5 Best Waterfalls Near Wayanad For A Soul-Soothing Vacation In 2021

Waterfalls near Wayanad: Wayanad is not only a tourist destination in Kerala, it is an experience. Surrounded by the magnificent mountains, dense forests and spectacular waterfalls of the Western Ghats, Wayanad holds an important place in the heart of its tourists. Thousands of travelers from all over the world visit Wayanad to experience a few days of calm and solitude. In addition, there are many Waterfalls near Wayanad. These waterfalls are so beautiful that you will not want to leave this place. In this blog, you are going to know about the famous waterfalls located there. If you go to Wayanad for your next trip, it will work for you.

5 waterfalls near Wayanad

The waterfalls mentioned in the blog are very beautiful and beautiful. Tourists love them around the world, and some of them visit throughout the year. These include relying on suggestions from tourists who have previously visited there.

1. Sochipara Falls – 35.3 km from Wayanad
2. Palachuram Waterfall – 47.5 km from Wayanad
3. Chethalayam Falls – 23 km from Wayanad
4. Meenmutty Falls – 29.5 km from Wayanad
5. Kanthapara Waterfall – 28.3 km from Wayanad

1. Sochipara Falls

Waterfalls near Wayanad - Sochipara Falls
Waterfalls near Wayanad – Sochipara Falls

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Sochipara Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls near Wayanad as it is one of the few waterfalls counted in India with three waterfalls. Tourists from all over the world come to Wayanad to witness this decline due to its natural beauty and the surrounding area. Green deciduous forests and tourists cover the entire area of ​​the waterfall, from here one also gets panoramic views of the tea estate located in Wayanad. Many tourists like to swim in the pond under the waterfall, while others like to have a quiet picnic with their families.

As a waterfall from a height of about 200 meters, you will be in the grip of water flowing from so high. This waterfall connects to the magnificent Chulika River, and if you go there, you will have to go to the river as well. As the waterfall is located in Vellarimala, you will be able to easily reach there by car hire from Kalpetta, though you will have to walk the last 2 km to fall.

place: Vellarimala, Kerala 673577
Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM The distance of Kalpetta from the waterfall is approximately: 23 km

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2. Palachuram Waterfall

Palachuram Falls

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Palachuram Waterfall is another breathtakingly beautiful waterfall located in Wayanad which is visited by many travelers from India as well as the world. Since the waterfall is located at the confluence of Kannur and Wayanad district, it is quite easily accessible from many cities of Wayanad. The waterfall falls from a height of about 300 meters, and the water of the waterfall is to behold. Mane adventure enthusiasts like to trek through the dense deciduous forests around it and reach the fall. But it would be best if you are careful while doing this because the route is not as safe.

You will be surprised to see the natural beauty of the waterfall, as the Arecanut trees surround the whole area, and it is a beautiful sight. If you travel to Wayanad during the monsoon, you will be in awe of the grandeur of this waterfall. If you are a good swimmer, you can find a fall by swimming in a pond under a waterfall.

The distance of Kalpetta from the waterfall is approximately: 45 km

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3. Chethalayam Falls

Chetalayam Falls

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Chethalayam Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in Sultan Bathri area of ​​Wayanad. As the fall is located 4 km from any road, this is why many thrill-seekers like to trek for that distance and get there. The Chethalayam Falls, surrounded by the dense forests of Wayanad, is the perfect place to see unique birds, butterflies. If you are lucky, you will get to see animals of different species.

If you go there, you should take a long walk around the fall or soak your feet in its cold water. Remember to visit the waterfall during the monsoon, or else, you will not witness the high volume of the waterfall from the waterfall. That is why the perfect time to visit the waterfall is from February to September. The waterfall is not far from Kalpetta. If you rent a car from there, you will be able to reach the waterfall within two hours.

place: Chethalayam, Kidanganad, Kerala 673592
Time: 24 hour The distance of Kalpetta from the waterfall is approximately: 37 km

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4. Meenmutty Falls

Meenmutty waterfall is one of the most beautiful and most visited waterfalls near Wayanad as it is the second largest waterfall in Kerala. Since the height of the waterfall is about 300 feet, you will be amazed to see the waterfall falling from such a great height. It is quite famous in India as the area is very close to the famous Nayyar reservoir. Forests surround the entire city, and you can easily go there by trekking among the forests to get some thrills in your life.

One of the best places in Kerala to spend some time in peace with your loved ones. Apart from this, many tourists like to camp there and spend some time there and enjoy the beautiful view of the surroundings. To see the fall in all its glory, you must go there between October to May.

place: Kallar Meenmutty Falls Road, Kallar, Kerala 695551
Time: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm The distance of Kalpetta from the waterfall is approximately: 29 km

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5. Kanthapara Waterfall

 Kanthanpara Falls

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Kanthanapara waterfall is a beautiful place which is located very close to Kalpetta region of Wayanad. Even though the height of the waterfall is quite low, it makes for the magnificent natural beauty surrounding the city. Since this fall is located very close to the Sochipipara waterfall, you will be able to visit both big falls at the same time.

The entire area of ​​the waterfall is surrounded by dense green forests and seeing this area in monsoon will be one of the most thrilling experiences of your life. To see the area more closely, you should go trekking there. Or, you can enjoy a casual picnic with your family and friends.

place: Mappadi, Kerala 673577
Time: Twenty four hours The distance of Kalpetta from the waterfall is approximately: 18.7 km

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All the waterfalls near Wayanad included in this blog should be visited once in your life. Always remember to watch these falls during a trip to Wayanad. You’ll miss a lot if you don’t get to witness them. If you are planning a trip to Wayanad, follow this blog, and you will get to learn a lot about the entire region and the falls located in Wayanad.

Frequently asked questions about the waterfall near Wayanad

Q. Which are the best waterfalls near Wayanad?

a. Kerala as a whole has many waterfalls which are quite famous in the world. Some of the most popular waterfalls located in Wayanad are Sochipara Falls, Kanthanpara Falls, Chethalayam Falls, Meenmutty Falls and many more.

Q. What is the commonly known name of Sochippara Fall?

a. Sochipipara Falls near Wayanad is also known as Sentinel Rock Falls.

Q. What is the distance between Kalpetta and Meenmutty?

a. The total distance between the grand Meenmutty, and Kalpetta in Wayanad is about 29 km.

Q. What is the height of the famous Sochippara Falls near Wayanad?

a. Soochiopara waterfall near Wayanad is about 200 meters in height.

Q. When is the right time to travel to Wayanad?

a. The best time to visit Wayanad is between October to May, and in summer, Wayanad is quite hot and humid.

Q. How many days are enough to find Wayanad?

a. Wayanad is not a small place in Kerala. Therefore, to locate the area, you will need at least five days.

Q. What is the distance between Wayanad and Kozhikode International Airport?

a. The entire distance between Wayanad and Kozhikode International Airport is about 100 km.

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