Wisdom 2.0 in the Midst of Corona Virus Warnings

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Wisdom 2.0 in the Midst of Corona Virus Warnings

Fortunately, this year Wisdom 2.0, an Event we associate each year as a media partner, was not canceled because the dates were right before the government warnings hit nationwide: stay House, do not do Trip, do not do to touch your face and wash your hands often.

A week later, everyone events more than 1000 people were canceled in Silicon Valley and other greats events as SXSW, a standard Event this people of around the world Trip to, was also canceled. Concerts, Trade watch, advantage dinners, you name it. But in the end, we presented ourselves as planned for Wisdom 2.0 activated Friday, which although there was a smaller than Ordinary turn out, people were in positive spirits and came out of emotionally displaced many sessions on the main step.

This event, at the crossroads of innovation, technology, wisdom and heart-centered connection, was held at Hilton in San Francisco“S Union square of March 5-8, 2020, however sessions sure Sunday were canceled so we all packed up to go House Saturday end of the day.

Like most crisis the situations do it, all were brought together in a wonderful kindness of support and love as we broke our tables and talked about what we had learned from the event.

Wisdom 2.0. Credit: Debra Giusti

Although some did not come out of fear, I was surprised how much show despite Crowned virus warnings – event took place just a few days before the government alerted the public House and avoid all the big crowds. Despite the growing number of cases in a few days, people flew from Chicago, Canada, London, Australia, other parts of Europe and beyond.

Jack Kornfield, Marianne Williamson and Byron Katie are always among my favorite speakers every year and of course this year Marianne has a strong message about her campaign experience and it always comes back to love. In politics, it seems out of place to mention the word love, but is it not the way to a high conscience and improvement for humanity?

Marianne Williamson on the main stage of Wisdom 2.0. Credit: Debra Giusti.

Soren on the main stage of Wisdom 2.0. Credit: Debra Giusti

The Buddha stand

There was also ample space for stands – sponsors, partners and beyond, which included everything from wellness products and services and retreat centers to mindfulness apps, jewelry, meditation leaders and more.

In addition to topics focused on mindfulness, the connection and the kindness, there was a lot on the sessions like good – from yoga and meditation to dance and movement. There are also exercises like good as something they call hosted Conversations.

Animated Conversation on Consciousness

We led a hosted conversation as good like a hosted dinner around the theme of Consciousness which focused on the following questions.

  • Do you live your life? goal and what are the distinctions between a career you can love and live your life goal?
  • What prevents us from entering our goal and live our passion?
  • What prevents us from Speaking our truth without fear or resistance? (difference between saying “” it’s true “and” it’s my truth)
  • Where Consciousness comes from? East Consciousness located in the brain – or elsewhere
  • What is the difference between the Soul and Consciousness?

And beyond. Other organized conversations and dinners included things like Transformative Tech & Oxygen, Dare to Dream, mindfulness in meetings, entrepreneurship with social impact, women in Direction, Compassion in direction, Online courses and communities (what works and what doesn’t), digital well-being, how it works, Mind on money, psychedelics and healing ceremonies, different forms of energy healing and many more.

The speakers were powerful and captivating as always – each of the difficult aspects of health, humanity and technology, mindfulness, good-being and social change.

Other speakers include Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, Chelsea Manager, Diego Perez, Dan Siegel, Russ Hudson, Rick doblin, Qigong Gu, Trudy Goodman, David Simas, Richard Fernandez, Jenee Johnson, Joe Green, Prophet Walker, Eldra Jackson and others.

On the top floor of the hall, there were magical views of San Francisco as well as.

Check their website for more information, including scheduling and details of upcoming events – they also host online experiences.

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