WBTW’s Latest Gift Picks

WBTW’s Latest Gift Picks • Tour Travel Hotels

We love our seasonal gift guides and this year we’re excited to include a few lifestyle products for your home as people travel less and less well that will likely pick up as summer progresses. Here are 3 of our latest gift choices, from coffee and tea to copper and stylish sunglasses.

WBTW's Latest Gift Picks

Tea, coffee and more with BODUM

When we saw this sleek design, we had to learn more. Even if you haven’t spent a lot of time in Europe, you’ve probably run into them. Since 1974, BODUM has produced more than 100 million French coffee presses and 30 million teapots, and their products are sold in 55 countries; with 20 BODUM stores around the world.

Personally, I’m always on the lookout for new brands that make unique kettles and tea pots – the same goes for coffee. I also love to taste new creative tea blends despite sticking to the old but goodies: the epic Earl Gray and the ever so smoky but charming Lapsang Souchong. The latter is an acquired taste but I have been drinking it (loose leaves and sachets) since college.

WBTW's Latest Gift Picks

The Chambord teapot – our first choice for an elegant design

We took a look at the Capresso brand last year – their coffeemakers tend to be a bit more conventional. And, the fall before the arrival of Covid, we were fortunate enough to participate in a very traditional Japanese tea ceremony south of Tokyo at the Zen 2.0 conference in Kamakura along the coast. What an incredible experience we had with nationally renowned Mushakouji-senke tea master Kyoko “Myokyo” Denda. She explained how one takes matcha tea in order to understand the essence of nature and to be present, in order to awaken consciousness at higher levels. Matcha tea of ​​course has a number of health benefits.

Elegance is the middle name of this centerpiece.

WBTW's Latest Gift Picks

We are going through a copper phase although we have always been passionate about copper pots and pans. While the gem below isn’t the best choice for parties or large gatherings, it’s perfect for hosting a table of four or six. And, I would add that it is a piece of spectacle. The copper-colored top (above) is remarkable and you can use it both for loose tea and for tea bags depending on your mood.

WBTW's Latest Gift Picks

Technicians and tea enthusiasts will love the use of heat resistant borosilicate glass because it is designed not to alter or alter the taste of your brew. At 44 ounces, there’s enough to serve you and your family or friends visiting for dinner. It’s also easy to clean and dishwasher safe, which is definitely not the case with all of my teapots and kettles.

What initially drew us deeper into their website was their black long stem electric tea kettle which we hope to review this summer as they were out of stock when we inquired this spring. Until then they have sent us the non-electric version which is on your stove. Beautiful and elegant, right?

WBTW's Latest Gift Picks

Visit their website for more information on their offerings which in addition to tea kettles and pots and coffeemaker options, there are also travel press mugs.

Clocks and more by Arizona Copper

We love to support women-owned and / or founded businesses and we accidentally stumbled upon a business based in the beautiful desert of the western United States. I had contacted Jenna from Arizona Copper because I fell in love with their copper clocks. Turns out her mother started the business a little over three years ago. So, I had to know a bit more about their history.

Apparently his childhood was spent in a small town with a backyard that overlooks the great desert. Combine this with the iconic Arizona sunsets, the natural beauty is evident. Inspired by its surroundings (and Arizona’s “5 C’s”), her mother started to create beautiful copper products to showcase their home. Said Jenna: “My mom developed all of our original designs and processes and ran the growing business on her own for three years.” Last year Jenna and her partner Christian took over the business and can’t wait to see what comes next. Their work is truly a work of art and a variety of finishes are available.

Our favorite choice and the one we chose to review? The 10 inch round copper clock below is available in a light blue, greenish tone, and dark blue finish.

WBTW's Latest Gift Picks

Their impressive copper clocks come with some finishing touches as shown above. The blue or green patina contrasts beautifully with the natural shine of copper. Round clocks are approximately 10 “in diameter and each clock mechanism contains a small opening in the back for easy wall mounting.

Due to the handcrafted nature of each item and the unique qualities of copper, each item will vary slightly in color and shading / contrast. In other words, no two models are the same, but the natural imperfections add to the originality and charm. The patina will vary in pattern and color – colors range from turquoise to medium blue, depending on how each piece of copper responds to the treatment. They use 18 gauge copper, which is about 1mm thick.

WBTW's Latest Gift Picks

Dark blue finish

Or, you can opt for a similar style copper clock that is rectangular or square in shape with the different finishes. Below is shown in a light blue finish.

WBTW's Latest Gift Picks

Square and Rectangle options are also available.

They also offer several finishes for copper towel bars – we especially like the more rustic textured finish, although you can get them in a smooth or shinier copper finish as well. Magnificent, isn’t it?

WBTW's Latest Gift Picks

For more information, their latest offers, and how to order, be sure to visit their Etsy store.

Sunglasses by Remo Tulliani

Handcrafted in Italy, Remo Tulliani is known for its ever-stylish leather belts and sunglasses. All stainless steel hardware allows their sunglasses to be both hypoallergenic while providing full coverage.

Their hypoallergenic sunglasses use Grilamid for the temples and the frame, which is a high-strength plastic, which makes it more durable when you’re on the road. Glass lenses are also shatter resistant and include up to 95% UV and IR protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

We fell in love with their JOY sunglasses for women, available in a variety of different colors. We chose to review the Tortoise largely because the color is more neutral, which allows for more outfits, which is important when you’re on the go and don’t have access to your entire guard. -dress.

WBTW's Latest Gift Picks

JOY Sunglasses in Tortoise – just look at the details, color and elegance.

WBTW's Latest Gift Picks

Wearing the JOY tortoise sunglasses

JOY sunglasses are also available in a color called Sapphire Fade, Sapphire Tortoise and Black. They tend to be a great option for a fuller face or if you want that very “full” look, which I love.

WBTW's Latest Gift Picks

JOY sunglasses in Sapphire Fade.

Also available in four different color choices and with the same stainless steel hardware, the sturdy Grilamid temples and frames are the GRACE sunglasses. The pair of glasses below is presented in one of the more interesting color choices: Sunset-Turtle. Creative and cool, right?

WBTW's Latest Gift Picks

Our favorite of the eight style options they offer is the JOY, but we would like to revisit a different style in the future. They also offer men’s choices.

WBTW's Latest Gift Picks

Four choices of eight styles for women.

In addition to the high quality belts that we covered in a gift guide last year, and their sunglasses always so stylish, they also make socks. Part of their philosophy in “Creating” also means “protecting the environment while making accessories that meet all the challenges in terms of style and craftsmanship”. Learn more about their commitment to protecting the environment.

WBTW's Latest Gift Picks

Well done – we love the quality and style and their prices are reasonable too, most of them under $ 150. For more information, including how to buy, visit their website.


Note: We work with and receive product from partners on reviews, but all views expressed are entirely our own.

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