Trail running takes off in Verbier

Trail running takes off in Verbier

Trail running takes off in Verbier

Are you a trail enthusiast who wants to train on difficult routes while marveling at the beauty of the landscape?

Since the UK lockdown began, more than 858,000 people have downloaded the NHS-backed Couch to 5K app. Many Britons have used their daily exercise allowance to walk the local streets and trails and learn about the benefits of cheap and convenient form of exercise. Staying active is not only good for our physical health but, above all, for our mental health.

Seasoned pros and everyday runners extended their joy of running by exiting the curb during the lockdown. With this growing trend, Verbier Val de Bagnes has opened 21 attractive and demanding routes over 415 km, with an altitude of 33,000 meters as well as varying distances and breathtaking views along the way.

These next-generation courses have all been mapped out by local athletes like Emily Vaudan, and this new development provides avid runners with marked and downloadable routes. This will help everyone achieve their sporting goals, combining performance and the pleasure of discovering a magnificent alpine setting. The Grand Combin massif, Pierre Avoi and Ruinette all offer an incredible backdrop to the unique trails in the heart of the Bagnard region.

Trail running is a discipline that allows participants to be responsible – those who participate must plan their own routes. The maps and descriptions are there to inspire, not to tell runners how to equip themselves. It is with this philosophy that Verbier created the trails of the destination. They are generally alpine and will suit anyone who wants to master the terrain safely and independently. The routes have been designed to be accessible and to showcase the beauty and variety of the landscape without compromising its sporting appeal.

For a smooth start, try the Tour des Villages, which is neither too demanding nor too technical. This helps runners learn to lengthen their stride, but don’t miss the enchanting view of the Vernays Chapel as well as the sculptures of the villagers along the Bisse des Ravines (irrigation routes). Short but intense, the climb to Chateau de Cries is the perfect workout, and once at the top why not stop for a rewarding picnic at St Christophe Chapel, with incredible views of the two valleys?

For the more adventurous and energetic, Emily Vaudan recommends the Col des Avouillons, which is part of the X-Traversée TVSB (Trail Verbier St-Bernard race). Starting or stopping at the Cabane Brunet refuge, enjoy a “Jean-Marc coffee”, before choosing the Château trail “made from back to front to warm your thighs” on the first climb of the X -Alpine. En route, take a selfie on the impressive Passerelle footbridge with the glacier and the Combins massif in sight.

Of all the great tips for trail runners, Emily, who likes to pick up the pace, stresses the importance of planning each route on the map before setting out on the adventure. She says, “When you run you don’t have to worry about where to refuel, but during training you have to easily find all the strategic places where you can buy supplies such as huts, restaurants. , bars or villages. food stores. The good thing is that they are all well marked on the downloadable destination routes ”.

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Trail running is one of the biggest trends in the running industry. No longer just for elite athletes, but a challenge that awaits anyone who wants to try it. More and more people have had to step out of the gym and walk down the sidewalks to discover amazing places. Being outdoors and in harmony with nature provides a perfect escape from our busy lives. Running in the mountains is sure to rekindle the love of sport and the great outdoors. New for summer 2020, 21 marked trails will allow experienced runners and amateurs to discover Verbier – Val de Bagnes – La Tzoumaz, a unique place, a land of thrills and thrills. Verbier is a classic Swiss resort, perched on a sunny plateau facing south at 1,500 m with a breathtaking view of the Massif des Combins. The village captivates you with its slate-roofed chalets in the magnificent natural setting of the Val de Bagnes. If you really want to get to know the area, what could be better than spending time with a local who shares their favorite trails, regional knowledge and best spots along the way? This is the innovative concept proposed by Sandra Rouiller with tailor-made trail outings. Customers choose the pace, duration and location of their next run before being picked up from their accommodation by the trail guide who will make sure the day is going well. Prices: one hour costs 95 CHF and six hours 405 CHF (10 CHF per additional person).

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