cafe

Elephant Cafe

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In your long list to visit in Zambia, you must add this, because it is a hidden gem and it is the best restaurant in Zambia which was established in 2016. This place is located at the upper part of Victoria Falls and this café provides food and refreshments for humans and a home for rescued elephants. If you go there you will be able to interact with these giant animals and this can be done before sitting down in the café for a three-course meal with your family! The food here is exquisite and designed by head chef Annabel Hughes. You will find the best foods here that are seasonal and all made from local ingredients. Here you will get fresh and delicious food and if you are staying near Victoria Falls then you can enjoy the speed boat drive to this cafe and it will be a great experience.

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3. Canoe Safari in Zambezi

canoe safari

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Apart from rafting you can always go canoeing in the Zambezi River as this will give you a better glimpse of the national parks and you may get to see animals like crocodiles sunbathing and many birds to photograph. This canoe safari starts in the lower Zambezi. You will get to see wildlife and birds mostly in the dry season as animals come to the river banks for drinking water and bathing. You can also take an overnight trip on the river and pitch a tent by the water’s edge.

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4. A guided nature tour

a guided nature tour

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There are several walks along the Zambezi River and the one leading to Victoria Falls is the most famous. During the stairs you will also see crocodiles and buffaloes on the banks of the river. It can always start from the national park and it is just above the Devil’s Cataract and from this height, you will experience the mighty expanse of the Zambezi River. While walking, you have to take care that you stay away from water and your guide will tell you so. There are so many landscapes here and you can take lots of photos throughout your trip.

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5. Victoria Falls Tour

Victoria Falls Tour

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Every year thousands of tourists come here to see Victoria Falls and take guided tours. Since it is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, nature is at its best here and you will experience the roar of the Zambezi River in Africa. There are more than 16 places to visit in Victoria Falls, and all of them have spectacular views. You can visit Livingstone Island from here and it would definitely be a guided tour and visit the Devil’s Pool which is a swimming experience at the top edge of the falls. If you’re feeling adventurous enough you can swim in Angel Pool as the water level remains high here.

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6. Sunset Cruise

sunset cruise

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This is one of the best experiences you can have in Zambezi River as the cruise will definitely fill your mind with peace and the setting sun will be the best experience here. The cruise is carried out along the Mosi-o-Tunya National Park, and also around Siloka Island. You may get the opportunity to watch games and see African eagles, hippopotamus, crocodiles which will be a sure entertainment for you. You can choose from several cruise options from both sides of the river and you’ll always find some barbecue and a nice open bar on board, too. The boats can seat 10 to 20 people and there are also luxury cruises, which hold up to 144 people and have 3 decks.

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How to reach Zambezi River?


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To reach this place you can fly from Lusaka, which is the capital of Zambia and then fly to Zeki or Royal airstrips. From Lusaka, you will have a 20-minute journey and then you can land directly at Victoria Falls Airport. From here you will get local tour packages and you can rent a car with your guide. Usually the hotel you booked will send a car to pick you up, and your hotel will happily do it for you if you haven’t booked a tour. If you are interested in a road trip then you can avail a road trip near Victoria Falls, and it takes just over an hour.

one of the following Zambezi River Facts It becomes raging during the rainy season, so the best time to reach here is from June to September as the environment remains dry and animals come to the banks of the river and this is the best time to see them. People who visit Victoria Falls usually visit between May and September.

Place: The Zambezi River begins at km 2574 in Zambia before flowing into Angola. This river flows on the eastern border of Namibia and the northern border of Botswana. This is what makes the Zambezi River accessible to Zambia and many other countries in the southern part of Africa.

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Travel to the famous Zambezi River and its surrounding wonders, primarily Victoria Falls and the lush forests that surround it. Your days will not be wasted if you are at this place in Zambia as you will be immersed in lots of river sports and the river trip at sunset will take your breath away. The animals, birds and dense forests will give you a sense of mystery and the vast river water will never let you down. So, pack your bags and book your trip to Africa right away!

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