top bike riding tips – Tour Travel Hotels

top bike riding tips - Tour Travel Hotels

A long ride on a bike, be it solo or along with friends, is a joyous experience. However, the bike tour can get a bit overwhelming. You may shiver a little more than usual, it might get dark a little early, your bike may require more tuning, and conditions can get a little challenging. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you forgo the idea of travelling on a bike altogether.

We bring you top suggestions or tips, you may call it, that you would need to travel comfortably on a bike. And for those brave souls willing to tour long distances, these tips and items are invaluable.

A Windcheater

In the city, it is used to dodge dust. But when you are on a highway, facing a sudden storm or riding all day long in a cold, steady drizzle, you’ll understand the importance of a windcheater or a Jacket. It is one thing to be wet and another to be cold, but experiencing both at the same time is a miserable feeling for a biker on a motorcycle tour. It can lead to hypothermia. So, to avoid such fatal experience, make sure you carry a windcheater or a Jacket. We recommend a two-piece rain suit that can be packed easily in your motorcycle luggage, in a bright, high-viz color, so you’ll stick out like a flame when visibility is poor. Waterproof gloves will keep your mitts dry and waterproof boots or slip-on rain boot covers will do the same for your feet.

LED Headlamp


What do you do when there are no street lights around? What would you do in case something breaks at night? To fix them, you need bright light. Head-lamps help you to see the intricacies, so you don’t hurt yourself in the process of setting them. LED head-lamps are worth the pick during a road trip. They are useful while camping and for finding things in your tool kit, bag, or safety equipment, in the dark.

Tire Plug Kit


A tire plug kit is a must when traveling on a bike across the countryside and damp roads. If you are stranded in a deserted area with burnt rubber, Tire Plug Kit can be used to fix your tires. And it is the best one out there for tubeless tires. If you run on tubes, use a patch kit, or spare tubes, or both.

Neck Gaiter

Your neck and hands will be vulnerable during a bike tour. As mentioned earlier, gloves protect your hands; however, to protect your neck, use Gaiters. Gaiters will keep your body warmer when it’s chilly. If the weather gets hot, you can soak them in water, and they’ll cool you down in the wind. They will keep insects at bay and safeguard your neck.


A GPS unit and google maps are useful while travelling on your bike. However, having a sizeable detailed plan in the context of the whole new and unknown region can be of great help. Use Butler Maps. Butler Maps are maps designed for motorcyclists, by motorcyclists and acts as the best resource for riders on challenging roads. They include some of the best places to explore along the way.


Earplugs Your helmet does protect your head, but earplugs are a must to protect your hearing, especially on a road trip. When you are traveling hundreds of miles on the road, the inside of a helmet can get pretty loud. And subjecting your ears to the ruckus for hours can lead to fatigue. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Hearing loss is progressive and permanent; once your hearing ability is damaged, there’s no going back. Protect what is essential and what you still have!

Hand Gloves

Gloves are a must when you go on any motorcycle trip. Bring an extra pair of gloves. Gloves will keep your hands warm even during the times of temperature variation. Hands are the most sensitive part of our body; therefore, dry, warm hands go a long way toward full-body comfort.


In many offbeat destinations, people don’t accept cards. It would be beneficial if you carry a decent amount of cash, be it for fuel, food, or miscellaneous. Money comes in handy when you have to pay an individual or a group during a sticky situation. First things first, as soon as you arrive at the preferred location, find an ATM nearby, and withdraw some currency for the reasons mentioned above.

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