“What happens in Zagreb, stays in Zagreb” Your Tips For Exciting Nightlife In Croatia’s Capital

“What happens in Zagreb, stays in Zagreb” is the motto that any tourist swears by while enjoying the Zagreb nightlife.

If you think that nightlife in Zagreb is nothing compared to other European metropolises, you are absolutely wrong. Croatia’s north-western capital is famous for its vigorous nightlife. Adventurous students and sophisticated locals definitely know how to go wild and enjoy their evening in style.

Tips for enjoying Zagreb nightlife like a local

Before you step into any club or pub in Zagreb, know where to go in Zagreb, what to order and how much it will cost you.

what to order in zagreb

  • The most popular drink in Zagreb is “Medica” which is a drink made from honey.
  • “Rakiya” is a strong drink made from flavors of various fruits and herbs.
  • Riesling and Grasvina are popular white wines to choose from while Frankovka is a popular red wine.

how much to spend

Here’s an idea of ​​the prices you’ll have to pay to enjoy nightlife in Zagreb

  • shot: Starting from 10 kn (INR 107)
  • beer: Starting from 13 kn (INR 140)
  • Liquor: Starting from 12 kn (INR 130)
  • Entry Fee for Clubs: Starting from 20 kn (INR 215)

Comment:The best days to enjoy Zagreb nightlife are from Wednesday to Saturday. Also, have fun starting at 10 pm in a local pub in Zagreb.

Top 10 Places to Enjoy Nightlife in Zagreb

Here is a list of the most popular bars in Zagreb, like Opera Club Zagreb, Hemingway Bar, and many more for the best Zagreb, Croatia nightlife experience.

1. Magnificent Monkey Garden

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The Swanky Monkey Garden is a spectacular and charming place in the city center of Zagreb, where locals come to have a beer and spend a cool evening. If you’re wondering why this nightclub in Zagreb has an industrial design on the exterior and interior, it’s because it used to be a dry cleaning place. The whole place has a vibrant atmosphere where you can connect with Croatian friends over funky cocktails and live music. This place also organizes unique themed parties and events at its venue, which you can also attend if you are in the vicinity.

Address: Ilica 50, Zagreb 10000, Croatia
Time: 8 am to 12 noon

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2. Bornstein Winery

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If alcohol is poison for you, there is no better place to enjoy it than in Zagreb’s first wine shop. Bornstein in Zagreb, the best wine shop, and bar in Zagreb is not just about drinking great wine but also learning the art of making it. The knowledgeable and passionate staff at the winery will take you on interesting wine tasting tours while teaching you about the dangers of wine. Wine lovers from all over the world come to this rustic bar to enjoy various wine tasting tours. Plus, enjoy goodies like the world’s best cheese, olive oil and bread.

Address: Kaptol St. 19, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Time: 10 am to 11 pm

3. Bikers Beer Factory

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For beer and bike fun, head to this charming pub in downtown Zagreb. If you are backpacking in Croatia with your friends, Bikers Beer Factory is a perfect choice to have some fresh beer with your best friends. Feel at home with the informal atmosphere and friendly hospitality. The live bands performing at the pub will make you dance or nod your head along to the rhythm of the music. They also organize interesting programs from time to time to entertain their guests.

Address: Savska cesta 150, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Time: 8 am to 12 noon

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4. Mojo Bar Wine

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If there’s any place in Croatia that knows the connection between good wine and good music, it’s Mojo Bar Wine. Not only does this place have a wide range of wines to choose from, but the choice of music played at the bar is also very tasty but varied. If on Tuesday you have a cappella bands performing, Wednesday at the bar means jazz music. The bar, which has a red brick interior, also has a terrace from where you can enjoy spectacular views of the city.

Address: Marticeva St. 5, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Time: 7 am to 2 pm

5. Diamond Palace Casino

Try your luck at the Diamond Palace Casino in downtown Zagreb. This casino is so beautiful that many gamblers have included it in the top three casinos in the world. The Diamond Palace is where the rich and sophisticated crowd comes to drink wine and enjoy the nightlife. If you want to escape from the loud, loud music of the bar and spend your night gracefully, then you should come to this place. The casino staff is courteous and professional and hosts a wide variety of games. If you like gambling then you must visit this place. Who knows you might win the lottery?

Address:Drescoviceva St. 43, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Time: open 24 hours

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6. Courage

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Located in the basement of the National and University Library, this is where young people come to party. If you want to relive your old college days and party like a boy with your friends, take your group out at night to this popular Zagreb nightlife area. Since it opened, it has been a popular place to enjoy live concerts and cheap wine. The reason why you should visit this bar is because of its colorful decor and no entry fee unlike other clubs. And, have we put too much emphasis on the young crowd?

Address: ul. Croatian Fraternal Community 4, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Time: Fri, Saturday – 7 am to 4 am, 7 am to 1 pm on other days

7. Corner Bar

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Corner bars in the capital are where the urban meets zen. Take a break from the blaring music of Zagreb nightclubs and enjoy a tasteful evening in the chic and elegant setting of the bar. Despite being in the center of the city, the bar is located in a secluded location, making it a perfect place to spend some time with your partner. The outdoor rooftop garden provides a relaxing environment to spend a beautiful, peaceful evening.

Address: Ulrika Augusta Cserka 4, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Time: 8 am to 12 noon

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8. Sherry’s Coffee and Wine Lab

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Sherry is a local favorite for getting drunk on fine wines. Taste good Croatian wines at the bar and choose from a wide range of 200 wines. Enjoy exotic dishes from the chef-crafted menu with your drinks, especially Croatian prosciutto and cheese. If you want to experience the best of Croatian in terms of nightlife, this is the right place. On a Tuesday to enjoy the Zagreb nightlife, this is a relaxing place to enjoy a relaxing evening in the vibrant city.

Address: Andrije Zzej Street 63 | In the yard, zagreb
Time: 8 am to 2 pm

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9. Hemingway Bar

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Those who prefer refreshing cocktails rather than plain old beer should definitely visit Hemingway Bar. The bar is named after a binge-drinking author, making the lounge bar the perfect place to drink all night long. Plus, their interesting range of cocktails will make it hard for you to stop at two o’clock. Choose from seating in the attractive interior lounge or the functional alfresco area to enjoy beverages during your meeting.

Address:Trg Republika Hrvatske 1, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Time: 7 am to 11 pm

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10. Culture Factory

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Zagreb’s premier venue for live pop and rock music, Tvornica Culture is where you’ll find a young and energetic crowd. A café by day and a luxurious club by night, this venue hosts great shows by small bands and is the perfect place to let your hair down and party hard. Translating to ‘Culture Factory’ it is the best place to mingle with the locals and enjoy the electrifying Zagreb nightlife on a Sunday.

Address: Subicheva 2, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
club time: 11 pm to 4 am

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We hope this Zagreb nightlife guide helps you make the best of your evening out on your trip to Croatia. And, ‘Zivjeli’ for a good time! This is how you say cheers in Croatian.

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