Travel With A Barat For These 13 Reasons

It’s time to step-up for some latka’s and jhatka’s, awesome peppy dresses and lots of free food – it’s time to attend a big fat Indian wedding! What could be a better way of attending a shaadi than being a baraati! You get all the attention, are showered with loads of love and can throw around as much nakhra as you want! And if you are travelling with a baraat, the joy and smiles go long miles!

13 Fun Reasons To Travel With A Barat

Don’t believe us? We give you 13 crazy reasons prove that it is fun to travel with a barat!

1. The Knot-ty Family Affair

Hum sath sath hain wedding

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An Indian wedding is that time of the year when all possible generations of a family are bound to come together and let it loose! Chacha-chachi, mama-mami, bua, bua ka beta and his beta, everyone is on board with the baraat. After all it’s the big fat Indian tradition where size DOES matter!

2. Cousins time to lose out on an official “trip”

Picnic with family

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It’s one of those rare and happy occasions when all the cousins get to travel together “officially” and have fun while their parents have other important things to take care of! It is the official lose out time we spend with people who are cousins by birth but friends by choice!

3. Gala time for the Stomach


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There’s food and lots of it! And guess what – because you are traveling with the family which is heading for a wedding, the budgets are high! So all you have to do is sit back and order like a Boss! Let the stomach dance to the tunes of some amazing highway food!

4. Raining money


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Wedding is one event when we Indians spend so generously that even Limca Book of Records would deny to register it! (Ok lame joke) But what is not lame is nobody shy’s away from shelling out cash over games, bets, “shaguns” and just every other little thing. And for the expense sheet the common dialogue is “baad mein dekh lenge”

5. Photo shoots , Selfies and more: “Lights camera action”


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The paparazzi starts right from the moment a wedding is announced. From the time the vehicle is boarded to every little detail during the journey and till the finale – one thing that never stops is pictures and more pictures! Of course in the recent years no wedding is complete without “selfies” anymore!

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6. Impromptu “arranged” hook ups

Hum apke hai kaun moment

“You’re next in the line” is the most common dialogue you will hear at an Indian wedding, if you are even close to the marriageable age! The cherry on the cake is the traveling time, when the families, relatives and friends mingle over and the elderly people start with their favorite pass time of “match making”

7. Need no music system: Aunty’s choirs and Antakshri all the way


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Don’t even think of preparing a music collection for the travel journey with a baraat! You might just offend the aunties who have other plans with their dholaks all the way! Traveling with baraatis is all about playing the traditional antakshri that starts with “Tooti footi tokri aaye na kisi kaam….shuru karo antakshri lekar prabhu ka naam….”

8. Free Alcohol and Loads of It!

drink in wedding

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An Indian wedding is a matter of grand – grand celebration so alcohol has to be a part of it! The baratis are known to travel with zeal, enthusiasm and high ‘spirits’ (or rum or whisky or vodka)! It’s all about free flowing alcohol. Disclaimer: No drinking while driving – so if you are driving – Sorry!

9. Creates the most unforgettable memories for the family together


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Traveling jointly with family, friends and relatives for a wedding is an experience which creates countless memories. While you can capture some, the rest are just stories you share, laugh and love for the rest of your life.

10. Pampering by the Nani’s and the Dadi’s and The Bua’s of the Ladkiwalas


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Oh that is one thing every Indian absolutely loves as a baarati! The Nani’s and the Dadi’s and the Bua’s of the Ladkiwalas will shower love and food like there’s no tomorrow! These women are just adorable!

11. Travelling in the Bus, the Way You’ve Never Done Before

Travelling by bus

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A bus journey with the entire family together will turn out to be a road trip like never before! You might find yourself awkward initially to travel with people of all age together, but wait till it starts – It just only gets better and more fun!

12. Pulling the Leg: It’s Ladkiwalas Vs. Ladkawalas

Indian Wedding moments

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An inevitable part of every Indian wedding is the obvious push and pull factor between the bride and grooms family. If traveling together then the sweet and spicy friction just gets better and more fun! You have more time to prove who’s better!

13. Best way to go for an unplanned FREE vacation

Unplanned vacation

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Aah! Who doesn’t love a vacation? Everyone! Especially when it is unplanned and free. Well that’s the beauty and fun about traveling with a baraat. You explore while all the expenses are taken care off! Just wear on those sun glasses, prepare a camera and enjoy!

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