Feel Alive Amid The Middle Of Water Sports In Phnom Penh

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Water Sports in Phnom Penh Famous for tempting your wild side. This is a place to enjoy various water sports activities to the fullest. Other things can also be experienced through water sports like you can explore the beauty of Cambodia and gain knowledge about its architecture, history, culture etc. Tourists come to this place and take advantage of water sports under expert guidance. Supervised by coach. Therefore, professionals always ensure that you are safe during the getaway.

8 water sports in phnom penh

We have this article to enumerate the various water sports you can indulge yourself in and feel alive! Here is a history of water sports activities in Cambodia that are thrilling and will take away your fears, so you can enjoy the following ventures:

  • boat ride
  • wakeboarding
  • water park swimming
  • scuba diving
  • swimming in the sea
  • Siem Reap Kayaking
  • snorkeling
  • Tonle Sap River Cruise

1. Boating

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There is water everywhere in the country, so it’s no surprise to see boat trips being such a common water sport that locals enjoy. During the monsoon season, locals travel by boat through the Mekong and Tonlé Sa, both water bodies at their maximum extent. So, tourists can enjoy a boat trip through Tonle Sap River from Phnom Penh towards Siem Reap. Tourists can also use other boat routes such as the Songkre River as far as Siem Reap on their way to Battam Bang.

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2. Wakeboarding

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This is the most popular water sport in Phnom Penh, ready to offer a sea of ​​thrill. Wakeboarding takes place at Kam Air Wakepark in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This is done under the guidance of sports experts. People who have tried this game have become addicted to it. The game offers a pure fantastic experience. People who come to Phnom Penh, Cambodia never regret after doing this fun water sports activity. This is one of the best water sports activities in Phnom Penh.

3. Water Park Swimming

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This activity has been done in the water park of Phnom Penh. Children can also enjoy this water sports activity. They can also satisfy their hunger at the eateries available in the food court of the water park. Adults can live comfortably; There are guides available who can look after younger children. Therefore, the activity benefits those who have come with their families. Top and mid-range hotels also have swimming pools where you can refresh yourself. This is one of the classic water activities in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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4. scuba diving

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This activity is exploratory as well as adventurous. Many people like scuba diving. The instructor is always available for guidance. Tourists can get training in this sport. While they are watching this view, they can board the ship for a real scuba diving experience. This is one of the adventure water sports activities in Phnom Penh.

5. Swimming in the sea

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One unique water sport that cannot be missed in Phantom Penh, Cambodia is Sparkling Plankton. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that every traveler should swim across the glittering plankton. You can get a chance to see this plankton in Sihanoukville Bay which offers the best tourist excursions. During this tour, a guide will help you explore the entire undersea phenomenon. Bioluminescent plankton can also be admired from the boat.

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6. Siem Reap Kayaking

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As per the Cambodian landscape, a tourist can enjoy the rural life on a full day kayak trip and by bike. You can plan tracks filled with dirt and ruts throughout the canal of West Barai Reservoir. At this time, people get a chance to observe the suspended villages and islands through boat trips. Paddling along the way, people can look around the mangrove forest in the Tonle Sap, the main freshwater sea route in Southeast Asia. This is one of the acclaimed adventure water sports in Phnom Penh.

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7. snorkeling

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This is one of the exciting water sports in Phnom Penh activities that will make your Cambodia trip a memorable one. You can find plenty of diving groups that include trained professionals. They specifically help you make every diving experience customized and unique. These groups are available in accommodation near dive sites and beaches and have experienced instructor guides to help you properly teach the dive water sport.

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8. Tonle Sap River Cruise

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This is another water adventure that you can enjoy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This tour includes plenty of time to see the stupas and ancient temples of Phnom Penh. The journey becomes even more beautiful at sunset. This tour offers a chance to connect with ancient Cambodian history. This cruise offers an opportunity to get a taste of the attractions as well as learn about the culture and history of Phnom Penh.

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The water sports in Phnom Penh mentioned above are suitable for both families and youth. Phnom Penh is a great place to enjoy energetic water sports activities. These action-packed games will not only give you fun but will also take away your worries. So don’t think twice before booking a water sports adventure in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Apart from this, Cambodia has a long list of captivating and never-ending adventures to offer.

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FAQs about Water Sports in Phnom Penh

Why is phnom penh famous?

Phnom Penh is a beautiful city and capital of Cambodia known for its amazing handicrafts, paintings, carvings, paintings, precious metals and museums. Once known as the “Pearl of Asia”, Phnom Penh is also known for its stunning natural settings and many water sports activities.

What is the best time to visit Phnom Penh?

December to May is the driest season in Phnom Penh and the perfect time to enjoy all kinds of water activities.

What are the most popular places to visit in Phnom Penh?

Some of the most popular places to visit in Phnom Penh are:
1. Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda
2. Cambodia National Museum
3. Choung Ek
4. Tuol Sleng Museum
5. Wat Noem

What is there to do in Phnom Penh?

Some fun things to do in Phnom Penh are:
1. Enjoy a beautiful sunset cruise in Phosia Mekong
2. Learn the process of making silk at Silk Island
3. Visit Wat Phnom: Temple of the Four Statues
4. Explore Phnom Udong Palace
5. Enjoy Cambodian nightlife

What are the best beaches for water sports in Phnom Penh?

Since Phnom Penh does not have its own beach, you will find many beaches in Cambodia where you can enjoy water sports. some of them are:
1. Otres Beach
2. Serendipity Beach
3. Lazy Beach
4. Reem Beach

Are water sports safe in Phnom Penh?

Water sports in Phnom Penh are completely safe, provided you use appropriate sports equipment and follow sports etiquette in the best possible way.

What are the best water sports in Phnom Penh in July?

Some of the popular water sports in Phnom Penh during the months of July are snorkeling, sailing, yachting, sailing, motorboating, canoeing, kayaking and cruising.

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