Useful Ways To Prevent Travel Sickness

Useful Ways To Prevent Travel Sickness

Travel sickness is a very common problem. It can happen to anyone, even people who have travelled a lot before. It is important to know how to prevent travel sickness. The most effective way is prevention, but there are also some things you can do to reduce the chance of getting sick.

The following are some amazing ways to prevent travel sickness:

1) Eat food that’s rich in iron– Eat foods like meat and eggs that are high in iron, as these will help prevent your body from feeling nauseous.

Travel sickness

2) Drink water frequently– Drinking plenty of water throughout the journey will help keep you hydrated and prevent dehydration, which can lead to nausea and vomiting. It’s also good for your skin because it cleanses it without drying it out too much. A good rule of thumb is to drink half an hour before getting on an eight-hour flight or longer period spent on land.

3) Eat something salty or sweet- Such as a piece of fruit or crackers, before you board the plane. The salty/sweet combination will help prevent motion sickness and make you feel more comfortable.

4) Stay upwind from other passengers during turbulence- This helps reduce the effects of motion sickness on most people and makes it much easier for others to remain comfortable during air travel.

Travel sickness

5) Don’t drink in excess- Overindulging will only make things worse! Aim for 1-2 litres per day when travelling internationally, but drink less before flying (around half your body weight in fluid), during takeoff and landing (about half).

6) Taking regular breaks from driving, especially when travelling long distances or on high mountain passes.

7) Resting your eyes by looking away from the road for short periods (a few seconds at a time).

8) Stay active while travelling- This will help keep your body active and prepare it for the journey ahead. Make sure you walk around a lot during flight time if possible so you don’t get motion sickness when the plane starts moving again after landing. This way you won’t feel sick at all!

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