Where To Go In February In Kerala

Where To Go In February In Kerala

Kerala boasts an immense amount of natural bounties, stunning beaches, amazing landmarks, and fun-filled activities, making it a top winter travel destination in India in February. Have a look at these ten destinations we have picked out for you to consider on your trip to Kerala. Which is your favourite?

1. Varkala


Another stunning coastline or beach that is a must-visit in Kerala in February is Varkala. The seashore and the hills stand together, giving an ideal spot for shutterbugs to capture the impressive view of nature. Here you can enjoy a number of fun activities and water sport like jetting, surfing, parasailing and even horse-riding on the seashore.

2. Kasargod


If you fancy a private beachside that is not too packed and is not commercial, where you can feel one with nature and experience the cool breeze all by yourself, then Kasargod is the place to be in February. Kasargod definitely proves to be a hotspot in God’s own country, where the valleys roll down to the sea and the coconut palms fringe the beach, giving a comforting view to spend your carefree evening, watching the twilight.

3. Vagamon


Less cited and less commonly visited by travellers and tourists, Vagamon is an untouched natural wonder. The large landscapes of meadows of Vagamon offer a beautiful view, assuredly, a popular shooting point for films and music videos. You will be able to relish the sweet and yet spicy aroma of the spice estates and comfort your eyes with the greenery from the tree ranches covering the hills of Vagamon.

4. Kovalam


To visit Kerala and not to tour Kovalam is somewhat sinful. It is the most popular beach and one of the best places to visit in Kerala in February. Kovalam offers both private seashores at the resorts, for the tourists as well as beaches where local people can visit, relish, soak in the seawater. But of course, staying in the fine beach retreats and not being interrupted by the local crowd is a great pleasure.

5. Kochi


One of the best hotspots to visit in Kerala in February is Kochi. As the winter hit its peak, the place transforms into a land of verdant beauty showcasing unparalleled natural bounties. Furthermore, you can fancy bike rides, seaside football, and amazing bonafide cuisines. Also, Fort Kochi and Mattancherry Palace are a must-visit during this time.

6. Kumarakom

One of the best places to see in Kerala in February is the palm-fringed routes of Kumarakom where you can become one with nature. The weather during this time is refreshing and makes for the excellent weather to traverse the misty verdant mangrove forests, coconut palms facing the hills and the sparkling backwaters.

7. Kozhikode


Visit the first place Vasco da Gama hit when he set foot on Indian soil at Kappad on May 27, 1498, while on your trip to Kerala. You can even relax on the Kozhikode or Kappad beach whilst the cool breeze drifts across your face.

8. Alleppey


One of the best things to do in Kerala in February is to stay in a houseboat in the middle of the Alleppey backwaters as the Kerala weather in February is chill and you will be able to enjoy the sunny surroundings. Indulge in popular food of Kerala served on banana leaves and witness lavish paddy areas under the water, go angling with special Chinese netting, and enjoy the idyllic views of ducks, water lilies, and small chapels.

9. Idukki


One of the best places to visit in Kerala in February is reasonably Idukki. Adjacent to Munnar, Idukki is also a mountainous region, but with some more variety of the natural scenery and a perfect viewpoint for shutterbugs. With hills on all fronts and pools amidst them, with dam and national park, Idukki is the best place where you will find a variety of things to see and do.

10. Thekkady


Pay a visit to Thekkady in February to see the landscape in full bloom here. Periyar National Park is another key attraction in Thekkady, thus it is a must-visit. See nature in all its brilliance during a jungle safari and spot the tigers, Great Indian tiger, gaurs, sambars, the very rare lion-tailed macaques, boars, leopards, deer, bison etc.

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