What To Expect From This Region Of Africa

, What To Expect From This Region Of Africa

Known to house some rare species of wild animals, Kenya has emerged as a popular destination for adventure lovers. The country thrives on tourism and it has become easier than ever for visitors to watch a safari game.

With that said, wildlife safaris and experiences are not the only things that make Kenya special. The country is also home to some of Africa’s most picturesque beaches. On the coast of Kenya, there is also great potential for some quality whale watching. Kenya in August You will keep everyone excited and surprised, as it has a lot to offer its tourists.

To experience the best of both aspects of Kenya, the best month to visit the country is in August. wondering why? Read on to find out:

Kenya weather in August

, What To Expect From This Region Of Africa

August is the second coldest month in Kenya. This means, if you have mental images of scorching sun in the spring, you can stop worrying. In August, temperatures in Kenya are relatively mild. In fact, nights in Kenya can be quite chilly and you will thank yourself for packing a few layers of warm clothes.

Apart from being generally cold, the month of August is also the driest month in Kenya. Other than the Rift Valley region, the rest of the country experiences relatively little rainfall. With that said, weather is not the only reason you must go. Kenya in August. Here are a few more:

Due to visit Kenya in August

In August Kenya exploded between peak tourist seasons and for good reasons. The amazing dry weather gives ideal conditions for safaris and some quality time at the beach. August is also the time when some interesting and ecologically important things are happening in Kenya:

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1. The peak of wildebeest migration

, What To Expect From This Region Of Africa

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Great wildebeest migration begins in late July and by August it is in full swing. This is the best time to start a sports viewing safari in the Masai Mara region on August. Seeing the countless wildebeest and zebra crossing the rivers Mara and Talek is a favorite tourist activity in Kenya, and August is the best time to enjoy it.

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2. Whale watching season

, What To Expect From This Region Of Africa

August is also a wonderful time to see some marine life off the coast of Kenya. In fact, this is the best time for some majestic humpback whales to break the surface of the water and display their power. The experience is often described as surreal and should be on its itinerary to Kenya.

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3. Marlal Camel Derby

, What To Expect From This Region Of Africa

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Kenya’s International Camel Derby is open to amateur and professional camel riders, and is an exciting way to spend a few days in the country. The derby attracts large crowds and hosts an outstanding display of cultural offerings that showcase the diversity of the region’s resident communities. Scheduled for August 24, the same venue holds the derby with a bicycle race.

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Places to visit in Kenya in August

Now that we have covered why you should travel to Kenya in August, let’s take a look at the top destinations that you should have on your itinerary

1. Nairobi

, What To Expect From This Region Of Africa

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The capital of Kenya is the gateway to a series of unique experiences that cannot be found in any other part of the world. The city is a great contrast to the surrounding areas, as it is the center of metropolitan activity in Kenya.

That said, Nairobi is also home to some spectacular national parks that are extremely popular during August. Some of the most interesting attractions in and around Nairobi include Giraffe Center and Nairobi National Park.

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2. Masai Mara

, What To Expect From This Region Of Africa

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As previously mentioned, The Great Wildebeest Migration is at its peak during the month of August. The Wildebeest and Zebras crossed from Tanzania and settled in the Great Savannah of Masai Mara. In addition to seeing wild animals in their natural habitat, or perhaps crossing a river, if you are lucky, you can witness a live game of hunting!

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3. Object

, What To Expect From This Region Of Africa

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Watamu has gained a lot of prestige for himself in recent times. The coastal city of Kenya has emerged as a hot destination for some amazing whale watching. In fact, the region is now already surrounded by a large variety of whale species.

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4. Mombasa

, What To Expect From This Region Of Africa

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Home to some of the best wildlife sanctuaries in the country, Mombasa has a spectacular combination of wildlife safaris and picturesque beaches. For these, the city is one of the most visited cities in the country, and owes a lot to visitors. From safaris to water sports to water sports to the coast of Kenya, Mombasa offers its guests a collection of bucket list activities during the month of August.

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Endeavor Activities in Kenya in August

Finally, here is a list of things you can do in Kenya in August:

1. See the cycle of life in action

, What To Expect From This Region Of Africa

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As Wildebeest and Zebra Masai emigrate in the great savanna planes of Mara, it is time to begin hunting for Kenyan lions. Although a very rare scene, lucky visitors get to hunt first hand. The experience is nothing short of thrilling, as you see the cycle of life right before your eyes.

August presents its best chance to bare witness in this bucket list program as it is the time when most wildlife have crossed from Tanzania and settled in the plains of Masai Mara.

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2. Enjoy watersports on the Kenyan coast

, What To Expect From This Region Of Africa

The country of Kenya is home to some spectacular beaches. The most notable among them is the White Diney Beach located in Mombasa. The beach not only boast a real beach, but offers many thrilling water sports, ranging from jet ski dolphin spotting tours to SCUBA diving, kite surfing, snorkeling and banana boat rides, among many others.

August is the best time for a beach vacation in Kenya. Also, since most of the crowds fall in wildlife safari areas, there is a good chance that you can find some solitude at one of Mombasa’s beaches.

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3. Spend time with rescue giraffes

, What To Expect From This Region Of Africa

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Such an experience has partly found Kenya on the world tourism map. The Giraffe Center, located about 20 kilometers outside Nairobi, was established in Kenya to protect endangered species of giraffes. The conservation park now gives tourists a chance to interact and feed the giraffes that roam the center’s campus.

The Giraffe Center is also home to several Warhogs who also operate independently within the center’s premises.

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Kenya may not be an offbeat destination, but the experience it provides is worth your attention. Whether you are a fan of the Lion King, a wildlife enthusiast, a thrill seeker, or simply love a holiday vacation back in the lap of luxury, Kenya has something in store for you in August. August is one of the best times to visit Kenya, for the beautiful weather and other reasons discussed in this article.

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Frequently asked questions about Kenya in August

Have you started planning your August trip to Kenya? To find the answers to your most pressing questions, read our FAQ:

Q. Is wildlife safari in Kenya safe?

a. Yes. Wildlife safari in Kenya is absolutely safe. You will be accompanied by an experienced local safari leader along with many other tourists.

Q. Is road travel safe in Kenya?

a. While cities in Kenya are relatively safe, other areas are at risk of violent crimes. Despite knowing that, if you take a road trip in Kenya, it is strongly recommended to hide your precious belongings in the car, to keep your car doors closed at all times and to avoid driving at night.

Q. Is camping safe in Kenya?

a. Yes, as long as you are setting up camp in a designated camp, it is safe to camp in Kenya.

Q. How should I move inside Kenya?

a. Kenya is home to around 100,000 minibuses or matatus, as they are known locally. These are the lifeline of the country, and probably the best way to move between the country’s cities.

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, What To Expect From This Region Of Africa

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