Top 5 reasons to visit a ski resort in the off season

Top 5 reasons to visit a ski resort in the off season

Top 5 reasons to visit a ski resort in the off season

In the days of COVID-19 and international travel on mute, individuals and families need to think more about how to spend their summer / winter vacation this year (depending on your hemisphere). With home travel and exploring your own backyard now in the spotlight, it may be time to reassess what makes a great vacation and what our priorities and values ​​are. It may be time to put an end to crowded beaches, nightclubs and the overflow of alcohol and focus instead on exploring, adventure, health, fitness and supporting our national economies. For those of us who are fortunate enough to have mountains within reach without needing to fly, here are our top 5 reasons why you should visit a ski resort out of season.

1. Avoid the crowd

Perhaps the biggest selling point in the midst of a global pandemic is the ability to safely distance yourself socially – and more. With whole mountain ranges to penetrate into and among the space per person, the ratio is much more favorable than in almost all other contexts. If you imagine a popular beach destination compared to a mountain destination – the distribution of people is much rarer in the mountains as there is simply more space available. For some reason, the idea of ​​sunbathing on a sandy beach has been more effective in shaping our idea of ​​what a summer vacation looks like than being immersed in the mountains, so it stands to reason that Beach destinations will attract more visitors this summer – giving you the perfect reason to head to the hills.

2. Learn a new sport

The very nature of a mountain vacation is very close to adventure and outdoor exploration, as there is so much ground to go and various ways to do it. Many off-season ski resorts turn into impressive mountain bike destinations in the summer, and just like their winter versions offer everything from rentals and lessons to marked trails that follow a gradual progression. In recent years, real efforts have been made to make mountain biking accessible to all ages and abilities, and ski resorts are the ideal platform to do so, as the infrastructure already exists and both sports share a lot of similarities. Hiking is another great way to access the best views, ridges and mountain trails, as well as horse riding for those who wish. For those looking for more thrills, the mountains go hand in hand with paragliding, rock climbing and canyoning – so there is no shortage of adrenaline for those looking for it. And – where there are mountains – there are rivers and lakes. From fluffy floats to wild rapids, the ability to kayak, canoe, raft or paddle board is huge and can be adapted to different ages and abilities. Due to the demand in winter when they operate as ski resorts, we can be assured that comfortable accommodation options will be on hand with a wide range of amenities and services. Maybe now is the time to try a new sport or two.

3. Stay healthy

Since the focus is usually on outdoor activity, we are more likely to be in better shape and lose a few pounds during a mountain vacation compared to a beach – where temperatures are warm and less physical activity can see the opposite. Mountain air is much cleaner and much less polluted than more urban or touristy areas – so when we breathe harder as we reach peaks or peaks, we can rest assured that we are making our bodies a world of good. And, when we increase our heart rate, we end up drinking a lot more water than “days at home”, which we are guilty of not doing enough. And if we drink more water in the mountains – chances are that the water itself is beautiful, pure, mountain water. When it comes to the food available in mountain communities compared to beach destinations, the mountains are once again at the top. In addition to cycling, many ski resorts turn their tracks turned into meadows for cattle and cattle during the summer months for grazing, and as there is generally more physical space per person / family / household in these communities , the number of local farmers is often high. Subsequently, fresh organic produce and meat are readily available, and we can be assured of where they come from.

4. Recognize

Being fully aquatinted with an area in winter can be difficult amidst skiers and snowboarders, general hustle and snowstorms. The services are also in full tourist mode and the inhabitants who do not work directly in the tourism sector will have chosen to slip into the background until spring. Given this, it is not always easy to gain a truly authentic experience of a mountain town and its people and services during the winter, and even the ski slopes themselves can remain strangers in varying conditions – with different appearance from day to day different light and snow. A huge advantage of visiting your favorite ski resort in low season is that you are able to get to know the mountains, the slopes, the people, the restaurants, the shops and the services that exist there all year round, and so on. acquire a place itself. Once back in your winter time bindings, you will know the area like the back of your hand – as well as all of its hidden gems.

5. You support the snow sports industry

A painful reality for everyone working in or related to the snow sports industry is that it is facing a difficult battle. With an aging population, a growing interest in snow sports, rising operating costs, climate change and now serious concerns about the future of international travel – ski resorts are fighting hard to continue to offer the winter experiences we love. With a window getting smaller and smaller during the winter season to make up the bulk of the year’s income, all businesses introduced out of season are absolutely valuable. Thus, not only will visiting these resorts outside of the winter season provide you with many levels of enjoyment and benefits, but you will actively help and protect the snow sports industry and support the people who live in them. resorts all year round so you can enjoy your next ski vacation.

Although for the northern hemisphere, we focus on the summer season, let’s not forget the Australian ski resorts. Although some have prematurely ended their winter season, there is so much to discover and enjoy – with the above reasons for visiting a ski resort during the off seasons which are also very applicable there; a great time to explore the best areas without the crowds, choose a new sport and stay healthy and safe.

Nadine Robb is the owner and trainer at the Hakuba Ski Concierge. Hakuba Ski Concierge is a boutique ski school in Hakuba, Japan.

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