Warm Places To Visit In India In January

Warm Places To Visit In India In January

January – tagged as a winter month, the chills and fogs, this time around, would start to take over many regions in India. However, some places in India experience extreme winter conditions. Therefore, it is fine for people to traverse warmer places in India with their loved ones. Moreover, the Indian bio-diversity would be rich with choke-full of amazing flora and fauna and many of their activities would be at their prime beauty.

Here are some of the warm places to visit in India in January.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Andaman and Nicobar is a beach paradise with white sand, turquoise water, clear waves, adventure activities, warm lagoon and much more. Top Places to visit in Andaman in January are Radhanagar, Phoenix bay jetty and dolphin resort. You can enjoy a wide range of water activities here. Lagoon swimming is also an exciting activity in January.

Mount Abu


Mount Abu is located in Rajasthan. Rainfall is very scarce in Rajasthan. But, the most of the winter chills is experienced in Rajasthan happen in Mount Abu. You can find a lot of diverse vegetation, green mountains and other nature elements in this hill station. Top places to visit in Mount Abu in January are Dilwara Jain temple, wildlife sanctuary of Mount Abu, Guru Shikar, Abu road, Achalgarh, Trevor’s tank and others.

Biligiri Hills


On the banks of river Malaprabha, lies the legendary town of Aihole. Once, the capital of the Chalukyas dynasty, Aihole was once considered the cradle of Hindu temple architecture and had more than125 temples. Surrounded by legends, one of the most popular legends states Parshuramafrom Ramayana cleaned his axe here after killing the Kshatriyas. Durga temple is one of the best known and important temples of Aihole, probably built during the late 7th century or early 8th century. The Ravana Phadi is one of the oldest rock-cut cave temples in Aihole, dating back to the 6th century AD.



Assuredly, Alleppey is one of the warmer hotspots to tour in South India in January that needs neither marketing gimmicks nor an introduction to those who call themselves as nature adorers. Bestowed with natural backwaters and lush greenery all around, Alleppey is renowned for its backwater cruising in a roomy houseboat which is a must experience when in Kerala during winters.



Painting an exquisite canvas for you with its stunning backwater, sprawling beaches and antique forts in the backdrop, Malvan is indeed a warm place to visit in Maharashtra in January. Renowned to be the most famous fishing ports in the state, Malvan is one of the best places to visit in January in Maharashtra to enjoy some privacy, great sunsets, and adventurous watersports.



One of the best places to visit in Kerala in January is reasonably Idukki. Adjacent to Munnar, Idukki is also a mountainous region, but with some more variety of the natural scenery and a perfect viewpoint for shutterbugs. With hills on all fronts and pools amidst them, with dam and national park, Idukki is the best place where you will find a variety of things to see and do.



Located on the shoreline of the Arabian Sea, Ratnagiri is one of the warm places to visit in Maharashtra in January. Being one of the popular Maharashtra destinations to spend a laid-back holiday, one must explore the fascinating beaches in Ratnagiri on their next trip to Maharashtra.



Encircled by dense green forests and scenic hills, Yana is far-famed for its caverns and rock formations that draw travellers to this paradise year after year. It is a treat for nature enthusiasts and hiking aficionados owing to its endless stretch of undiscovered greens. Thus, making it one of the warmest places to visit in Karnataka.

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