Weekend Getaways From Bangalore – Tour Travel Hotels

Weekend Getaways From Bangalore - Tour Travel Hotels

At first, you might think that there are not many Weekend getaways in and around Bangalore. However, Karnataka boasts a treasured mix of destinations for those who love to travel. There are many weekend getaways at a drivable range that make for a great short trip from Bangalore. Moreover, it is important to take a break from mundane work every weekend and enjoy some quality time with your family and friends.

For a memorable vacation, here are the best weekend getaways from Bangalore, that you cannot miss.

Sakleshpur (4 hr 32 min (221.0 km))


This misty hill station is the epitome of nature’s magic. Sakleshpur is apt for nature lovers, who love spending time amidst the music of nature. Secluded amid the rustic charm of the village fused with many stunning natural hideouts, this remote destination is a perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore. And the natural beauty of this hill station has no rival.

Madikeri (5 hr 48 min (248.1 km))


Madikeri is a laid-back hilly paradise, which offers a serene getaway amidst nature. Offering numerous adventure activities like trekking, hiking and river rafting, Madikeri is perfect for your appetite for adventure. Madikeri boasts chill weather throughout the year. However, during summer, Madikeri comes alive. Thus, it is one of the most visited weekend getaways from Bangalore.

Chikmagalur (4 hr 53 min (241.7 km))


Chikmagalur is a famous hill station in Karnataka, its fresh and serene surroundings make it an excellent summer getaway. You can spend your leisure time trekking or hiking along the hilltop, indulging in comfort food or you can take a day’s excursion to enjoy Kudremukh National Park and rafting in the Bhadra river. So, if you are a Bangalorean and are planning to get away for a long weekend, then Chikamagalur is the right destination for you to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Agumbe (7 hr 11 min (378.0 km))


Agumbe is a paradise for nature lovers as it is extremely rich in flora and fauna. This misty hill station located in Shivmoga, replete with gorgeous waterfalls and old charm, attracts tourists and travellers from both North and South India. With its scenic valleys, misty hills, serene lakes and stunning waterfalls, Agumbe provides a perfect weekend respite for the residents of Bangalore.

Savandurga (1 hr 27 min (46.1 km))


Savandurga is the most significant single rock formation in the whole of Asia. It is one of the popular trekking spots among Bangaloreans. The hike to the top can be challenging, and a trek takes about 2-3 hours to reach the top of the hill. A visit to this boulder will give you a sense of fulfilment and a much-required break from the routine day job.

Bandipur National Park (4 hr 46 min (213.1 km))


If your idea of a perfect summer getaway is dwelling amongst wildlife and the splendour of nature, then Bandipur is the best place for you. Bandipur National Park offers tourists an opportunity to explore a stunning terrain of dense forests and jungles. It is home to a variety of flora and fauna. It is the largest National park in Karnataka and easily one of the best weekend getaways from Bangalore.

Ooty (6 hr 29 min (265.3 km))


Ooty, stereotyped to be a romantic getaway for honeymooners and love birds, is true to its reputation as it offers stunning landscapes, affordable resorts, chill weather and innumerable sightseeings. Gleaming sunrise/sunset, lush green meadows, swaying trees and gentle cold breeze produce a serene and calming effect, making it a dreamy place for tourists and travellers.

Mysore (3 hr 27 min (143.6 km))


Mysore is synonymous with the Mysore Palace, an exercise in sheer opulence and extravagance. It is the royal past of this city that will continue to attract tourists, a past wrapped in riches and glory. First ruled by a succession of kings from the Wadiyar dynasty, then by Tipu Sultan, the “Tiger of Mysore”, and finally by the British, Mysore has seen more than its fair share of historical adventures.

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