You’ll Be In Safe Hands When You Walk Down This New Vietnam Golden Bridge. Quite Literally!

With bizarre and unusual bridges being built all over the world, Vietnam now joins the list with its iconic Golden Bridge (Cầu Văng), built on two massive rocks. The country opened this new attraction to its visitors in June, And since then, the Vietnam Golden Bridge has been entertaining travelers from far and wide.

What is unique about Vietnam Golden Bridge?

The Golden Bridge is supported by two tall arms that look as if they were carved from stone. This creativity belongs to the extremely talented TA Landscape Architecture, who has designed this peculiar bridge. This bridge overlooks the magnificent Da Nang mountain range and one can enjoy the beautiful views of Ba Na hills from the top of this beauty.

vietnam golden bridge

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This bridge is at a height of 1,400 meters above sea level and its golden color makes one feel like walking on a silk ribbon in the sky. It is pleasant to walk across it as it gives you the feeling of walking on a cloud! This 150 meter long unique space is located in Thien Thai Garden and adding to this quirky architectural charm are the beautiful purple chrysanthemums lining the path.

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