Here’s Why Your Trip To Australia Is Incomplete Without Visiting The Werribee Zoo

Zoos always surprise us, whether we are children or adults, it doesn’t really matter. One of the first things a child learns is about animals and what better place to see those animals than, All under one roof, in one zoo! It’s even more exciting when you can get up close to ferocious animals and see them in their ‘natural’ habitat, more or less. Such a fun and exciting place Werribee Open Range ZooJust half an hour’s drive from downtown Melbourne.

About Werribee Open Range Zoo

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Since this is an African-themed zoo, you will get to see a lot of African animals here. Some animals you should definitely not miss include the African wild dog, gorilla, growling grass frog, leopard tortoise, Philippines crocodile and even the almost extinct Przewalski’s horse. You will also get to see emu, kangaroo and koala bears for which Australia is very famous.

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Essential information about Werribee Zoo

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The entry fee to this open range zoo is $37 or approximately Rs 1800 for adults and $19 or approximately Rs 960 for children on weekdays. On weekends and holidays, there is no ticket charge for children. Werribee Zoo tickets can also be purchased online and they also offer a membership plan if you fancy visiting frequently.

Place: Werribee Open Range Zoo, K Road, Werribee, Vic. 3030

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4 best things to do at Werribee Zoo

The Australian land of Melbourne is definitely calling you to visit its famous zoo and while you are planning to visit it, make sure you do not miss these activities at the zoo!

1. Werribee Zoo Safari

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This will definitely be the highlight of your trip. Since it is an open-range zoo, they organize a safari for people of all ages and guess what, this safari in the bus is absolutely free and already included in the entry ticket cost. Being an African-themed zoo, you will be taken to the ‘Savannah Grasslands’ and many other interesting parts of the zoo. During the safari you’ll see all kinds of wildlife, including bison, addax, rhino, zebra, ostrich, giraffe and endangered species of Przewalski’s horse.

The safari lasts 40 minutes, during which you will be transported to another world, with the safari guide giving live commentary as you move from the Savannah to Asia and even North America. They also take the opportunity to talk to you about the work of communities in Northern Kenya to help protect wildlife, they have started a program called Beads for Wildlife. The safari is a unique experience and definitely not to be missed while you are there.

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2. Ranger Kids

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It’s strictly for kids and is an experience unlike any other. All children have an imagination and this indoor play area gives wings to those imaginations. It is not just a typical play area, there are slides and ball pools, but they are designed in such a way that the children learn something while they are there, but there is also something that is fun and entertaining for them. Ranger Kids is divided into three play areas: an African village, the savannah, and a field hospital.

In the African Village section, your children will learn how children in Melako village live their lives, tending their fields, planting crops and preparing food for the animals. There are no real animals or even real foods and it’s all fantasy. In the Savanna section, your kids can run wild and take on the role of wildlife patrol, counting herds and recording their observations. To make it even more interesting, to identify injured animals, they have also made a wooden helicopter, so your child can see them and load them onto it to save them.
In the field hospital, they will become doctors for a short period of time and take care of those injured animals from surgery to recovery; They will learn everything there is to it. If you think that’s enjoyable, to add to the list of Ranger Kids activities, they also have a puppet theater where kids are encouraged to put on their own show!

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3. Gorilla

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Considering that this zoo has the largest display of gorillas in the world, this well can be the highlight of your visit to this zoo in Australia. While here, you can learn about and meet the western lowland gorillas. Being a kids friendly zoo, they have not only designed the exhibit in such a way that we can get a clear view of the gorillas, their daily rituals, but they have also created a raised play area, which is a replica of the gorillas . Climbing areas.

From here, children can watch and imitate how gorillas climb and play. There is also a program through which you can get close to these giant animals. Called Gorilla Behind the Scenes, the keepers will take you to the gorillas’ nocturnal habitat where you can be trained to care for these creatures as well as discuss behavioral aspects of them. It’s a fun and enriching experience for both you and your kids.

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4. Kubu River Hippopotamus

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In most of the cartoons we watch, we are shown how cute and adorable this species is. Well, considering its sheer size it may be somewhat cute. But, seeing them in their natural habitat, splashing around in the water and sunbathing is a different experience and one you should not miss. The river that has been recreated takes inspiration from Africa’s Okavango Delta and is a place of beauty and peace…except for the creatures that inhabit it – the hippos. There are various places around the river from where you can see them – the barge, the Kubu Queen and the boardwalk. Nearby, there is also a Hippo water play area, where children can splash around in the water with jets and fountains. There is also a daily keeper talk where they will tell you some fun facts about hippos and their plight in the wild. Hippos aren’t usually kids’ favorites, but after this experience, they might just love them!

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This is just a glimpse of what you can expect at Werribee Open Range Zoo. There are also exciting things like close encounters with lions in the jungle and daily keepers’ interactions, where you can interact with the real people who care for the animals there. There is a lot of learning to be done here at the zoo, but with an element of entertainment. So, plan a trip to Australia for a fascinating holiday experience with your loved ones!

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