7 Wonderful Places near Hyderabad to Embark on a Fun-filled Getaway

The capital of Telangana, Hyderabad is a city that is famous for its interesting history and vibrant culture. Additionally, the area around the city is a treasure trove of intimate experiences and offers plenty of amenities for those who want to venture out of the city. Tourist places near Hyderabad within 500 km,

From the grandeur of the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam to the historical ruins of Hampi, there is much to offer here for travelers of all age groups and diverse interests. Whether you are a true nature lover, a history lover, or an adventure lover, these 7 places within a radius of 500 km will leave you with countless memories.

7 tourist places near Hyderabad within 500 km

Here is a list of top places near Hyderabad within 500 km that one cannot forget during their holidays in the “City of Pearls”. From temples to forts and lakes to waterfalls, there is no dearth of breathtaking things to do around the city.

1. Hampi

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Located in Karnataka, about 376 km from Hyderabad, Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned as a historical and cultural marvel. Once the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire, Hampi is a treasure trove of temples and ancient ruins. The place is home to about 1,600 ancient monuments spread over 41.5 sq km.

Some of the most attractive of these are the Krishna Temple Complex, Ganesha, Narasimha, Hemkuta Temple Complex, Lotus Palace Complex, Vitthala Temple Complex, Achyutarai Temple Complex and Pattabhirama Temple Complex. Apart from Matanga Hill offering a breathtaking view of the Hampi landscape and the Tungabhadra River offering a scenic ride on a coral ride, there are some other attractions in Hampi.

Distance from Hyderabad: 376 km
Major Attractions: Vijaya Vitthal Temple, Sri Virupaksha Temple, Queen’s Bath, Riverside Ruins, Hampi Bazaar, Archaeological Museum, Matanga Hill

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2. Srisailam

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Srisailam is a hill town that mesmerizes tourists with its pilgrimage sites, waterfalls, huge dams and natural landscapes. The main attraction of the city is the Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga Temple, dedicated to Lord Mallikarjuna, an incarnation of Lord Shiva, and his consort Goddess Bhramaramba. Apart from the main temple, which is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, Pathala Ganga and Akkamahadevi Caves are two other major sites that make Srisailam one of the best tourist places near Hyderabad within 500 km.

Apart from being a stunning hill station near Hyderabad, Srisailam enjoys the surrounding of dense forests. Additionally, the wide range of flora and fauna makes it a true paradise for wildlife lovers and nature lovers. Moreover, for adventure, this destination also offers activities like forest camping, rappelling and flying fox.

Distance from Hyderabad: 213.2 km
Major Attractions: Srisailam Dam, Shiva Mallikarjuna Temple, Sri Bhramaramba Devi Temple, Pathala Ganga Walk Way

3. Bidar

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Located in the neighboring state of Karnataka, Bidar is another historical town that woos holidaymakers with its exquisite monuments and religious sites. The magnificent Bidar Fort is reminiscent of a bygone era with its intricately designed palaces, royal bathrooms and ancient temples. Another exciting place is the Bahmani Tombs which is a group of 12 tombs adorned with high domes, niches, paintings and arches.

Apart from this, the bustling local markets, Bidar Museum and street food restaurants showcase the true culture and colors of the city. To make the most of your holiday, plan a visit during the annual Bidar festival, when the city comes alive with vibrant festivities. Grand event of dance, music and cultural performances makes the city more attractive.

Distance from Hyderabad: 142.6 km
Major Attractions: Bidar Fort, Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib, Bahmani Tombs, Chaubara Clock Tower, Tarkash Mahal

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4. Warangal

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Located about 145 km from Hyderabad, Warangal is a city filled with the rich history of the Kakatiya dynasty. The city is home to many architectural wonders and historical sites that offer a glimpse of the glorious past of the region.

From divine temples to tranquil lakes to grand forts and breathtaking landscapes, Warangal has everything to keep visitors mesmerized. The magnificent Warangal Fort, the 12th century Thousand Pillar Temple and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Ramappa Temple are some of the major sites of Warangal making it a must-see tourist destination near Hyderabad within 500 km.

Major Attractions: Warangal Fort, Thousand Pillar Temple, Jain Temple, Pakhal Lake,
Bhadrakali Temple, Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

5. Nalgonda

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Located in the heart of Telangana, Nalgonda takes pride in its rich history, architectural wonders and awe-inspiring landscapes. From serene temples to ancient forts, each attraction has its own story. Devarakonda Fort, one of the major attractions of Telangana, showcases the glorious past of the region while offering majestic views of the surrounding landscape.

Furthermore, the sacred Kolanupaka Jain Temple, believed to be over 2,000 years old, is famous for its Jain manuscripts, intricate details and stunning sculptures. Nalgonda is a great option for those who want a spiritual escape from the hustle and bustle of Hyderabad.

Distance from Hyderabad: 100.2
Major Attractions: Bhongir Fort, Deverakonda Fort, Chaya Someshwar Temple, Rachakonda Fort

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6. Ananthagiri Hills

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Located in Vikarabad in Ranga Reddy district, Ananthagiri Hills is known for its mist-covered mountains, lush greenery and picturesque landscapes. The stunning views, waterfalls and dense forests make it one of the best tourist places near Hyderabad within 500 km. Boasting of exciting trekking and hiking trails, Ananthagiri Hills is an ideal place for adventure seekers.

Furthermore, the Sri Ananth Padmanabha Swamy Temple or Ananthagiri Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, is a famous pilgrimage spot that offers immense peace. Another highlight of the hills is the coffee plantation where one can learn about the coffee making process, and sample some freshly brewed coffee.

Distance from Hyderabad: 81.9 km
Major Attractions: Ananthagiri Temple, Ananthagiri Hills Viewpoint, Kotipalli Reservoir, Tyda Park, Bhavanasi Lake

7. Nizamabad

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Nestled in the northern part of Telangana, Nizamabad is a city of archaeological sites, serene lakes and ancient temples. The main attraction, Nizamabad Fort attracts visitors with its intricately carved pillars, spacious courtyards and majestic gates. Another famous place is Dichappally Ramalayam, a 14th century temple dedicated to Lord Rama.

Furthermore, the Archaeological and Heritage Museum houses a vast collection of artefacts, sculptures and historical remains, making it an ideal place for history lovers. The city is also a perfect paradise for epics; They can taste Mirchi Bajji, Meat Stew, and some of the local delicacies like Hyderabadi Biryani, Kubani Ka Meetha and Phirni.

Distance from Hyderabad: 175.2 km
Major Attractions: Domakonda Fort, Nizamabad Fort, Nizam Sagar Dam, Ali Sagar Dam, Ashok Sagar

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Whether you are interested in exploring mysterious ancient ruins or want to enjoy the charm of nature, places near Hyderabad within 500 km will never disappoint you. When planning a trip to Hyderabad, take out time from your weekend to visit Hampi, Warangal, Bidar, Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, Nizamabad and other places. So, pack your bags and get ready to set out on a joyous trip with your loved ones.

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FAQs About Tourist Places Near Hyderabad Within 500 Kms

What are the top tourist places near Hyderabad within 500 km?

Here is a list of some places located within 500 km of Hyderabad:
1. Anantapur
2. Hampi
3. Almond
4. Nizamabad
5. Ananthagiri Hills
6. Nalgonda
7. Warangal
8. Bidar

Is there any beach near Hyderabad within 300 km?

Vodarevu Beach, Chirala Beach, Suryalanka Beach and Suryalanka Beach are some of the beaches located around 300 km from Hyderabad.

What are some hilly areas near Hyderabad?

There are many hill stations near Hyderabad which give you a chance to live in the lap of nature. Some of these include Ananthagiri Hills, Dandeli, Nagarjuna Sagar, Araku Valley, Srisailam, Horsley Hills, Ooty, Lambasingi and more.

How far is Horsley Hills from Hyderabad?

Horsley Hills is approximately 547.9 km from Hyderabad. You can complete this journey in about 10 hours.

Where can I stay in Hampi?

Here are some accommodation options in Hampi that offer you a comfortable stay:
1. Royal Orchid Central Crete-Medical Hospet
2. Hyatt Place Hampi
3. Vijayashree Resort
4. Heritage Resort Hampi
5. Develop Hampi back

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