World Picnic Day 2021: Picnic Spots Around Bangalore

World Picnic Day 2021: Picnic Spots Around Bangalore

World Picnic Day 2021: Bangalore’s perpetually pleasant weather means never-ending opportunities for an outdoor escapade. And there’s something about the arrival of June in Bangalore that makes you want to stock up on some goodies, grab a red gingham blanket and head to a scenic site for a picnic.

World Picnic Day 2021
World Picnic Day 2021

Whether you’re looking for a prime spot on a grassy hillside or a mountain vista, you’re bound to find just the explicit locale for your perfect picnic in Bangalore. Here are the five scenic sites for a picnic in and around Bangalore.

1) Bannerghatta National Park


If you enjoy the charm and richness of wildlife, then Bannerghatta is your calling. You can enjoy the diversity of wildlife and get enthralled by its attractiveness. It has in store a lot to explore. Famous for sightseeing, this place can be your picnic spot with the salubrious atmosphere all around. One can also try hiking, trekking and do a little bit of photography and capture the everlasting moments.

2) Nandi Hills


How about getting on top of a hill and being enlightened by the first and the last rays of the sun? Well, Nandi Hills is such a place where you can find yourself adjacent to the clouds. Famous for breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset, this place can also be utilised to meditate or to explore the enchanting beauty surrounding the hills. Apart from enjoying nature, one can also visit the temples and a summer palace built by Tipu Sultan on the top of the hills. This place is definitely a complete package and should be your next picnic spot.

3) Chikballapur


Another spot to be with your family or friends, Chikballapur is famous for sightseeing and trekking. Located amid five hills and spreading liveliness through its beauty all around, undeniably, this place is a sure shot for everyone who is looking forward to sitting idle in the arms of nature and enjoying a class time. You can also visit temples located nearby and get spiritual with your family or friends. All this gets this place on the bucket list of all picnic-goers.

4) Muthyala Maduvu


Undoubtedly, one of the best picnic spots around Bengaluru, this place is also known as Pearl Valley. Located in the midst of hills, this place is full of lush greenery; the multilayered waterfall gushing down makes the surrounding look more appealing and wondrous. The fresh pond created by the dazzling water cascade definitely gives you some water time. The Pearl Valley is certainly a not-to-miss place when you are looking for a picnic spot to create memories.

5) Big Banyan Tree


Also referred to as Dodda Alada Mara, Big Banyan Tree is one of the most popular destinations around Bengaluru where one can spend time with family under the shade formed by the dense canopy of this tree. Spread over 3 acres of land, this 400-year-old tree is considered to be the largest tree in Karnataka. The cool breeze and balmy atmosphere make it a perfect picnic spot to play, eat and dance around. If you are not willing to leave Bengaluru far away and yet desire to be with your family, then pack your items and have a wonderful day at Big Banyan Tree.

So, these were best and nearest picnic spots around Bengaluru where you can chill with your family and friends. This is an ideal time to visit these places. Gather yourself and be on your way to these mesmerising places full of amazement.

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