Take A Look At These Fabulous Places You Can Visit In The United Kingdom In Winter

One thing that attracts people from all over the world to the United Kingdom is its diversity of tourist attractions and rich cultural heritage. From world-class art galleries and museums to the best nightclubs and distilleries, The UK is never short of any element to make a holiday truly memorable! Although you may not hear about it as much, the United Kingdom in winter is a sight to behold, with its biting wind and cold drizzle.

Is it ideal to travel to the United Kingdom in winter?

Is it ideal to travel to the United Kingdom in winter?

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Be it cities or rural areas, winter makes the landscape and overall atmosphere of the United Kingdom extremely beautiful. With shorter queues in front of major tourist attractions and reduced prices for everything; Traveling to this stunning region is not only beautiful but also affordable! Holiday shopping is taken so seriously here that it almost seems religious. After a winter morning of sightseeing and sightseeing, pair a cup of hot tea with a drop of lemon in the afternoon and have some cookies for a quintessentially English ritual!

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Where to go in the United Kingdom in winter

Here are 10 places to visit in the United Kingdom in winter, to make your time there no less than a dream:

1. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

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The United Kingdom holidays in winter are synonymous with Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, the largest celebration held in London during the Christmas season. This is the reason why it finds a place in almost everyone’s wishlist. There is a wide range of activities you can take part in, including skating, browsing Christmas displays, attending a circus performance and drinking mulled wine!

When: From 19 November to 3 January 2022

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2. Somerset House

Somerset House

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A classic Christmas celebration is incomplete without spending time on the ice rink at Somerset House. If you think this is an ordinary ice rink, you are wrong! It comes packaged with club nights at the weekend and lots of big names dominating the stage as you try not to fall flat on your face! Visit here to experience the best of the United Kingdom in winter!

Place: The Strand, London WC2R 1LA
Time: 8 am to 11 pm

3. Penderyn Distillery

Penderyn Distillery

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If you think Scotland is the biggest producer of golden elixir in the country, you haven’t heard of Penderyn Distillery which is the only place you can get Welsh single malt! Apart from this, vodka, gin and cream liquor are also produced here and tours are given to the visitors to explain the distillation process. If you want to level up, you can attend masterclasses or tasting sessions which obviously come at a higher cost! A drink at this distillery is the best cure for the cold winter weather in the United Kingdom.

Place: Pontpren, Aberdare CF44 0SX
Time: 9:30 am to 5 pm

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4. Cairngorm National Park

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It is the largest national park as well as one of the best places to visit in United Kingdom in winter. The peaks are absolutely stunning and offer wonderful views of the wildlife. In winter, it is known for some of the best skiing slopes in Britain. You also get to see the only free-ranging reindeer herd in Britain during winter.

Place: Grantown on Spy PH26 3HG
Time: 9 am to 5 pm

5. MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) Wales


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All art lovers must visit this place in Wales during their time in the United Kingdom as it showcases the highlights of the Welsh modern art scene in contrast to the innumerable museums and galleries dedicated to the historical art and ancient heritage of Wales.

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6. Grasslands


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No vacation is complete without a trip to the nearest public park, especially when you are going with your family! This huge public park is one of the best places to visit in winter in the United Kingdom as it offers a wide range of recreational activities, from playgrounds and tennis courts to hiking trails and paths for peaceful walks.

how to get there: The Meadows is located next to George Square and several bus routes will take you there.

7. Pentland Hills

Pentland Hills

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Extending from Edinburgh in Europe to the south-west, there are several peaks that are 579 meters high such as Scheldt Law. Here one can take part in many recreational activities like skiing, mountain biking, hillwalking, horse riding and even golfing! how to get there? By catching a bus from the city. There are several paths leading to different entrances.

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8. Roman Baths

Roman Baths

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Witness history by visiting these Roman baths located in the center of the city. If Claudius had not directed his army to conquer southern England, London would not have had these famous bathing spas! The Romans discovered hot springs and then built beautiful structures around them, making them some of the most popular winter holiday destinations in the United Kingdom today!

Place: 5 Strand Lane, London WC2R 1AP
Time: 10 am to 12:30 pm

9. Bath Racecourse

Bath Racecourse

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Witness an exciting race at Landsdowne Hill, a short 20-minute drive from Bath Spa station. The first meeting took place here in 1811 and it remains an exciting site even today! With over 30 annual fixtures and other popular events such as beer and cider festivals, half marathons and wedding fairs; This place is really exciting during winter!

Place: Lansdowne, Bath BA1 9BU

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10. Claridge’s


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This property blends traditional decor with gorgeous modern amenities and is one of the best hotels to spend Christmas in the United Kingdom. It’s pure magic for the whole family, with plenty of activities to keep the kids smiling, like arts and crafts with Sharky and George, horse-drawn carriage rides with hot chocolate and marshmallows. 7-course meal at the Michelin star restaurant, Feira, with a complimentary bottle of champagne; This hotel will make your time in UK during winter a paradise!

Place: Brook St, Mayfair, London W1K 4HR

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After reading this blog, you know that the best way to end your year with snowfall and the best landscapes is to spend time in the United Kingdom in winter! Visit Europe this December!

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