Wallaman Falls Location Facts Australia

Wallaman Falls Location Facts Australia

In the heart of a steamy rainforest, Stony Creek winds a gently sloping course through tangled trees and shrubs. Still dripping from the night’s rain, palm fronds jostle in the undergrowth, and high overhead a canopy of leaves filters the early morning light. Somewhere in the forest, a black cockatoo is calling an omen of more rain.

As the current quickens, the creek’s meandering waters are disturbed by eddies and swirls. The water cascades down a winding gorge, and then without warming plunges over a cliff to drop a sheer 912ft (278m) into the river below.

This Wallaman Falls – a ribbon of silver pouring down through misty halos of ruby, azure and violet.

Wallaman Falls

Stony Creek is one of many streams rising and dropping off the edge of a plateau into the Herbert River Gorge. Here in the southern tip of Australia’s largest rainforest, there are more different kinds of plants and animals than anywhere else in the country.

Wallaman Falls


Look carefully and you may spot a sleepy opossum, a giant green tree frog or a 20ft (6m) python. Here birds range from the tiny large-billed warbler to flightless, almost man-sized cassowaries, and the insect world includes blue caterpillars the length of your arm and moths with wings spanning 10in (250mm). This is platypus country, too; sit quietly by the water and you may hear the splash of a flat tail or catch a glimpse of silvery brown fur.

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