This Twisted Tree Tower Will Soon Be The Tallest Building In Australia!

Australia will soon break records with a new tallest skyscraper on its land. The tallest building covered in curved leaves in Australia has this unique design ‘Green Spine’ Project that won an international design competition. The building is proposed to consist of two towers, the tallest of which will reach a new height of 356 meters above sea level, listing itself as Melbourne’s tallest skyscraper.

This architectural beauty will adorn Melbourne’s Southbank landscape until 2023. It will have a quirky design with geometric glass facades, which will set the distinctive tone of the building, along with beautiful terraces, balconies and gardens.

What is unique about this tallest building in Australia?

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Due to increasing awareness among individuals, connecting with environment and greenery for sustainable living is becoming the latest trend. Thus this vertical boulevard will be a sham ‘Botanical Garden of the Future’ Which will be open to the general public.

Moreover, the curved skyscraper is already the talk of the town as the smaller of the two towers will have attractive bars, restaurants, commercial offices and a hotel while the taller tower will be a residential hub. The towers themselves will be a fully functional vertical city with a cinema, school, daycare, auditorium and a full-fledged marketplace.

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