Uber Lost and Found Index 2022 says Mumbai is the Most

Uber Lost and Found Index 2022 says Mumbai is the Most

Uber Lost and Found Index 2022 is a survey of people who have lost items while using the Uber app. It includes a list of the most common items that are left behind, as well as their estimated value. It highlights some of the most interesting lost and found items from their riders’ trips across India.


The survey also seeks to find out what passengers do when they realize they’ve left something behind in an Uber vehicle, and whether or not they contact Uber for help.

Uber Lost and Found Index 2022 results show that Mumbai has the highest rate of lost items at 33%, hence it became the most forgetful city in India followed by Delhi at 31%. Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore have lost items rates of 30%, 26%, and 25% respectively.

The most commonly lost item was mobile phones with a total number of 13 million phones lost during this period. Phones were followed by wallets (1 million), bags (400K), and sunglasses (300K).


In terms of cities where people are most likely to lose their phones while traveling by Uber, Mumbai leads again with 4% of riders losing their phones while riding an Uber in Mumbai compared to 3% in Delhi and 2% in Chennai.

Uber Lost & Found index 2022 India is a mobile application that allows you to search for items you have lost or misplaced at home, school, or workplace. The app uses GPS technology so that you can easily locate the item using your smartphone’s location services feature.

The app has gained popularity in recent years among people due to its features and efficiency. You can use the app on any device, including your smartphone or tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

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