Tips On How To Get Confirmed Tatkal Train Tickets On IRCTC

Tips On How To Get Confirmed Tatkal Train Tickets On IRCTC

In India, IRCTC is the most popular website for booking train tickets. People use this site to book Tatkal tickets in advance as well as waitlist/general tickets. However, getting a confirmed ticket on IRCTC can be a bit tricky and confusing.

Tatkal ticket booking on the IRCTC website is a challenging task. The rush of passengers during the tatkal season is so high that it becomes difficult to get your tickets confirmed on the train.

If you are planning to book a tatkal ticket and looking for tips and tricks for booking a confirmed tatkal ticket on the IRCTC website then here are a few easy tips that will help you to get the confirmed rail reservation on the IRCTC website:


1) Register yourself on the website

Ensure that you have a valid email ID and mobile number registered with the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). You may register for an IRIS ID if you do not have one already. Register yourself on the website so that you can access all its services without any hassle. You will be able to book any kind of train ticket easily after getting registered with them.

2) Check the RAC availability

Before booking a ticket, check the RAC availability and confirm whether or not there are any confirmed berths available on your preferred train. In case there is no confirmed berth available, then try to book a lower class seat for which there is no waiting list or open ticket quota. This will give you an edge over others who are trying to book tatkal tickets from their home stations only and hence reduce the competition for RAC berths in your train.

3) Try booking on multiple websites

If you fail to get tickets from one website then try booking from another one. This will increase your chances of getting confirmed tatkal tickets on the IRCTC website as there is no limit on how many sessions you can book at a time.

4) Book in advance

The earlier you book your ticket, the more chances of getting a confirmed seat on the train. So, if you want to book a confirmed tatkal ticket then book at least two days before the date of departure or even earlier than that.

5) Book Early Morning Slot:

To get confirmed tatkal rail ticket booking on the IRCTC website, you should book an early morning slot as it will give you more chances of getting a confirmed seat than any other slots.



Tatkal tickets are the most popular choice among Indian travelers. Tatkal tickets are available at a premium price during the IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Booking. The IRCTC Tatkal Ticket booking can be made either online or offline. You can make your reservation by visiting the IRCTC website or you can also make it at the railway stations. The ticket booking charges vary depending on the class of travel and whether you book online or at the station.

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