Why You Should Tour India During Navratri Vacation

Why You Should Tour India During Navratri Vacation

From wind chills to festivities like Navaratri and Durga puja, October has a lot to offer. Moreover, India is all decked out for the holidays – with locals generally friendly and in high spirits. In the North, winter is in bloom; and in the south, the festivities are at their highest. And thus, the Navratri vacation is the best time to tour India.

The holidays are still here, and you can accomplish your unfinished travel experience this Navratri vacation. So, here are the top reasons why you should tour India during Navratri vacation.

October is an overdose of fun – with Navaratri and Dussehra festivity, Kolkata is the place to be!


Kolkata as enticing as it is; something magical happens in Kolkata in October. It becomes more party-oriented, approachable and celebratory. From Awesome traditional parties and organised all-nighters. Plus, October falls in the heart of the Navratri season, so for pious and cultural vultures, this is the best time to visit.

Festive season means one thing – time to go on a shopping spree in Commercial Street, Bangalore!

Navarati is a fun time to be in Bangalore. The weather is more relaxed-something to relish, as it means long explorations into shopping malls, lit up streets, and a chance to explore the best of Bangalore has to offer. The winter light is beautiful, particularly when taking a walk along with the shopping haven of Bangalore, Commercial Street. Thus, the Navaratri holidays is an ideal time for shopaholics to buy what they desire.

It is finally a holiday season. You have every reason to relax and unwind in Ooty

Winter is the time when hill stations bloom into a paradise. However Ooty, ever lush and green, comes to life with a cool breeze and rolling hills. From relishing authentic local cuisine and masala chai to enjoying a perfect drink by the bonfire, Ooty sure is a complete bliss during the Navaratri holidays.

A romantic vacation in Kumarakom will make this month of festivities better for you

Within Kerala’s million square miles are backwaters and tiny river islands blessed by warm sun and lush greenery. October is the best time to avail yourself of a houseboat stay with your soulmate in Kumarakom. With a picturesque view, landscapes, fascinating backwaters, authentic cuisine and a wealth of romantic and all-inclusive resorts, Kumarakom offers a variety of ways to escape winter during the Navaratri holidays.

The real joy of winter is sipping on Chai in Chikmagalur

Don’t blame the chilly weather if you get carried away by hot beverages and drinks in Chikmagalur. Navaratri holidays is an ideal time to have a reunion with old friends, savour Chikmagalur’ bonafide hot tea, sway to chill music and embrace the warmth of the bonfire. The ambience and pleasant weather are enough to assure you lasting memories; the family vacation will cement that experience.

Playing in it, watching it fall and eating it, you’re never too old for a snowy experience in Shimla

For the unfortunate residents of South India, who have never seen snow before, October is the best month for you and Shimla is the best place to be! During winter Shimla transforms the streets and mountains of Shimla into a white playground for all ages. It is the best time of the year to take a vacation with your loved ones. Thus, the experience of snow in Shimla is one of the reasons why you should tour India during your Navaratri vacation.

Because snorkelling and diving are what you wait for – like enjoying fun-water activities in Andaman

Andaman, far-famed for its world-class diving and snorkelling, and pristine waters, exhibit 100 shades of blue. Andaman lights up during the holidays and is sure to be filled with the hip crowd from across the world. With toes in the sand beach bars, pleasant weather and jaw-dropping snorkelling options, Andaman transform into a paradise for wanderers during the winter.

Every tippler can relate to the warmth a drink brings amid chilly weather, especially in Chandigarh

There’s something thrilling about finding a local watering hole and enjoying a local spirit amid chilly weather. Chandigarh offers pleasant weather during the winter and boasts an umpteen number of pubs and resto-bar to have a moment of reflection and ideas with your loved ones. Drinking is an age-old tradition that the entire world shares, especially during auspicious occasions. So, leave your usual cocktail behind and explore Chandigarh for an entirely new drinking experience in winter.

The holiday season can also be used for introspection and there is no better place to exercise your mind than in the Himalayas

It is important to sit back, relax and be in the moment every once in a while. And there is no better time to ponder than at the end of the year; there is no better place to do that, than amid nature. The Himalayas allures millions around the year to find peace and solitude. And winter transforms the Himalayas into bright white heaven, giving a sense of optimism in any which situation. The open skies, high white mountains and you make an excellent place to contemplate and decide on the end of the year resolutions.

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