If Trekking Is Your Thing, You Are Going To Love These Treks In Belgium

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Belgium is a small and humble country that is often overshadowed by its increasingly famous neighbours, yet it is a fantastic destination that should be on your radar. And what could be more thrilling than trekking in Belgium to explore the beauty of the country?

It is here that you will discover fantastical urban areas filled with grand engineering, rich open squares, quiet coves and cobbled shopping streets; and spectacular green fields dotted with notable towns and medieval mansions.

With its flat terrain and beautiful wide openness, you have to step out and encounter Belgian specialties at handlebar level. In fact, the country has become a paradise for trekkers and the destinations are beautiful.

6 Best Places for Trekking in Belgium

if you want to go trekking near belgium, you will love the beautiful paths and gorgeous views that are waiting for you! Below are some of the experiences that will provide you Best trekking in BelgiumYou should find out about this on your next trip to this country.

1. High Fence Natural Reserve

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The High Fens Nature Reserve (also called Hohes Wein in German and Hautes Fagnes in French) is a marsh and moorland covering more than 230 square miles of land on the outskirts of Belgium/Germany. Most of the nature reserve is on the Belgian side, however, it extends into Germany on the outskirts. It is part of a larger area called The High Fens Eifel Nature Park (or in German, Naturpark Nord Eifel, as it is known locally), which is large to such an extent that it actually includes most of the Eifel National Park. also includes.

Located between the Ardennes and the Eifel Highlands, this upland area of ​​4,501.2 hectares is the largest regular area in Belgium. With extraordinary flora and fauna, it makes for a variety of beautiful climbing courses, especially wonderful at harvest time or for spring walks in the Tro Maret valley. Cleared of small wooden expanses, it provides a path to the rugged wooded scenery stretching eastwards from the German outskirts. Part of the path rises forcefully upwards giving clear views over desolate heathland. It is one of the most frequently seen trekking routes in belgium,

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2. Semois Valley

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It is a huge circuit characterized by rough sections, dense forests and clear waters, located close to the beautiful, ‘pearl of the Semois valley’, the city of Bouillon. The short hardwood path leading into the center of the valley offers a spectacular view over the viewpoint and the Abbey of Clairefontaine. As you continue strolling through the forest of pine trees along the river bank, some amazing views of the valley await you, especially when it comes to the two central viewpoints of the View de l’Epine and the Pic du Diable. An incredible destination for avid season walkers wanting to discover the valley and its hidden pearls.

To reach the Semois Valley one has to enter the delightful forest via roads cut through greenery and forest, where deer, wild boar and wild boar are spread over an area of ​​more than several hectares. Several kilometers of way-marked trails lead hikers and explorers from imposing cliffs to foot bridges over water.

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3. La Roche à l’Apple Geological Park

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La Roche à l’Appelle is nestled in a vast forest, planted with different types of trees (oak, beech, conifers…) and featuring an exceptionally rich civilized variety of greenery. The streams run through oblique lines all around and reach the peaty areas, which is very attractive from the biological point of view. Creepy crawlies are also exceptionally present, particularly coleopterans with some very unusual species found in the district.
La Roche à l’Appelle marks the core of the geographical reserve. There are two routes to reach its 360 meter high peak. Performance on the Arden Timberland and the initial two Cuestas is certainly reasonable regardless of exertion.

one of the small but extraordinary trekking destinations in belgium, Arden et Gaume is where the Roche à l’Appelle is located. The composition of forests and beneficial herbal nature makes this area surprisingly rich and different. Geography lovers can spend a highly educational day around the ancient city of Muno before reaching the focal point of the geographical park, which offers two different paths plunging into dense mixed forest, offering amazing all-round views of the southern Ardennes. which is just a few steps away. French border.

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4. From Weserbach to Hohes Fens

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A hiking trip to fall in love! This delightful journey through dense forest with wild waterfalls and waterways starts from the plateau of Hohes Wein.

From the first few meters the path leads to a delightful view. The path overlooks the valley carved by the Weser. A good start before with a stroll along the Eschbach, a wide waterway that meanders among coniferous trees and gives the area a typical Rio pizzazz of the High North. This impression is further enhanced in winter when the river adorns itself in its white attire.

The path climbs again and the atmosphere becomes more stunning and wild. The further you enter this area, the more the coniferous forests shrink and only a few trees are visible. After this, the forests disappear completely and the vast heathland of the eastern Hohes Veen appears. This side of Hohes Wen is less known, although it can be considerably rougher. The route approaches Wayne and follows the course of the stream. At an altitude of 500 meters, you can clearly feel the low temperature of the level. Water is also your constant companion on your way back, as it flows along the equally enthusiastic stone stream.

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5. Eifelsteig – Monastery Route

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This trekking tour through the Eifel fascinates with its unprecedented diversity. For example, checking out the landmark, the commanding rock of the Ehrensteinschle, the wild-spirited Rurtal, the species-rich backwoods entries, the old beech columns and the vast fields around the Kulterherberg with hawthorn supports and furthermore the Perlenbachtalspere ensure a transfixing visual pleasure. Are. For specific natural surroundings, common flowers and plant species get in the way. A secret tip is the Narcissus slopes near Reichenstein, which turn into a yellow sea of ​​flowers in spring. There are likewise social highlights, for example, the former Premonstratensian Abbey Reichenstein with its water lily lake, the Nobertus Chapel and the various sights of Monschau, a pure vintage clothing-making town, that welcome you to visit. Anyone who has ever walked through the half-built town of Monschau understands why Monschau is called the “Pearl of the Eifel” or the “Rhenish Rothenberg”.

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6. Varache

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Hiking around the Varche, between steep cliffs and beautiful waterfalls. Experience the views of eastern Belgium and the outstanding nature around the high-altitude village of Zofraix. The altitude here is mindful of the steep valleys and gorges, the dip in the Zofrex line. The first display appears after a good kilometer. A clear cut behind a curve opens up a view of the Warchatel.

You can reach Schloss Reinhardstein via a narrow mule track. The other side awaits you with a difficult climb. With these lines, which are always expanding, there is no boredom. The “Nez Napoleon” (Napoleon’s Nose) is a high ridge jutting out from the shore.

At the highest point on the shore, the path deviates and adjusts to higher altitude conditions. A little further on, the path leads straight down to the “Outdoor du Moulin”. If the mountains in the Ardennes are not particularly high, they request a lot from the climber, the final climb along the Corru stream is the best verification.

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No trip to Belgium would be complete if you haven’t gone trekking in the jungle. There is a trail for almost everyone – whether you are a beginner or an expert trekker. The grandeur of the view along with the regularly winding waterway makes the sweat-soaked climb half as tiring. Along these lines, take off your trekking shoes, pack an outing hamper and set out on a sensational trek that you will remember forever.

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FAQs about Trekking in Belgium

What are some of the best trekking routes in Belgium?

Belgium is a wonderful country that offers mesmerizing views and great trekking trails, including the High Fens Natural Reserve, the Semois Valley, La Roche Geographical Park, the Weserbach Trails, the Eifelsteig Trails, the Varche Trails and many more. These are some of the best trails for trekking in Belgium.

Where is the High Fence Nature Reserve Trekking Trails located in Belgium?

The High Fence Nature Reserve is located on the outskirts of Belgium and Germany. It is a swamp and marshland, and you will be able to explore 230 square miles of the entire nature reserve.

Why is Varche Trails in Belgium famous for trekking?

Varche is a beautiful trekking trail located in a small village called Zofraix in eastern Belgium. Mule paths connect the entire area. You will be able to easily reach the highest point of the route as the road is not steep.

How high is the Geographical Park of La Roche?

The highest point of the Geographical Park of La Roche is 360 meters high. The entire area is covered with vegetation and lush greenery, creepy crawlies and giant trees that are quite unusual in the rest of the world.

How many days are needed for trekking in Belgium?

If you are going to Belgium for trekking, keep yourself three to four days to explore every trekking trail in the country.

When should you go to Belgium?

If you want to go for trekking in Belgium then you should go there from mid-April to mid-October. The temperature will be perfect during those months.

What to wear while trekking in Belgium?

If you are visiting Belgium between April to October for trekking, you should bring sweaters, jeans, light shoes, raingear and a hat for a great trip.

Does it snow in Belgium?

Sometimes snowfall occurs in Belgium, but it is not so common. If you visit Belgium between April and October you will not find snow. At that time, the weather is quite pleasant and perfect for a wonderful trekking trip.

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