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Regarded as the foodie capital of Canada, Vancouver is a waterfront metropolis full of neighborhoods worth exploring. The city offers some of the best food from Asian, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines like banh mi, noodles and dimsum that everyone wants to taste. If you have been planning a vacation to Vancouver recently then you have come to the right place. Before planning a holiday to any place, it is important to be aware of some tips related to the destination. So, here we come up with some of the most important things vancouver travel tips Which you must read once before going to the destination.

Top 10 Vancouver Travel Tips

Before you land at the destination airport, make sure you read this handpicked list of travel tips for Vancouver, which will give you a glimpse of the overall information about the city.

1. Vancouver climate

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Since Vancouver is a coastal region, the only unsuitable time to visit the city is the rainy season which starts in October and lasts till March. Apart from this, Vancouver can also be visited in other seasons like spring, summer and winter. Summer is the driest season in Canada, but is suitable for outdoor activities, so travelers flock to it during this time. And there is snowfall in late November which is ideal for snow sports. So, before leaving to the destination, check the weather in Vancouver and pack accordingly.

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2. What to pack

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It is important to pack according to the season you are traveling in. Since temperatures in Vancouver never drop below zero point and are mild year-round, you can pack a few layers, a raincoat, and a comfortable pair of shoes for hiking. However, staying warm in winter may require some extra layers and a windbreaker. Also, make sure you are carrying your essentials like bathroom kit, medical kit, specific medicines, extra pair of clothes and cash.

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3. Canadian currency

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It is recommended to convert your currency into Canadian currency to avoid any problems in the city. Some of the best and most reliable places to get your currency changed are Canadian chartered banks, forex broker offices and airports. You’ll find notes in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, and $1000, while coins are available in 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, $1, and $2. The 1 percent was phased out by Canada in 2013.

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4. Explore on foot

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Vancouver is a small city that can be explored via public transportation, so there’s no need to rent a car to get around. Also, parking fees in Vancouver are very expensive which you can avoid by opting for shared transportation. Vancouver is a place that people who like to explore the streets on foot will love to visit. All the main places, cafes, restaurants and other important buildings are located close to each other. This is one of the top Vancouver travel tips that you must consider if you are planning a vacation to this city.

5. Where to Stay in Vancouver

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If you’re wondering where to stay in Vancouver on a budget, pick a place between Denman and Burrard. But if you have a bigger budget then you can look for a temporary residence near Robson and Burrard as it is the most convenient place for travelers. From budget hotels to lavish stays, you’ll find a variety of places to stay in Vancouver to choose from.

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6. No Uber cabs

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Know that you won’t find Uber or Lyft cabs for ride sharing in Vancouver. The only options available in the city are public transportation, bike, walking, Car2Go, Skytrain, and old-fashioned taxis. Unlike other cities or countries, everyone in Vancouver prefers to take public transportation. And if you get lost you can ask the bus driver for directions as they will be more than happy to help you.

7. Tipping culture

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The tipping culture in Canada is very strong so don’t just say thank you and get away with it. You are expected to tip bellboys, maids, beauticians, drivers, and hotel servers. At bars, you are expected to tip the bartender 1-2% on your drink, while in restaurants the culture is to tip 15-20%. So, the next time you are leaving a restaurant, make sure you tip your waiter generously.

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8. WanWiFi Hotspot

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This is one of the top travel tips for Vancouver Canada as it helps save money by not activating roaming charges. Yes, Vancouver is equipped with 550 hotspots and provides good internet connection across the city. No, you are not charged for this service and hence you can take advantage of the internet as much as you can.

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9. Film Set

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Vancouver is nicknamed ‘Hollywood North’ because the city has been used for American cities. The persistent cloud cover creates a wonderful backdrop, making the city popular among filmmakers. There are high chances that you will find a film set in some corner or the other. You never know who you might run into in this small town, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for movie sets.

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10. Never say no to food

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Since this city is famous as the food capital of Canada, you can never say no to food here. Vancouver offers a range of options from delicious food to street food offering excellent fare. Don’t forget to try Japdog which sells hot dogs with a hint of Japanese flavor. Apart from this, you can also get your hands on sushi which is made from fresh seafood from the coast. No cuisine will make you regret your decision, so try as many local dishes as possible in this city.

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After visiting Vancouver, there’s no way you won’t fall in love with the city. Despite being a small destination, there is a lot to see within the city. You can expect some great settings in Vancouver that will make you want to take out your camera or mobile to capture it. If you want a hassle-free vacation in this beautiful city then have a checklist of these Vancouver travel tips before you head to the destination. And if you are busy with your schedule and want your trip to be planned then design your Canada retreat with TourTravelHotels and get a customized package.

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FAQs About Vancouver Travel Tips

When is the best time to visit Vancouver?

The best time to visit Vancouver is during the hot and dry months between April and October. However, if you are a snow lover then November to January is the perfect time to visit Vancouver for snow adventures.

What is there to do in Vancouver?

Some amazing things to do in Vancouver that you definitely shouldn’t miss:
1. Experience the Gondola from Sea to Sky
2. Ride the Aerial Tram up to Grouse Mountain
3. Visit Nitobe Memorial Garden
4. Explore the West End beaches
5. Go club-hopping

What are the best places to visit in Vancouver?

Some amazing places to visit in Vancouver during your vacation are:
1. Capilano River Regional Park
2. Capilano Suspension Bridge
3. Sea Wall
4. Vancouver Aquarium
5. Cyprus Mountain Ski Area

Is Vancouver safe for solo female travel?

The beautiful city of Vancouver is completely safe for solo female travelers and visitors can feel quite comfortable exploring the city alone.

What are the things you should avoid in Vancouver?

To have an amazing experience in Vancouver, here are some things you should avoid:
1. Never wear shoes indoors
2. Don’t be stingy when it comes to sightseeing.
3. Always keep an umbrella or rain jacket with you.
4. Always stay in your lane while riding a bike or bicycle.
5. Don’t skip the queues.

What is the best area to live in Vancouver?

Some of the best areas to stay in Vancouver are:
1. Yaletown
2. West End
3. Granville Street
4. Gastown
5. Kitsilano

How much cash should you carry with you when traveling to Vancouver?

The daily expenditure of a person in Vancouver is around Rs 8000. So based on this estimate you can calculate the amount of cash required for your trip. It is advised that you do not carry too much cash with you while traveling within the city and prefer to use your debit or credit cards for transactions.

What are the areas you should avoid when visiting Vancouver?

While all areas of Vancouver are safe, there is one particular area you should avoid. The Downtown Eastside runs along Hastings St. from Abbott to Main Street, it is a place where you can find drug addicts and mentally unstable people who are not violent or aggressive but may make you feel uncomfortable.

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