Tips For First Time International Travellers

Tips For First Time International Travellers

Travelling or moving to a foreign country from India or vice versa is equally exciting and scary. We never apprehend quite how strongly attached to the culture of our homeland we are until we travel or move overseas. We are often confronted with culture and perhaps a language that is considerably distinctive from our own.

Well! The best hack is to embrace it, rather than allowing it to get the best of you. Whether you opted for travelling to a foreign country because you fancied some adventure or your vocation got you there; getting adaptive to the new world begins with leaning towards the local experience and seizing the most out of it while you can. Here are a few Tips for First Time International Travelers.

Learn The Local Language


If you’re travelling or moving to a foreign country with a language you’re unfamiliar with, it is not necessary to be fluent. However, you should know the basics. Get comfortable with simple lingos like “thank you” and “hello,” as well as some local words that will help you travel around. There are a lot of free language apps online that serve as an excellent starting curve.

Get Out And Explore


One of the very most satisfying parts of moving or travelling to a different country is getting to occupy yourself in a completely different world than you’re used to. Making a point to explore and learn all that’s around you is both fun and a way to adapt yourself to your new surroundings. So check out popular places and attractions, and take lots of long, lingering strolls, paying heed to the people and everyday things that you see along the way. You’ll soon learn how things stand as well as what makes them so different.

Try Food To Connect

Food is a comfort as well as luxury, which is why we’ll plausibly feel a tendency to want to stick to what we know after we move or travel to a foreign country. But food defines the culture, and it is one of the best means to learn about the travelling country. Resist the pull of everyday recipes and chain eateries and attempt to eat like the locals. If you do have culinary skills, visit local stores and stock up on exotic ingredients that define the cuisine of your new country, then get productive in the kitchen. You don’t have to give up your longtime favourites entirely, but branch out and learn some new ones too.

Create A Familiar And Comforting Space

Wheresoever you’re living or travelling to, your home or the place you are staying at should be a haven that you can come to for repose and comfort. This is especially true when you’re residing someplace unfamiliar. Take some extra steps to make your stay or apartment truly feel like home! Try adding in your personality as well as things that remind you of what you left behind. Exhibit pictures of your family and friends, stock your fridge and cupboard with some everyday staples. You’ll continually know that you have a house to rest that doesn’t feel quite so different and new.

Be A Free Bird

Meeting people can be stressful no matter where you live, and it can be a bit overwhelming after you travel or move to a foreign country. Still, it is crucial to adjust to an alien environment. Meet your next-door neighbours, enquire about clubs and meet-ups, and have a friendly chat at places like parks and cafes. Sure it might be a little intimidating to do, but you’ll have a hard time getting acclimated if you’re feeling homesick. If it’s more convenient, start by following some online communities and eventually try some get-togethers and meet-ups.

Find A Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteering in a foreign country is an incredible way to engage with new people and learn more about the concerns that matter there. It will also help you feel attached to your new neighbourhood. If communication is a barrier for you, consider offering to teach your native language at an academy or community centre. Or, search online listings and social ads to see where guidance is needed. Everyone has something they can offer as an enlistee, and you’ll be overwhelmed by how much you get back in return.

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