These 10 Trekking Trails In Turkey Offer The Most Scenic Views

There is a misconception that “trekking is only for fitness freaks”. But if you are fond of traveling or an amateur photographer or you are looking for a peaceful and quiet environment, then trekking is the best option for you. Especially when you are on tour in Eurasia you should visit trekking in Türkiye, Turkey’s spectacular scenery, historical and cultural treasures make the country an ideal destination for trekking and hiking. The country has wonderful countryside and many mountainous areas that are ideal for trekking in Turkey. To enhance your experience, you can explore Turkey’s gorgeous reserves of flora, fauna and wildlife on this trekking trip.

10 famous trekking routes in Türkiye

It is difficult to choose the ideal route for trekking in Turkey as there are around nineteen trekking routes. Here are the 7 best places for trekking in Türkiye:

1. St. Paul Trail

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St. Paul Trail is one of the most special trekking trails in Turkey with historical significance. This path was used by St. Paul L. during his first journey through Asia Minor. It is a long distance journey which may take approximately 27 days to complete. Through this trek you can see the beauty of rural Turkish villages as well as extremely beautiful landscapes. The season to go for trekking on St. Paul Trail is April to July and September to November.

distance: 500 km
difficulty level: vigorous
route: The St. Paul Trail stretches from Aspendos or Perges (east of Antalya on the south coast) to Yalvaç, northeast of Lake Eğirdir; Two branches are located at the Roman site of Adda.

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2. Lycian Trail

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It is one of the most famous places for trekking in Turkey. The presence of a 12 kilometer long beach in Patara and spectacular views of the coastline from Kas, Kalkan and Mount Olympos make it one of the most unique trekking destinations. You can also visit the historic ruins of the Lycian cities overlooking the Mediterranean. We recommend that you wear appropriate hiking shoes and purchase a hiking pole, although this is not mandatory.

distance: 509 km
difficulty level: medium
route: From Fethiye to Antalya, to the coast of Lycia in southern Turkey

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3. Kakkar Trail

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Located in the Black Sea region of Turkey, the Kakkar Trail is an extremely fascinating sight. It is one of the best options for exploring and trekking in the mountainous regions of Turkey. Trekking in Kakkar has a solid network of mountains to cross which can take anywhere from a few hours to several days. It may take around 30 days to complete the trek. Mount Kakkar is considered to be the fourth highest trekking point in Turkey. You are guaranteed to see a bear, ibex or wolf. The best and probably safest time to go on a trek on the Kakkar Trail is from July to September.

distance: 154 km
difficulty level
: vigorous
route: located in north-eastern Türkiye, between Camlihemsin and Yusufeli

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4. Evliya Celebi Way

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Evliya Celebi Way is one of the oldest and longest trekking trails. This is the best trekking route for nature and animal lovers. This is the first long one distance Serving both foot and horse trails for trekking in Turkey. You can see the ancient provinces of Bithynia and Phrygia and the ancestral homes of Evliya, in addition to many other wonderful sights. We suggest you check the weather online before starting your trek.

distance: 1200 km
difficulty level: vigorous
route: Istanbul to Kütahya

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5. Yenice Forest Trail

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Very few people know about this trekking trail. The main attraction of the Yenisei Forest Trail is its strategic location. Located near the historic town of Safranbolu, a well-preserved Ottoman era area, the Yenisei Forest Trail is a must-visit. Safranbolu is the center of the saffron crocus crop. There is a shorter route of about 396 kilometers which can be covered through 21 alternative routes. This route is easily accessible from Istanbul and the Ankara region of Turkey. On this route, you can use a bike or opt for horse riding to reach the destination. This trekking route is ideal for a two to three day trek. The best time to visit this trek is between March and October.

distance: 395 km
difficulty level: Easy
routeYenisei is a forest area in the northern part of Türkiye.

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6. Independence Trail or Istiklal

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This is an old trekking trail which was trekked by the Liberation Army officers during the Turkish War of Independence in the year 1991. Located on the Black Sea coast on the opposite side of the country, the Independence Trail or Istiklal is a much shorter trekking trail. , This trekking trail has great importance in the history of Türkiye. The best time to visit this trek is from March to October.

distance: 105 km
difficulty level: medium
route: from Enebolu to Sedilar-Kastamonu

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7. Trace Search

This trekking trail will help you explore the ancient ruins and history of South West Turkey for an enjoyable hiking trip in Turkey. This route allows you to see an untouched, colorful and highly traditional version of Turkey. We suggest you trek the Carrion Trail in the early morning as there are high chances of encountering wild animals like foxes at night. Remember to take a flashlight with you and a water bottle that you can fill up along the trail. By stopping at water sources like water streams.

distance: 820 km
difficulty level: medium
route: The trail starts from Mugla, Türkiye

8. Uludag Mountain Trail

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If you are looking for the best Turkey hiking routes the best route is from Saryalan to Kobankaya. This route is commonly known as one of the most popular hiking routes in Turkey during the summer. The winter months are for skiing and enjoying the ski resorts here. Uludağ National Park is a great resort for hikers in summer with beautiful slopes, glacial lakes and alpine meadows.

distance: 56 km
difficulty level: medium
route: Trail from Saryalan to Kobankaya through the forest and up to the glacier above the tree line

9. Cappadocia Trail

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A hiker’s paradise, this small piece of land has quite a distinctive landscape with an abundance of historical sites. Pigeon Canyon is a famous spot for hiking with an unreal landscape, sculptured gorges, gorges and phallic rock formations. Other famous places for hiking in Cappadocia include Love Valleys, Red Valley, Zemi Valley, and Rose Valley.

distance: 8 – 11 km
difficulty level: medium
route: Pigeon Valley (Guvarcinlik Vadisi) The path starts from trail marker G3 on Uzun Dor Road in southeast Goreme.

10. Taurus Mountain Path

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This hiking trail is very difficult and is one of the toughest hiking trails found in Turkey. The Taurus Mountains have rocky outcrops, deep gorges, canyons, alpine pastures and lakes. The most popular routes for the best trekking turkey expeditions are in the Western Taurus and Central Taurus.

distance: 6 – 10 km
difficulty level: vigorous
route: You can cross old caravan routes, hike through valleys and explore remote, rugged high country with mesmerizing pastures and lakes.

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So next time you plan a trip to Turkey, don’t forget to get a whole new experience by trekking in Turkey. We promise you that it will be an experience of a lifetime and you will go back from Turkey with lots of great memories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are mountains called in Türkiye?

The Taurus Mountains are a mountain range in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, extending for about 560 km parallel to the coast, and forming the southern boundary of the Anatolian Plateau.

Which is the highest mountain in Türkiye near the Iranian border?

Mount Ararat forms a near-quadrilateral point between Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran. Its summit is located about 16 km west of both the Iranian border and the border of Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan exclave.

Why is trekking famous in Turkey?

Trekking in Turkey is most popular due to its beautiful scenery, historical and cultural treasures of Turkey which makes this place an ideal place for trekking. Turkey has an attractive countryside and many mountain views that are suitable for trekking in Turkey. The vase flora and fauna along with wildlife can be experienced while trekking in Turkey.

Which are the famous places for trekking in Türkiye?

Some of the most famous are such as, St. Paul Trail, Lycian Trail, Cacar Trail, Evliya Celebi Way, Yenisei Forest Trail, Istiklal, Carrion Trail and many others.

Which is the longest and oldest road in Türkiye?

The longest and oldest route in Turkey is the Evliya Celebi route. Amazing views can be seen during this test as it includes Evliya’s ancestral home.

What is the best time for trekking in Türkiye?

The ideal season for trekking in Turkey is basically spring and autumn. The best months are April to June and also October.

What things are important to carry with you while trekking?

The basic things that are very important to carry while trekking in Turkey are water bottles as the weather is usually a bit hot. It is important to carry a flash light with you while trekking at night in the forest area.

What is the shortest route to Türkiye?

The shortest route is the Turkish Freedom Route. It covers a distance of 105 kilometers starting from Enebolu and ending at Sedilar-Kastamonu.

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