Winter holidays filled with wonder: Chartering a luxury catamaran yacht

Winter holidays filled with wonder: Chartering a luxury catamaran yacht

Take off your winter coat and step out in bathing suits this holiday season while savoring the winter wonders of the Caribbean and Bahamas on a luxury catamaran yacht charter. A luxury yacht charter is one of the safest and most convenient ways to travel to multiple destinations while enjoying first-class service and a range of onboard amenities: your professional crew can have the water toys. ready to go when you wake up in your secluded anchorage. , and the highly trained chef will create mouth-watering meals every day that meet all the dietary requirements of your group.

It’s up to you to decide if you build your itinerary around the sensational nightlife and events of the Caribbean and Bahamas or if you cruise to one of the myriad tropical idylls to forget the rest of the world and cherish the time. spent in pristine nature with your family and friends. Once you’ve swapped the snow for soft white sands, long sunny days, and cozy up around the barbecue, you’ll want to stay in this tropical idyll until it’s summer home again.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean islands are the place to be during the winter months, as evidenced by the long list of celebrities who top up their tans aboard their private yachts. The U.S. Virgin Islands are closest to the coast of Florida, where most yacht rentals begin, and USVIs provide a great balance of shopping, entertainment and nightlife, white sand beaches, snorkelling spots, and parks. lush nationalities.

Life takes a slower pace among the British Virgin Islands, home to The Baths on Virgin Gorda as well as plenty of beaches to relax with a drink and watch the scenery. Snorkelling and scuba diving are popular water sports here, and those with energy in space can dance the night away at Soggy Dollar Bar or Foxy’s on Jost Van Dyke. Treat yourself and your group to a shopping spree on Saint Martin / Sint Martin, then show off your style in the restaurants of Saint Barthelemy before the regattas start.

Cuba’s unique heritage is a visual treat where photographers and artists will happily waste hours among the magnificent 16th century architecture in Havana. Lush green national parks to the south and white sandy beaches to the north make this country a week-long adventure in itself.

The further south you travel, the more you leave the modern world to slip into the rhythm of Caribbean life. Outdoor adventurers will be in their element as they discover Dominica’s waterfalls and hot pools, while the Pitons of St. Lucia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with mud pools and spectacular views of the bay.

Granada is the Spice Island and a place where connoisseurs can savor the freshest ingredients after a day of swimming and sunbathing aboard your luxury yacht or on one of the scattered beaches.

On a luxury yacht charter, you can leave the rest of the world behind and sail to distant islands for a sunset meal on the beach, then continue the conversation with drinks in the Jacuzzi as a sunset. flaming sun gives way to an unpolluted night sky lit with a thousand stars. With your accommodation always with you, your itinerary becomes flexible enough that you can linger in one paradise or go in search of the next.


Nassau is for many the first and last stop in a luxury yacht charter in the Bahamas: the international airport is a convenient connection before a short drive to the marina to meet your luxury yacht. It consists of two islands – New Providence and Paradise – which offer golden sandy beaches to the west, upscale shops, fine restaurants and casinos to the northeast, as well as numerous museums and places of interest. to soak up the culture of the island: stretch your legs and walk through the Ardastra Garden & Wildlife Conservation Center, admire the Cliffton National Heritage Park and take a romantic stroll through the Gardens of Versailles before dinner, to dance and try your luck in the casinos.

Grand Bahama Island is another of the most visited islands in the Bahamas and is easily connected to the airport from Freeport. Wildlife-loving vacationers will find that national parks are an introduction to endemic island species from day one of your visit. The true wonders of this tropical paradise are to be discovered in the Out Islands, far from the very touristy destinations – and this is where renting a luxury yacht really makes sense.

Luxury catamarans like the S / Y CALMAO have a shallow draft perfectly suited to the Bahamas, where the best moorings may be no deeper than a few meters. Two hulls provide excellent stability, and a larger width with a shorter length allows access to places that large ships cannot reach, while still providing an abundance of space on board.

Soak up the view of wrecks and reefs using the snorkeling gear and underwater scooter, watching sea turtles and rays graze in their natural habitat as vibrant schools of fish compete against each other to get your attention. The Berry Islands are a big game fishing treat, while romantics should take the time to visit Eleuthera and the pink sand beach of Harbor Island for a stroll on its sands at sunrise or sunset.

Andros is the largest of the Bahamian islands and its verdant forests call for many explorers. Equally attractive are the crystal-blue blue waters, with blue holes to discover and big game fish that your onboard chef can turn into a delicious lunch.

The Abacos are a favorite spot for many luxury yacht rentals who want to stay close to the rest of the world while still getting a taste of island life. The Exumas, meanwhile, are famous for swimming pigs at Pig Beach, and it’s possible to pet tame nurse sharks as well as snorkel in an underwater cave.

Further south, Rum Cay boasts impressive Lucayan art and petroglyphs from the peoples who once inhabited these islands, and the wreck of HMS CONQUEROR is only part of the Underwater Museum.

Kayaking and paddleboarding around Long Island’s pristine white cliffs and beaches, or snorkel for dollars in the sand in the sheltered shallows of Acklins Bay.

Mayaguana and Inagua are off the beaten track for those who love wildlife and serene seclusion. Mayaguana has a reputation as a place for honeymooning couples, who can spend their time together playing with the water toys in the turquoise water, fishing or crabbing for a delicious fresh dinner, or just chilling out. on soft warm sand.

80,000 flamingos bask in the sun around Inagua, where the three national parks create a stable environment for 140 endemic and migratory birds. This makes it the perfect destination for families, photographers and ecotourists satisfied to see some of the rarest sites in the world.

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