Two Weeks In Spain: An Ultimate Guide For Exploring The Country’s Gorgeous Marvels Like A Pro!

Soul-stirring sights abound in this vibrant country that celebrates life’s myriad colors, from the adventurous to the magical, every single day of the year. Spain mesmerizes and captivates millions of visitors with its awe-inspiring architecture, 45 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, breathtaking landscapes and intricate cuisine. You need to spend at least two weeks in Spain to get a taste of what this amazing country has to offer: magnificent cathedrals and castles, wild and strange festivals, stunning beaches and the rich culture and art running through its veins. Here are some top recommendations and tips for spending two weeks in Spain, so you can be swept away by its indescribable charm.

Best places to visit in Spain during two weeks

Although many people choose to spend two weeks in Spain and Portugal for their European adventure, we recommend spending all 14 days immersed in the splendor of Spain.

1. Madrid: Immerse yourself in the magic of the city

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Madrid is not just the capital of Spain, but a delightful city full of life and full of art and culture. Art lovers should spend time admiring the masterpieces at the top 3 museums: Museo del Prado (especially the works of Goya and Velázquez), Centro de Arte Reina Sofia (famous for Picasso’s Guernica), and Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. . In the evening you should head to Plaza Mayor, Madrid’s most beautiful and lively square to see the city activities. Foodies will definitely be impressed by Madrid’s culinary offerings, from tapas bars and taverns to fine dining experiences.

Suggested Duration: 2-3 days

2.Toledo, Segovia and Cordoba: Explore rich architectural treasures

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A day trip from the capital city to UNESCO World Heritage-listed Toledo is one of the highlights of a two-week stay in Spain: with its cobbled streets, beautiful cathedrals, the Alcazar and stunning Arabic and Jewish monuments, Toledo is a historical gem Which is worth spending a day on. Or more. Another worthy side trip from Madrid is the stunningly located Segovia, famous for its amazing Roman aqueduct, magnificent Alcazar and grand Gothic cathedral.
Further south from Madrid, Córdoba is also a must-visit for its Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba and Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos. The cathedral is a dazzling example of stunning Islamic architecture with its grand red and white arches.

Suggested Duration: 3 days

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3. Seville and Granada: Witness the historical splendor

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While Seville is home to the world’s largest Gothic cathedral, just 2 hours away Granada awaits you with one of Spain’s most iconic architectural wonders, the Alhambra. Wander the quaint and beautiful streets of Barrio de Santa Cruz in Seville, climb La Giralda tower and marvel at the Alcazar. The next day, visit the beautiful Alhambra in Granada, with its beautiful Moorish palaces and gardens located atop a hill that has earned it UNESCO World Heritage status.

Suggested Duration: 2 days

4. Barcelona: Indulge your senses with its vibrant atmosphere

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Offering a delightful mix of unforgettable sights and experiences, the charming Catalonian capital deserves at least a few days in your two-week itinerary in Spain. From Roman architectural treasures to Gaudí’s captivating designs, there is much to admire in Barcelona. This charming seaside town boasts a fascinating culinary landscape and a myriad of dining options from seaside bars to upscale restaurants. With a beautiful Mediterranean coast, Barcelona beaches are ideal for simply putting your feet up and relaxing, indulging in thrilling water sports or taking a trip on a sunset cruise. The city’s nightlife and live music scene is just as exciting as its myriad tourist attractions.

Top Sightseeing Places: Sagrada Familia, Guell Park, Gothic Quarter, Las Ramblas, Barcelona Cathedral, Picasso Museum, Royal Palace, Tibidabo Mountain
Suggested Duration: 3-4 days

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5. Valencia: Be amazed by the city of arts and sciences

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Spain’s third-largest city has a fascinating historic centre, excellent gastronomy and a vibrant city of arts and sciences. While the futuristic design of the building is pleasing to the eyes, the museum and aquarium inside are equally fascinating.

Suggested Duration: 2 days

Best things to do in Spain during two weeks

1. Food and Wine: Enjoy Spain’s quintessential gastronomic delights

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While tapas bar hopping is a great way to sample the hugely popular Spanish finger foods, the country also offers some of the best wines in Europe. While paella Valenciana is a must-try in the city, San Sebastian has now emerged as the country’s foodie capital with its pintxos, steaks and ciders and Michelin star restaurants.

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2. Festivals: Participate in fun festivals

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From the hugely popular and crazy La Tomatina in Buñol to the high-adrenaline running of the bulls (San Fermín) in Pamplona, ​​Spain is home to some of the strangest festivals in the world. Make sure you plan your two weeks in Spain around one of these including La Rioja’s annual wine drenching festival!

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3. Beach: Enjoy the sun

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With plenty of sunshine, amazing weather and over 5000 kilometers of coastline, there is no better place than Spain to enjoy sun, surf and golden sand. Whether it’s the tranquil Canary Islands, stunning Mallorca, Tenerife with its gorgeous landscapes or the party atmosphere of Fiji, the Spanish islands offer the perfect escape from their bustling cities.

4. Flamenco: Be mesmerized by a spectacular performance

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Your two weeks in Spain cannot be complete without seeing a fascinating and fun flamenco performance in Seville or Madrid. Sit back and let your senses be mesmerized by the pulsating folk music and graceful dance moves of the flamenco artists. Dance, clap and cheer to truly participate in this vibrant and rich folk tradition.

5. Adventure Sports: Indulge in unbridled adventure sports

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The country is an adrenaline junkie haven with endless adventure opportunities including snowboarding, surfing, skydiving, hiking, scuba diving and a zip line between Spain and Portugal. Those seeking thrill and adventure must enjoy one of these for a satisfying holiday during their two weeks in Spain.

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Best time to plan your two-week trip to Spain

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Spring (April-June) and autumn (September-October) are the best seasons to enjoy two weeks in southern Spain as the weather is pleasant during the day, cool at nights and not too crowded with tourists. You can easily explore all the places and see the beauty of the country at its best.

Top things to buy on your stay in Spain

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When you brag to friends and family at home that we enjoyed a two-week vacation in Spain, you better take along some unique souvenirs to make them a part of your adventure. Here are some of the best things to take back home from the country:

  • steel sword from toledo
  • Saffron from Grenada
  • espadrilles from madrid
  • A bota (wineskin) from Siguenza and blue wine from any major city
  • Menorca Gin
  • sherry from jerez
  • Uniquely bottled ‘Ibiza Air’
  • olive oil from andalucia

Cost of a two-week trip to Spain

Depending on your choice of accommodation, you can easily manage your entire holiday within a budget of 2 to 3 lakhs, lower end for those who don’t mind backpacking hostels and B&Bs, and higher end for those who don’t mind backpackers. Those who prefer 3 or 4-. Star Hotel.

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