Vistadome Coaches Through Dudhsagar Waterfalls: SWR To Run

Vistadome Coaches Through Dudhsagar Waterfalls: SWR To Run


There is one interesting piece of news for Nature lovers who love to travel via train. South Western Railway has launched a special weekend train between Hubballi (Karnataka) and Vasco da Gama (Goa). Now, you must be thinking that what is so special in this for nature lovers? Read on.

This train will be having one vista dome coach through which you can witness the mesmerizing naturistic views from Dharwad (Karnataka), Londa (Karnataka), Castlerock (Karnataka), Kulem (Goa), Madgaon (Goa), Majorda (Goa), to the final destination Vasco da Gama including the most famous Doodhsagar waterfalls.

vista dome

This specialty train will have 10 coaches including 1 vista dome for an amazing experience and will most like to run from the 16th of July 2022 once a week which is on every Saturday.

What are Vista dome coaches?

The glass Vista dome coaches in the train are popular among the passengers and it is the most sought-after coach type. The glass dome coaches are designed with the help of glass panels which have a transparent look and feel. This allows the passengers to see outside while they are inside the train.

Vista dome

What is the significance of providing Vista dome coaches in train?

The most distinctive feature of a Vista dome is its transparent glass. The glass is placed on all sides of the dome to create a complete 360-degree view and to allow people inside the coach to see outside. It is very important to keep your passengers comfortable while they are traveling on your trains. The glass walls of these coaches make them more comfortable than other types of train coaches.

Glass domes are most commonly used in high-end buses because they provide greater comfort for passengers who use these vehicles for long distances. They also help reduce noise levels inside the bus, which makes them ideal for long journeys where noise can become an issue for passengers trying to sleep, relax, or enjoy the view outside during their time on board.

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