Tips for Getting Through Airport Security the Right Way

Tips for Getting Through Airport Security the Right Way

Airport Security: You can get through airport security with ease if you use a good plan for going through. You need to look at what you will do when approaching security. And responding to any needs for removing items or going through with the right documents in hand.

The security line at an airport can be frustrating. You would have to go through plenty of steps just to get through and to enter an airport terminal. Fortunately, it is not hard to get through airport security if you use the right tips.

These airport security tips are individually for people who are travelling in the United States. They should work for people throughout the world though.

Airport Security
Airport Security

Get Your Papers Ready

First, you need to get the appropriate papers ready before you get to the airport. You should have your boarding pass for your flight and your identification. Your ID may include a driver’s license, passport or another government-issued document.

You should only present the boarding pass for the first flight you will get on if you will have a layover. The second pass will not be needed as you have been cleared to fly at this point.

Keep Your Shoes Easy to Take Off

You will have to remove your shoes in most cases. Make sure your shoes are comfortable for you to take off and put back on. This should ensure you don’t spend too much time getting them taken care of.

Store Your Metal Stuff In Your Carry-On

You will have to remove your wallet, mobile phone, and other stuff in your pockets into an appropriate bin before going through a detector. One way to avoid this hassle is to store your things in your carry-on. You can use many things here:

  • Add your items to any small suitcase you are taking with you. A briefcase should come with a little-zippered opening on one of its sides. This should give you a space for quick storage and easy access.
  • Look at any laptop bag that you might be carrying. Add your things into one of the small compartments in that bag. You would still have to remove that laptop before going through security though.
  • You would not have to take individual things out of your purse like you would at other checkpoints. This makes your wallet an ideal item for you to stick things into.

Check Any Added Electronics You Have

One idea for going through security is to check any added electronics products you are carrying. You would have to remove any camcorders, media players and laptop computers from their cases when going through security. Anything that you do not have an immediate need for should be secured in protective claims that you can check.

You must make sure the bag that you check is appropriately padded though. You need to keep it padded so nothing will be at risk of harm or damage.

Airport Security Munnich
Airport Security Munnich

Keep From Wearing Too Many Metallic Items

The next tip to use is to avoid wearing lots of metallic items. These include pieces of jewellery, belts and other flashy items. These are things that would have to be removed before you go through security. Getting all of these items off and on again can be frustrating. Keeping from having too many of these items is essential to see.

Be Polite

The best thing that you can do while insecurity is to be polite. You have to avoid being too harsh or rough when you’re going through security. Listen to what the agents have to say. Don’t try to question them. These agents understand what people need to do when going through security. They may also guide you through the process if you are ever confused.

Are Expedited Services Useful?

Some people might consider going through expedited services. With this, a person would be pre-cleared to go on a plane. The TSA Pre and Clear programs are good examples of this.

With an expedited security line, you can go through without having to take out anything or remove your shoes among other things. The line will inevitably be shorter.

But this all comes with a sizeable cost. You would have to spend at least a hundred dollars per year to get access to this. A background check would also be required to see if you are safe to work with. This would work best if you plan on travelling by plane several times in a year or if you are a frequent business traveller.

Airport security does not have to be a huge hassle if you know what to do when going through it. Be aware of what you can do before going through a security point. You will not have to struggle with security when you plan and get ready.

Airport Security Notes In the United States

Number of Passengers Screened (2015)708 million
Average Number of Passengers Screened In One Day2 million
Number of People Enrolled In TSA Pre System2 million
Typical Number of Firearms Found on Luggage Each Year2,500
Airport With Most Firearms Found Each YearDallas/Fort Worth (around 150)

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