Head To Bratislava This Winter For An Extraordinary Experience Of Chilling In Cold Days!

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. The city is situated on the banks of the Danube River. The entire country is covered with vineyards. The winding roads are perfect for cycling and hiking. Therefore it is an ideal place to spend a wonderful holiday. It has been observed that Bratislava is mainly located on the border of three countries. These are Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. The country came into existence during the 18th century and is famous for cafes and bars. Therefore, most of the tourists mainly like to visit this place to spend wonderful holidays. winter in bratislava Something unique.

Weather in Bratislava during winter

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During winter the entire area was covered with snow. Even the mountains are completely covered with snow and it looks really amazing. Most of the lakes including rivers are frozen. The roads and streets are completely filled with snow. So if anyone is fond of snow, winter is the best time to visit Bratislava. The trees are filled with snow. Since the entire area is covered with snow, most people skate on the roads. The winter season of Bratislava is highly enjoyed by the people.

Things to do in Bratislava during winter

Let us now take a look at some of the activities that can be done especially during the winter months. Many Bratislava winter festivals take place during this time. In fact, Bratislava’s nightlife in winter is amazing from all angles.

1. Old Town Bratislava

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This place has many amazing buildings and wonderful small streets. It has been found that every corner of the street is an ideal location for a photoshoot. If you are fond of taking photographs, then stand on any corner of the road and give a wonderful pose. There are many things to do in Bratislava. During the winter months, people can find a variety of Christmas markets taking place here and there. Many administrative buildings are located at this place. Apart from tourists, many people come here during the day for various purposes. This place is also a great historical center. Furthermore, Bratislava’s nightlife is much more vibrant and attractive.

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2. Main Square and Old Town Hall

Inside the Town Hall is the oldest museum in Slovakia. If one climbs the narrow stairs of the 45 meter high tower, one can get a view of the entire Christmas market that takes place at this time of the year. There are various stalls that usually take place during the year. Many activities take place in this market. So if you are spending a lot of time in this market, you will definitely see something new and amazing here.

3. Statues

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This place is considered the most photographed place in Bratislava. You can also see a variety of sculptures that are found all over the place. Taking beautiful photos with Cumille or Napoleon will truly be a wonderful experience. Most of the people have a good time mainly by taking pictures with the statues. Bratislava Castle is considered a landmark of the city. The museum takes us to the Stone Age which people can actually experience. Museums have always been a favorite place for people of all ages. For a long time, taking photos with these historical characters has indeed been a fascination for many people. So with the sculptures, it feels like a dream come true.

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4. St. Michael’s Gate

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This type of unique gate is the main attraction of Bratislava. Most tourists climb to the upper terrace at a height of 51 meters. From this height tourists can have an excellent view of Bratislava Castle and the Old Town. The whole scene looks amazing.

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5. Wander around the Danube River

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Walking along the river Danube will truly be a wonderful experience and feeling. The temperature drops to a great extent during this time of the year. If you walk along the river, you can come to the Stari Most Bridge. The whole scene becomes absolutely amazing in every respect. It is very good to take a walk in the evening and morning.

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6. UFO

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It is also a big attraction of Bratislava. This is an observation deck and the whole view looks quite different at this point. With a height of 95 meters the entire view point looks great and hence can be visited even in winter time. If you are in Bratislava, plan to reach this height and get a view of the entire city. This place has beautiful architecture. This deck was opened to the public during the 1970s. Till now it has attracted a lot of people.

7. Blue Church

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This church is said to be a great destination for photo shoots. Most of the photo shoots take place at this place. This church is also named St. Elizabeth’s Church and it came into existence during the 20th century. The blue color of the church can be a perfect background for a photo shoot. The church opens sharp at 7 in the morning and closes at 7 in the evening. Most of the photo shoot events take place during this time. This place is also called a fairy tale place.

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8. St. Martin’s Cathedral

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This 85 meter high tower dominates the entire city. Most of the people come to this place on foot mainly to get a glimpse of the entire city. The best view comes when the palace is seen along with the garden. This place is well attended throughout the year.

9. Primate’s Palace

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The light pink color of the palace is also a main attraction of Bratislava. Most people who come to Bratislava definitely try to visit this place. There are many things worth seeing in this palace. Apart from this, the main attraction here is also because during winter people choose the option of ice skating. It gives a wonderful experience. Never forget to visit this place and include it in your visiting list.

10. Bratislava Christmas Market

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Perhaps the best thing to do in this market during the winter months is to explore the Christmas market. During this time the entire market is filled with beautiful and decorative items. All goods are available at very cheap prices. Apart from this, other delicious and wonderful dishes are also available here. If you want, you can taste those foods and try other types of foods. This market is not as commercial as other European markets. Therefore this can be a perfect place for shopping.

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Bratislava is a great place where visitors can do many things. Apart from taking beautiful views from the high peak, they can also take good photographs at various places. Moreover, the markets become an ideal place for shopping during winters. Many items can be purchased from these markets at relatively low prices. Most of the items are of new type. If you are really looking for a beautiful place to visit during the winter months, then this place is the perfect place for you. So, plan a trip to Europe and witness the winter beauty of this place!

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