Where To Go In February In Karnataka

Where To Go In February In Karnataka

Blessed with exquisite beaches (beautifying the coastline), verdant mountains, plains and an assemblage of monuments and temples make Karnataka one of the best destinations to visit in February in India. And all of the afore-mentioned tourist attractions are multiple excuses for you to gather your travel essentials and head for a tour!

We have listed down the best destinations to visit in Karnataka in February. Have a look!



Maravanthe is a getaway that can be best described as nature’s basket full of mesmerizing picturesque views. A beautiful beach town with white sand spread miles and miles along the coast fetches the beach a nickname of a Virgin Beach. The sunset sets the whole place tinted in the shade of sepia just out of a painter’s canvas. Studded with several places of the excursion, the town is adorned with a stark backdrop of Kodachadri hills, while the Arabian Sea bounds it from one side and Sauparnika River on the other side.



Coorg is a picturesque and peaceful hill station in Karnataka. Besides the flourishing green slopes, one must also check out the charming Namdroling Tibetan hamlet nestled on the foothills of Coorg. With nature’s bounty and comforting weather, Coorg is an ideal recipe to destress with your family and friends, or even solo.


Gokarna is quite possibly one of the most popular beaches in Karnataka – or even India. Its quiet, clear waters are complemented by the chill sun that smears the whole area in a gentle heat, making reclining all the easier. Try to stick around for twilight, as the sun lowers the sky and sea, painting the entire landscape with an orange glow to leave you breathless.


Encircled by dense green forests and scenic hills, Yana is far-famed for its caverns and rock formations that draw travellers to this paradise year after year. It is a treat for nature enthusiasts and hiking aficionados owing to its endless stretch of undiscovered greens. Thus, making it one of the best destinations to visit in February in Karnataka.


You can take a bicycle ride on the spiralling roads, hike up to the summit, camp under the sheet of stars, or just relax and gaze at the boundless expanses of greens while sipping on a cup of local authentic pipping coffee. Chikmagalur will make you want to give up your day job and retire, which is why it is among the best destinations to visit in Karnataka in February.

Murudeshwar Beach

Murudeshwar Beach is not really the sort of destination you’d go to if you’re looking to show off your latest swimwear, but this doesn’t make it any less magical. Expect to see the world’s second-tallest Shiva statue at this beach in Karnataka. At a whopping 123 feet, this statue looms over the visitors that frequent this beach to experience the cool sea washing over their toes, whilst taking a stroll on the sand.


One of the best destinations to visit in Karnataka during the late winter is Agumbe. It is famous for its adjacent rainforest, idyllic nature trails, and green slopes. Agumbe is an ideal place to rewind with your kins or gang of friends so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.


On the banks of river Malaprabha, lies the legendary town of Aihole. Once, the capital of the Chalukyas dynasty, Aihole was once considered the cradle of Hindu temple architecture and had more than 125 temples. Surrounded by legends, one of the most popular legends states Parshurama from Ramayana cleaned his axe here after killing the Kshatriyas. Durga temple is one of the best known and important temples of Aihole, probably built during the late 7th century or early 8th century. The Ravana Phadi is one of the oldest rock-cut cave temples in Aihole, dating back to the 6th century AD.

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