Guess Which City Defeated The 7-Time Winner Melbourne To Become The World’s Most Liveable City!

Guess which city has won the title by defeating Melbourne The world’s most livable city.

Here’s a hint:

The city is located on the banks of the Danube River and is the birthplace of famous artists and composers, including Mozart and Beethoven.

If Vienna was your guess then full marks to you!

Every year the Economic Intelligence Unit conducts a survey. 140 cities have got marks out of 100 Based on factors such as standard of living, crime, transportation infrastructure, access to education and healthcare, and political and economic stability.

For 7 years, Melbourne in Australia was ruling the charts of the world’s most liveable city before losing to Vienna and falling to second place.

Vienna, the capital of Austria, Made an ideal score of 99.1 Because of its royal history, baroque streets and vibrant epic scenes. The cultural city offers a plethora of experiences for architecture fans and music lovers. Its renowned drink and food scenes have put Vienna on the gastronomic world map. It is, without a doubt, one of the best cities in Europe to live and visit.

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Here are the world’s most liveable cities in 2018:

1. Vienna, Austria
2. Melbourne, Australia
3. Osaka, Japan
4. Calgary, Canada
5. Sydney, Australia
6. Vancouver, Canada
7. (tie) Toronto, Canada
7. (tie) Tokyo, Japan
9. Copenhagen, Denmark
10. Adelaide, Australia

If you’re already thinking about visiting Vienna, we don’t blame you. Who wouldn’t want to live by the peaceful Danube River and enjoy coffee and cake every day in its ‘living-room’ coffee house? Plan your dream trip to Austria and experience the vibrancy and excitement of the historic city.

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