This Country Has Been Ranked The Best Wildlife Travel Destination, And No It’s Not Africa!

Wildlife travel has been a new trend in the tourism industry in recent years and travelers are planning to explore a new place for wildlife travel from time to time. Like every year, this year too another country has won the title of best country for wildlife tourism. global wildlife index,

And there’s good news for all the nature lovers out there, because this time the United States tops the list. And with this now wildlife lovers can think beyond the natural beauty of the African Savanna.

What is Global Wildlife Index?

Created by tour company True Luxury Travel, the index considers a variety of factors including wildlife biodiversity, conservation efforts and the extensiveness of national parks and ranks the best countries for wildlife tourism.

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Why is the United States ranked first in the Global Wildlife Index?

The United States is blessed with impressive national parks (about 60) and natural history museums (about 750), which has helped the country reach the first position in the list, followed by Venezuela, Brazil, and Thailand. The country is home to the famous Yellowstone National Park where rare species of gray wolf and brown bear are found. Apart from this, there are many other national parks in different areas of the country where various endangered and rare species of flora and fauna are sheltered.

The rewards don’t end for the United States Megafauna Conservation Index The United States also ranked first for its impressive conservation efforts. This victory shows that the country’s tremendous efforts to conserve nature have been recognized beyond its basic achievements.

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So now that you are planning your vacation to the United States, make sure you don’t miss the chance to explore the wildlife culture of the country!

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