Our Trip To Europe In May Was Nothing Less Than A Dream Come True & Here’s Proof!

From lovely Paris to enchanting Rome, dreamy Venice to stylish London, Europe is an unknown adventure, painting the entire continent with so many colors that you will almost get lost! It is home to places straight out of dreams and anyone should visit Europe at least once in their life. Be it interesting places or thrilling things, it has a lot to offer. And in the month of May it all becomes even more mesmerizing. Explore the ruins, dine at roadside restaurants, marvel at the architecture, learn about famous literary figures and simply fall in love, this is the motto followed. And Naveen and his wife did the same on their trip to Europe. And this is why you should take it trip to Europe in May,

My wife and I have always wanted to visit Europe. And when we got the chance, we all clashed with each other. World famous tourist attractions like Colosseum, Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower always attracted us and we just wanted to go there, see and fall in love. I had previously booked a trip to Leh with TourTravelHotels and so was sure I would do it again, this time for Europe. We did a lot of research and chose May to see the best of it. Our trip was absolutely amazing and we loved every part of it.

Details of our trip to Europe in May

Trip Type: Family Travel
Cost: INR
Number of people: 2 adults
Duration: 7 nights and 8 days
Inclusion: Breakfast, Dinner, Airfare, Government Taxes, Sightseeing
Exclusions: Insurance, Entrance fee, Airport transfers, Visa, Lunch

Our Europe Trip Schedule in May

day 1, arrival in paris
Day 2: Sightseeing, Seine River Cruise
day 3: Transfer to Switzerland
Day 4: Sightseeing in Switzerland
Day 5: Visit Mount Titlis and Rhine Falls
Day 6: Transfer to Innsbruck, Sightseeing
Day 7: Transfers, sightseeing in Venice
Day 8: Transfer, sightseeing in Florence
Day 9: Transfers, Sightseeing in Rome
Day 10: Departure

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Europe weather in May

The weather in Europe remains mild in May. The temperature remains around 21 °C and 9 °C. The weather is good for tourism. There may also be rain showers in Europe this month. But if you want to see the countries in their full glory, this is the perfect time. Therefore, plan your trip accordingly.

Best places to visit in Europe in May

Here are some details about our trip to Europe in May that gave us the most romantic and fun experience. To keep an eye!

1. Eiffel Tower

witness the eiffel tower
enjoyed a wonderful evening
Had an exciting experience at Disneyland
loved going to disneyland
evening on the river seine

The excitement began the moment we stepped into Paris on the very first day of our trip. Paris is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Europe for love birds. Seeing the Eiffel Tower was like a dream and it finally came true. What we liked about this city is that it is very well planned. Additionally, we had an exciting experience at Disneyland and enjoyed a wonderful evening on the Seine River while cruising.

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2. Mount Titlis Glacier

went to the higher level of the glacier
had a good experience
just an amazing experience
Visited Rhine Falls
Get a touch of Bollywood in our holidays

Switzerland should also be included in Europe travel for couples because we had a good experience there too. We went on a city tour of Lausanne and it was very beautiful. If you want to take great photos then you should definitely check it out. After that on the third day we moved towards Zurich. There we visited Mount Titlis Glacier where we saw snow for the first time and it was very mesmerizing. Also, we visited Rhine Falls which was extremely enjoyable.

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3. Innsbruck

visited innsbruck
exploring museums
it was a heart touching experience

We loved Innsbruck. Everyone traveling to Europe in May should visit Austria. We went there on the fourth day of our trip. Some of the best places to visit are the Golden Eagle, Swarovski Crystal Museum and more. This museum is known for its antiques. We visited all these places and had a heart touching experience.

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4. Florence

florence city view
discovery of european countries
It's an extraordinary pleasure to wander around the city.
leaning Tower of Pisa
spectacular view of the tower
Worth-visiting places

It was Florence’s artwork that kept us connected to it. It was so mesmerizing and spectacular that we were almost mesmerized. It was the fifth day of our trip and we were already having extraordinary fun. This ancient city with red roofs made us fall in love with Europe! On the sixth day we went to Padova where Michelangelo Square was worth seeing.

5. Colosseum

colosseum view
city ​​night view
It was a fun day in Venice
    having incredible fun
A mesmerizing experience of traveling across cities

On the seventh day we headed towards Venice. The city of canals was beautiful and we were grateful for the hospitality of the people. And we can’t miss Italian pizza because we love European food. And on the last day, we got to the Colosseum which was the icing on the cake, which was the best part of our trip. We liked it very much and would like to come here again and again.

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Places to Stay in Europe in May

We stayed almost in Novotel group of hotels and they were able to maintain the fame. During our stay in Innsbruck, we chose the Marriott and it was a good decision. Our stay was luxurious and grand. The hotel properties were very impressive and we loved them. Even in Zurich and Lausanne, we stayed at Novotel properties and had no complaints. We chose branded hotels because we wanted a sophisticated and lavish stay and we got it without any hassle.

The Best Restaurants on Our Europe Trip in May

We loved European food and had no trouble finding good restaurants that suited our tastes. Our tour operator had selected some very good restaurants for breakfast and dinner. They all also served Indian food. Apart from European cuisine, we also had Indian cuisine in some good restaurants like Sher-e-Punjab, Namaste India, Ashoka and others. The ambiance of all these restaurants was also good.

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Tips for traveling to Europe in May

  • Research places to eat thoroughly and plan in advance.
  • It would be best to plan a trip in summer to see the country in all its glory.
  • Keep an eye on your belongings in crowded places.
  • You can buy Apple products cheaply.
  • Be sure to buy the world famous Swiss chocolate.

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shopping in europe travel

For the best shopping experience in Europe, don’t forget to visit Paris, Milan, London, Barcelona and Geneva while holidaying here. You can buy fashionable clothes, leather goods, wooden products, paintings and wall hangings from Europe, and Turkish coffee.

Our Experience with TourTravelHotels

Visited Mount Titlis Glacier

Our overall experience was good and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. The hotels provided were very good to stay. Since we had researched very well about each place, it was easy for us. The tour operator could have improved its service, but otherwise, it was a pleasure. We have booked a trip with TourTravelHotels before, so we were confident about the service they provide.

What to pack for Europe in May?

Let us tell you what we packed for our summer trip to Europe:

  • T-shirt/top/light shirt
  • skirts and dresses
  • Some light sweaters and pullovers for cold days
  • Comfortable shoes or sneakers for walking
  • pair of flip flops
  • small backpack
  • Some accessories like sunglasses, scarves, stoles, watches etc.
  • Voltage plug converters to bridge voltage differences
  • device charger

how to reach Europe

The best way to reach Europe from India is by air. You have to fly to Paris, London or Barcelona from Indira Gandhi International Airport which are major airports in Europe. The flight from Delhi to Europe will take around 10 to 12 hours depending on the destination you are visiting.

Do’s and Don’ts while traveling in Europe

  • Don’t forget to plan ahead and pre-book your destinations.
  • Be sure to read immigration information before leaving for your trip to Europe.
  • Don’t just include popular destinations in your itinerary.
  • As soon as you’re relocating, pack light!

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Our Europe trip was a complete package of fun and entertainment. It was a dream come true for us. If you also want to visit Europe, you can refer to the above details as a guide to an amazing European vacation. And if you found this interesting, why not book a trip to Europe right now and fulfill your long-pending dream?!

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FAQs about Europe in May

What are three interesting facts about Europe?

There are three interesting facts about Europe: -Europe has the highest GDP i.e. per capita income -It was named after the Phoenician princess Europa -Golden hair in humans developed in Europe

What is Europe known for?

Europe is mostly known for its wide variety of foods.

What food is Europe known for?

Europe is known for pizza and salads.

Which is the best country to visit in Europe?

Some of the best countries to visit in Europe are France, Italy, Greece, Austria and others.

When should I go to Europe?

May, June and September are the best times to visit Europe.

Does it snow in Europe?

Yes, it snows in Europe.

Which European country has the best nightlife?

Italy’s nightlife is considered the best in Europe. Other places like Belgrade, Amsterdam, Prague and Krakow are also known for having the best nightlife in Europe.

Where is it hottest in Europe in May?

Greece, Malta, Cyprus are some of the hottest places in Europe. These places have different characteristics and hence, there is not just one hottest place I have visited. It’s just that these places have nicer sunny weather than other places. May is comfortable in these places.

How should I dress in Europe in May?

In Europe you can wear any comfortable clothes as there are no restrictions. The hot summer months in Europe are ideal for wearing light dresses, skirts and slacks or jeans in the evening.

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