Get ready to be boggles by these 6 themed zones at the Trick Eye Museum in Singapore

If you love magic and want to get lost in the world of magic, there is a world famous 4D museum that will definitely interest you, called Trick Eye Museum – The Illusion Republic. This unique museum is based on optical illusions in its six themed areas. You can create amazing pictures with your creativity and imagination in these areas.

‘TrickEye’ means ‘trick of the eye’ and refers to trompe-l’oeil, a traditional art technique that transforms two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional images through the use of optical illusions. You are given the illusion of a scene by displaying paintings on walls, ceilings and the floor. The museum also claims to be Singapore’s first 3D plus AR museum.

6 Zones in Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye Museum literally means ‘trick of the eye’ and curious travelers can explore the world of three-dimensional images and experience the spectacle like never before. For a closer look at such delights, these 6 areas of the Trick Eye Museum will let you inhabit this intriguing museum and enjoy it at its best.

1. World of Masterpieces

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The World of Masterpieces is an area where you get a chance to discover the hidden secrets of four-dimensional spaces. This space exhibits media art, the Aims Room and the Dining Room. You’ll find intriguing paintings and art installations. Here’s your chance to take out a random painting hanging on the wall or serve up your partner’s head on a platter.

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2. enthusiasm

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The excitement zone is all about stimulating a feeling of intense excitement within the visitors. Adventure visual illusions make you escape from giant animals like anacondas and piranhas or play with a rare animal like riding the trunk of a jumbo elephant or climbing bamboo with a cute panda. Other thrill inspiring attractions include paragliding, snow mountain trekking.

3. Supernatural

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This scary area of ​​the Trick Eye Museum in Singapore lets you overcome your fears by challenging you. The illusion of friendly ghosts allows you to become the main leader of the group and engage in paranormal activities. Visualize your body floating above ground level; Find yourself lying in a coffin in a graveyard while a priest and two men perform an exorcism on you; Get stuck in an hourglass or dare to cross the elusive narrow wooden bridge built over a deep crack in the earth.

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4. Fairy tale

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Even if you are now an adult, the fairy tale zone will bring all your childhood imaginations to life. Sit on the moon; swim like a mermaid; Let a wolf-man take you on a vintage bike ride through the woods; Dine with the rabbit; Take a trip on Aladdin’s magic carpet or dance on ice like Elsa. Do everything you ever thought you could do but couldn’t! The region also has some of the most romantic settings.

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5. Fantasy

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The Fantasy Zone of the Trick Eye Museum is just like a dreamland. Here you will see the magical realm of imagination come to life before your eyes. These picture perfect settings are a dream come true for any visitor. Become a butterfly; Cross a tricky bridge over a waterfall; Share a leafy umbrella with a frog or ride a beautiful white flying horse.

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6. Trick World

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Trick World has some of the most favorite trick eye exhibits on display. Here you see some highly improbable events come to life in an “illusory reality.” Take a sea ride on the popular mythical Singaporean lion-fish; Perform the most difficult professional ballet dance moves with other illusionist dancers; Join the horse riding race or challenge the kung fu master to a fight. This area of ​​the Trick Eye Museum is more artistic than illusionary.

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Timings and Ticket Rates

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Trick Eye Museum in Singapore is open from 10 am to 9 pm all year round with last entry at 8 pm. The ticket prices at Trick Eye Museum in Singapore are as follows:

  • Adults (13-59 years): 1800 rupees
  • Child (4-12 years): Rs 1450
  • Senior (60 years and above): Rs 1450
  • Family A (2 adults + 1 child/senior): 5050 rupees
  • Family B (2 adults + 2 children/seniors): 6500 rupees

Comment: If you book online you can book up to 20%.

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Reviews and Location

To find out what other visitors have to say about the Trick Eye Museum in Singapore, click here:

Address: The Waterfront @ Resorts World Sentosa, 26 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098138

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Singapore has always captured every traveller’s imagination with its elaborate outdoor architectural structures. An exciting gallery like the Trick Eye Museum in Singapore never fails to surprise its visitors. If you want to see this illusion in reality, plan a trip to Singapore as soon as possible!

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