Yerevan A City Full of Surprises: Tour Travel Hotels

Yerevan A City Full of Surprises: Tour Travel Hotels

Yerevan is also the world’s oldest inhabited city. History and archaeology buff will enjoy their time here. But if you do not like visiting museums? The city attempts to satisfy every one of its visitors by providing various parks, art museums, historic sites, and just a brandy factory. Yerevan is often called the”Pink City” because of the colour of the stones used to build the city. Not, only the landscape, but the people are very inviting and approachable.

Yerevan Armania
Yerevan Armania

Things to watch out at Yerevan:

Relax and enjoy a picnic in the Parks: Yerevan boasts various parks within its territory. The most popular Park is The Lovers Park which is also the oldest in town. It looks like a fantastic Japanese landscape. It’s a great place for a romantic picnic or relaxing in the afternoon. Walk around, and revel in the views of its waterfalls and ponds.

Ararat Brandy mill: Those of you who’d love trying locally produced alcoholic drinks will enjoy touring the Ararat Brandy Factory and its museum. You will learn about the factory, the production, distilling, and bottling in addition to getting a chance to try some varieties of brandy.

Yerevan Armania Republic Square
Yerevan Armania Republic Square

It is crucial for anyone visiting Yerevan in the winter to enjoy skating. Another choice is to head to Swan Lake and skate with the natives. The lake sits directly next to the Opera House and is a beautiful spot to skate around while breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the surrounding scenery.

Hidden gems spotted at Yerevan:

Hidden church: Surb Zoravor Church is among the oldest standing structures in Yerevan constructed in the 17th century. It’s a gorgeous church built of red and black tufa stone. Aside from its beautiful stones many decorative carvings and Khatchkars decorate the church. Khatchkars, for those unfamiliar, are traditional cross-stone carvings and can be found all over historic Armenia.

Hidden church Surb Zoravor Church
Hidden church Surb Zoravor Church

Nightlife in Yerevan is an inseparable part for the young residents. The town is filled with clubs, bars, pubs, and crazy parties. All these venues can be found in the city center so if for some reason you do not like you can always walk into a different one to make sure you have an unforgettable time in Yerevan.

Paparazzi club makes the nightlife here more dynamics, and that includes crazy parties.

Mezzo is a place for those who enjoy their evenings at a bit quieter atmosphere with a glass of wine and live music.

Calumet Ethnic Lounge Bar is among the oldest and trendiest clubs in town; therefore it would be quite difficult to imagine.

Kami Club is a great place to enjoy local musicians and artists of various musical genres.

A Malkhas Jazz Club is an ideal location for jazz lovers who would like to have a quiet evening listening to local jazz performers with a drink or even a light meal.

Malkhas Jazz Club Yerevan
Malkhas Jazz Club Yerevan

Awesome things to do for free in Yerevan: as many are inclined to travel to new destinations on a budget it’s always good to know where can you spend less or even get something free of cost to do. This could come as a surprise.

Armenia’s capital offers activities free of charge for the customers.

Watch the dance and singing fountain show at the Republic Square: operating from spring until autumn the dancing and singing fountains show attracts many locals, tourists out of 9 p.m. each evening. Enjoy a colourful light show and listen to classical, jazz, pop and rock music.

Armenians have a knack for using seasonal produce where the flavours and tastes are improved. Armenian cuisines are quite diverse with dishes which are prepared with meat, fish, and vegetable. The preparation of these dishes frequently needs pureeing, stuffing and frothing. The highlights of the cuisines are lamb, lavash (tortilla-like bread and eggplant).

No, that is impossible, is not it? As the capital and the principal city, Yerevan has gathered everything in his heart. You can find not only luxurious shops like Yerevan mall, Dalma Garden and Rossia Mall but also numerous boutiques, souvenir shops, galleries, etc..

Yerevan mall, Dalma Garden and Rossia Mall
Dalma Garden Mall in Yerevan, with Mount Ararat in the background

An individual can also shop for souvenirs. Armenia is a real museum for presents. The shop is an open-air weekend market Vernissage where you can find traditional handmade works, national musical instruments, souvenirs, silver and gold jewelry, rugs, household products, and other cultural functions.

The previous night in Yerevan should be memorable, so head to El Sky pub, the rooftop venue atop the Yerevan plaza building, sip their signature cocktails and enjoy panoramic views of the town with music playing in the background. If such a venue is not your cup of tea then head to Liberty Pun a local favourite and one of the most happenings spot in the city. The sole objective is to show you a terrific time in Yerevan.

Thrilling Adventure Activities:

If are you an adventure-seeker, there are a variety of actions to boost your adrenaline. Then consider coming to Armenia. With its diverse landscape, you can have a memorable and adventurous vacation.

Zip-line in Yell Extreme Park:

Zip-line in Yell Extreme Park
Zip-line in Yell Extreme Park

Try hot air ballooning, go on several hikes in Armenia. Relax or ski at winter wonderland Tsaghkadzor. You could rent ski or snowboard at Tsaghkadzor where a ski lift will take you to different stations. You will feel like a bird for some time.

Splash Around the water in a hot summer day head to Yerevan water world for some cooling off. The three-hectare water park is home to 12 water-slides, 7 outdoor pools 3 indoor pools and two children areas. Yerevan water world is great for the whole family though anyone at any age can enjoy themselves at this amazing water park. Head indoor to Aquatek and enjoy relaxing at the Aquatek spa resort which boasts geyser, a spa, and a fitness club.

If you are someone who has a knack for everything historic and is also a traveller who’s making a trip of Armenia then here are few things that you can pile up during your journey.

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