Travel Report 2022: Travel Conversations On Twitter

Travel Report 2022: Travel Conversations On Twitter

Whether we acknowledge it or not, the COVID pandemic is slowly getting off our backs for good. And with the extreme pleasure of watching our lives uncertainties fade away, we are back to our human endeavours that once excited and helped us progress and evolve. One such endeavour is travelling. Vacations, connections, solo travel, group travel, family trips, and romantic places are a few trending hashtags making a huge comeback on Twitter, indicating that #travel is doing the rounds on Twitter even during the pandemic.

Travel is making a comeback, a comeback like never before. Twitter which acted as a bridge connecting us during the grave times of the COVID Pandemic, is extending its reach by uniting travellers across the world as vacation conversation ramps up! As travellers and thrill-seekers are picking their hotspots, they seem to be engaging with other communities, companies and fellow vacationers on Twitter to book suitable travel plans. Consequently, Twitter has made it easy for vacationers to research, recommend and connect with the brands.

Here’s how Twitter is bringing the world together through #travel!


#Travel is one of the most used hashtags on Twitter post-pandemic

Tens and thousands of people, if not millions, are turning to Twitter to connect with fellow travellers and engage with their communities. Many are looking for reasonable travel hotspots, travel tips and advice. Be its budget plans, ideal alternatives, untravelled destinations, hotel deals, or simply sharing their travel stories and opinions. According to Twitter Source, the volume of travel tweets during the summer of 2021 was 17% higher than the yearly average. And the average number of travel tweets is predicted to rise every quarter.

Reaching out to the fellow travellers is made easy

Post-Pandemic, people are wary of seasons, food, and experiences. They don’t want to ruin their vacation with false expectations. So, many are researching and planning for seasons and months ahead. Consequently, making easy to meet and get in touch with the fitting travel buddies.


Twitter is a one-stop social media platform

A specific hashtag can get you connected to the right community and helps you engage with like-minded travellers. As travel interests range from destinations, ideal alternatives, beaches, hill stations, and countless more, it is easy to be spoilt with choices and not travel anywise! However, Twitter makes it easy to find your community and the right hotpots and people in a flash.

People are going big on events, exploration and experiences

Many personal and community events were called off during the pandemic, making life a tad bit more challenging. Be it affairs like honeymoon and wedding or community gatherings and concerts. Now that everything’s back to normal, people want to explore, connect and appreciate life. Everybody is going big on travel. No second thoughts whatsoever!

International travel will get easier

More people will rediscover the pleasures of jumping on a plane to go on a spontaneous city break, attending a long-planned family wedding or taking the holiday of a lifetime. The prospect for 2022 looks very encouraging. The new norm will be similar to the old norm; like pre-pandemic or maybe better.

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