Visit These 10 Best Waterfalls In France This Summer!

France, the vibrant and chaotic country is full of life, and who wouldn’t want to dip their feet in the exuberant stream of life portrayed by France. Apart from shopping, museums, art and historical monuments like the Eiffel Tower, France also has a streaming source of adventure and nature walks for those who want such joys in their life. There are some majestic waterfalls in France that will steal your breath away and awaken the nature-lover inside you.

Here are the top 10 most breathtaking waterfalls in France that you should definitely visit if you are in that part of the world.

Waterfalls in France to experience the natural beauty of the country

1. Hedgehog Waterfalls

This cascading cascading waterfall is a Natural Heritage Site, and is located in Ménetreux-de-Joux. The green cover around the waterfall gives a dark and sultry feel to the whole experience. Reaching the top requires quite a bit of trekking, but the place is worth the challenge. This is easily one of the best waterfalls in France.

alert: As the rocks will be slippery from the water, please wear appropriate footwear.
Where: 39130 Le Fresnois, France

2. Wolves Falls

This waterfall is located inside the forest of St. Cloud. A path through the forest will take you to this hidden waterfall, and it is a sight to behold! Wear your bathing suit, as the shallow water reflecting the leaves above is perfect for a leisurely swim. It’s no wonder this hidden gem made it into the top 10 waterfalls of France!

Where: 39360 Volvoz, France

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3. Druis Falls

The literal translation of the name of this waterfall is – Fall of the Druze. It is located in the Plan-de-Baix, which is in the Alps! The rocky terrain is lush with greenery which provides the perfect backdrop for the Druze collapse. With such a dramatic name, it is, as the French say – “simplimente magnifico”! France tourism may not promote its gorgeous waterfalls, but they are an important part of tourism in the country.

Where: 26400 Plan-de-Baix, France

4. Lance Falls

This waterfall is appropriately named Cascade of the Lance as the waterfall looks like an inverted lance. It is situated in the rocky womb of Colmars. Terraced rock walls surround the falls while the water flows out gracefully from a hole in the rock. It is truly a spectacular sight to behold!

Where: 04370 Colmars, France

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5. Cascade des Anglais

This vibrant little waterfall is located in Vivario. This is the perfect place to fulfill your wild swimming fantasies! This waterfall feels like a little party that never wants to end. There is something about the shallow pond, the sparkle of the waterfall and the cocoon of rocks that turns a visit to this waterfall into a joyous party.

Where: 20219 Vivario, France

6. Silans to Cascade

This postcard-perfect waterfall is located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of France. This is the waterfall that is commonly depicted in calendars and posters. Muddy and foamy water floats down the rocks and mixes with the blue waters of the pool. Dark colored leaves cover the rocks and frame the pool. It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing waterfalls in France.

Where: 83690, France

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7. Ruisseau de Planfe

Planphe Creek has a small waterfall that may not seem impressive at first. But, the pool is a prime spot for wild swimming, and the rocks are an explorer’s biggest dream. The curtain of vines adds a layer of mystery to this place. Located in the Maritimes, Alps, it is the prime place to enjoy nature’s gifts in the form of perfect weather conditions.

Where: 06440 Lucerne, France

8. Cascade du Saudatet

This waterfall is also known as Jumping Waterfall and is located in Occitanie. This is because it jumps from one rock to another. This rocky waterfall has the rugged charm of England that contrasts with the fragility of France. If you want to enjoy healthy rock climbing then do not miss this waterfall.

Where: 30200, France

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9. Gorges du Lleche

Image Credit: Orgy via Flickr

It is situated in the heavenly gorge ravine. A considerable amount of rock climbing is required to reach the bottom of the falls, which is surrounded by high rocks on all sides. It is a perfect place to test your adventurous side. The view that greets you at the bottom of the foaming waterfall is worth the trouble you have gone through to get there.

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10. Cirque de Navacellis

It is located in Blandas, on the southern edge of the Massif Central mountain range in France. This beautiful waterfall cascades over the rocks and gives the distinct feel of a natural water park. Needless to say, tourists enjoy their time here by swimming in the pool and climbing on the rocks.

Where: 34520 Saint-Maurice-Nevacellis, France

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There is more to France than meets the eye. It’s no fun to visit the same overpriced tourist spots over and over again. So, this time you plan a trip to France, visit the best waterfalls of France and claim something different.

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