Tips and Tricks on How To Get Cheap deals on hotels how to

Tips and Tricks on How To Get Cheap deals on hotels how to

So, finally, you know which city you are traveling to, and here you are looking for how to get cheap deals on Hotels. There are always various ways to get better deals on hotels without paying extra for the same room. If you play smart and be aware of how to grab the offers and seal the deal. You can definitely save on your trip from your accommodation part.

We have compiled some of the tried and tested amazing hacks and tips for you to get a cheap hotel deal very easily.

Here are some amazing tips and tricks on How to get cheap deals on Hotels:

Book Early:

Booking early is always the best option to get cheap rates on hotel bookings. If you book early, there is a high chance that the prices are low and you will get a good deal. If you want to stay in November, book your hotel at least 2 or 3 months in advance, which might be the off-season for Hotel and the prices you will find might be low if we compare it with other busy months.


Use hotel comparison site:

Of course, you have to take some time out and study here! Yes, you need to be aware with the help of hotel comparison sites knowing what they offering at what price and what is the price difference coming for the same hotel room with the same amenities on different websites. And that is when you need to grab the deal because sometimes one website might run the discount and others just keep the original prices.

Call the hotel directly:

If you are really confused and it is getting hard to get a satisfactory discount, call the hotel directly to tell your requirements and ask them to give discounts. You can even compare what they are offering over a call and what other websites are offering you. You can compare it all at once over a call with the hotel reception. And you can always ask for a First-time Discount if you are choosing that hotel for the first time.

Check the hotel’s cancellation policy:

Most hotels allow you to cancel without penalty up to 24 hours before your stay, but it’s always good to double-check! If your plans change, don’t forget that there’s often a penalty for canceling at least seven days in advance of your arrival date. Having free cancellation policy seems a very important factor because you never know when there is a change in plan.

Try last-minute deals:

It is a bit risky but if you are lucky, then totally worth it. Trying last minutes deals is for the people who don’t know their schedule at best, those who travel frequently but to different destinations hardly one or two times. Hotels might provide you with good and satisfying last-minute deals for which one reason could be the last-minute cancellations hotels might be receiving. So, all you need to do is to take advantage of canceled reservations.

Be aware of Hotel Reward System:

Whenever you are staying in any hotel, always understand their reward or loyalty point system. You might need to come back or any of your friends and family might come to stay in the same hotel. There are so many rewards hotels provide to their clients nowadays that it has become easier to take advantage of freebies in terms of free meals, free next stay, spa coupons, more points, etc.


Pick Up New Hotels:

Rather than picking up the famous hotels always, you can sometimes try booking with newly launched hotels. Chance are high that you might get cheap deals because they might have a welcome offer, newly launched hotels offer, and many more. There is no harm in trying new hotels which are stepping into the hospitality industry, but always check the rating, picture, and comments before heading up.

Use airline miles or credit card points to purchase hotel rooms:

Sometimes many of us are so busy traveling and planning for our trip to be perfect that we forget to check if we have any advantage from flying this much or if your credit card provides us some hidden advantage. Always check if you have any Airline miles which can get you discounts on your stay or check with your bank’s credit card if you have any major points which can help you get a better hotel deal.

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