Impressed By The Beaches In Mauritius? Wait Till You See The Waterfalls In The Island!

Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa. This tropical island is a holiday destination popular for its impeccable beaches, lagoons and reefs, but which is least known about waterfalls in mauritius, They are breathtaking and picturesque enough to help you improve your Instagram game and grab the attention of every nature fan. We don’t believe? Be a witness to it yourself!

Best time to visit

Mauritius is a tropical island, the weather here is good throughout the year. But it gets crowded during the popular Southern Hemisphere summer period from December to March. Therefore the best time to visit Mauritius is between April to November.

8 best waterfalls in Mauritius

Not just beaches, Mauritius also has some of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the world. is here List of waterfalls in Mauritius It will definitely take your breath away.

1.Alexandra Falls
2. Imli Falls
3. Eureka Falls
4. Grand River Southeast
5. Axil Waterfalls
6. Rochester Falls
7. Chamarel Waterfall
8. Underwater Waterfall

1.Alexandra Falls

Mauritius’s iconic waterfall, Alexandra Falls, is located in the Black River Gorges National Park, 700 meters above sea level. This white waterfall is surrounded by the lush greenery of nature and rare flora and fauna. The view from Alexandra Falls Viewpoint will leave you in awe of the wonders of nature. You can reach the waterfall via Plaine Champagne.

things to do: In Plain Champagne, enjoy some delicious ripe Goyave de Chine (Chinese Guava/Strawberry Guava).


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2. Imli Falls

Imli Falls are located in Kali Nadi district. It is the Imli River that contributes water to the falls. This is one of the most picturesque and adventure-filled waterfalls of Mauritius. The surroundings of this beautiful valley of the island are full of native vegetation. You will also find exquisite bird species. Imli Waterfall is made up of about 7 waterfalls together. That is why, it is also known as ‘Sept Cascade’ or Seven Cascade.

The design of Imli Falls makes it the best waterfall in Mauritius for adventure activities. There are also some challenging tracks that require the assistance of experienced guides. The large pond at the base of the falls is easily accessible for swimming.

things to do: Hiking, Trekking, Canyoning and Swimming


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3. Eureka Falls

Throwing light on the historical era, it cascades down the Eureka Falls, located near the Eureka Mansion in Moka. When you find yourself on a challenging path descending from the Haveli, know that the waterfall is not far away. Amidst lush green palm and mango trees, this group of four charismatic waterfalls is situated.

Once you reach this heavenly place, you will be surrounded by rushing water and relaxing sounds of animals. On the banks of the Eureka River, nature lovers can explore abundant aquatic plants such as water lilies, ‘Jacinthe d’Eau’, ‘Bredes Songes’ and marine life such as ‘Scampi, Madame Serre’, tilapias.

things to do: Explore the authentic colonial Eureka House and gardens, shop for Mauritian souvenirs and taste traditional Mauritian cuisine at the Old Kitchen.


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4. Grand River Southeast

The Grand River South East is another major tourist attraction in Mauritius. Located on the south east coast of Mauritius, your visit to the waterfall will feature winding paths that lead to coastal villages. Along the way, the natural transition from turquoise blue to green water will surprise. Dense vegetation and a massive wall of basalt rocks dominate the area.

things to do: Speed ​​boat tours and catamaran cruises


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5. Axil Waterfalls

The Exile Falls flow on the outskirts of the Combo Forest, the southernmost tip of Mauritius. Located on the Savannah River, Exile Canyon is surrounded by tropical forests. The valley receives moderate amounts of water throughout the year and increases during the monsoon.
Axil Falls is an ideal place for aquatic adventure activities. There are two main waterfalls: Lyon and Cascade Cecil. The river leads to the hydroelectric power station.

things to do: Try adventurous activities like swimming, jumping and swimming in ponds.


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6. Rochester Falls

Rochester Falls, located in the Savanna district, is the widest waterfall in Mauritius. This 100 meter high waterfall is located in a secluded forest area. A distinctive feature of this waterfall is that it consists of unique rocks that have been transformed into rectangular blocks by the impact of water over the past hundreds of years.


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7. Chamarel Waterfall

Chamarel Falls takes its name from its location, the village of Chamarel, which was named after a captain who settled here in 1786. It is known as the tallest waterfall in Mauritius with a height of approximately 100 meters (almost the same height as the statue). Of Liberty).

Three separate streams originating from the Saint Denis River collide to form the waterfall. The waterfall is lined with the oldest lava rocks in Mauritius, which are approximately 810 million years old.

things to do: Visit Chamarel Falls, Seven Colored Earths and Black River Gorges National Park.


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8. Underwater Waterfall

A vast subaqueous line lies to the south-west of the island, just off the coast of the Le Morne Mountains. Although it is counted among Mauritius waterfalls, but in reality it is not a waterfall but a surprising illusion of the eyes. Sand and silt flow on the seabed in such a way that it appears as if water is falling in an underwater waterfall. It is nothing but the flow of underwater currents that creates this dramatic visual effect. It is visible only from a bird’s eye view, so helicopters are specially arranged for the underwater waterfalls Mauritius tour.

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Safety Tips for Visiting Mauritius Waterfalls

Taking safety precautions is always a smart move when you engage in nature exploration. Follow these safety tips whenever you’re at a waterfall:

  • Walk on developed trails, other trails may have loose rocks and mud
  • Pay attention and follow the instructional signs posted on site
  • Keep an eye on your feet, rock surfaces can be slippery due to algae
  • The top of any waterfall is the most dangerous area, do not lean on any ledges
  • Do not get distracted while clicking pictures. First stand on a safe surface

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Did you know that Mauritius was the only known habitat of the dodo? As if many of us did not know that there are so many attractive waterfalls on this beautiful island. Now you have the details List of waterfalls in Mauritius for your guidance. So plan a trip to Mauritius now because it truly deserves to be your next holiday destination.

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FAQs About Waterfalls in Mauritius

Are there any underwater waterfalls in Mauritius?

Yes, there is an underwater waterfall in Mauritius.

What is a waterfall made of?

The river erodes soft rock more quickly than hard rock, forming a waterfall.

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