Winter Destinations In Rajasthan – Tour Travel Hotels

Winter Destinations In Rajasthan - Tour Travel Hotels

The areas around the Aravallis – the most beloved fold mountains in the world – are at their best during winter. With a myriad number of draws and interesting places boasting pretty colours in winter, it’s a luxury to traverse and explore Rajasthan.

We bring you the 9 Amazing winter destinations in Rajasthan.

1. Ranthambore


Nothing can be greater than Ranthambore, this place to visit in Rajasthan in the winter will give you a memorable experience of a winter vacation. The landmark of this place is the Ranthambore fort, this fort was recognized as one among the UNESCO sites, visiting this fort and Trinetra Ganesh temple should be mandatory in the itinerary. Also don’t miss the wildlife safari in Ranthambore.

2. Mount Abu


The only hill station in the Rajasthan is Mount Abu, winter visit is perfect to spend some amazing time over here. Mount Abu holds significant importance in Hindu Mythology. Climb the Mount Abu hill station and get mesmerized by its amazing beauty, and spend some time at Gaumukh temple.

3. Jaipur


Jaipur commonly called the Pink city is the best place to visit in Rajasthan in Winter. Jaipur is hot, however, it is fine ideal summer tours, to experience and explore this city to the fullest a winter tour is a must.

4. Bishnoi Village

In the Bishnoi village, during winter you can enjoy the beautiful sea coasts, rain forests and sight of mountains at their best. If you want to enjoy the tribal part of India then Bishnoi village is the village safari that shouldn’t be missed out for. Dip into the Guda Bishnoi Lake and set a picnic camp over here.

5. Udaipur

Udaipur is a city of lakes, wonderful traditions and temples. The Winter season is the best time to experience and enjoy the fun of the city. Udaipur is a storehouse of various things to do, you can visit the fair and festivals or spend some private time at the temples or plan for a day excursion to explore Udaipur.

6. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary


To catch a glimpse of the finest bird park in this world, you have to visit the Bharatpur bird sanctuary. This is the nestling place of indigenous water birds, migratory waterbirds and other watersides birds, Migratory birds that are rare can be seen here during wintertime. The beauty of the Bharatpur bird sanctuary can be better enjoyed only when seen directly, so head to this place directly from Rajasthan or Delhi to see the chirping birds, and mesmerizing sunset beauty, spend some time cycling and enjoy the side by roads.

7. Samsun Dunes

Give the beaches and park some rest, instead of travel down to the Samsun dunes to enjoy the beauty of Jaisalmer during winter. Nothing can beat Rajasthan when it comes to enjoying the desert safari, enjoy some dune bashing at Sam dunes along with other adventure junkies and enjoy the Jeep Safari, Camel Safari.

8. Neemrana

Neemrana fort palace is a famous attraction at Neemrana, during the winter season, you can see this palace fully decorated and illuminated with colourful lights. The Neemrana fort which was a fort then is now converted into a modern luxurious heritage hotel. Tourists should visit this fort to witness the beautiful construction work of it, and above all, this place is a shopping destination too.

9. Khuri

To get a real desert experience, Khuri is the best place to visit in Rajasthan in Winter. With varied dunes and camel safari, this place can be best enjoyed during winter. Nothing can be more tempting than a desert camel safari at Khuri, this small village is lies to the southwest of Jaisalmer hence reaching here will not be a problem, venture into the colourful villages or opt for camel safaris or desert camping.

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