Dine Like Thor At This New Viking Restaurant In Australia For A Royal Asgardian Experience!

Are you a Marvel fan? Did you spend your adolescence reading Marvel Comics or watching its series? If yes, then we have an exciting news for die-hard fans like you! New one Viking Restaurant in Australia Inspired by ‘Thor’ has recently opened And looks straight beyond your imaginations. If not, it’s still a place worth visiting for a unique experience on your next trip to Australia!

Mjolner is a new restaurant and bar located in Melbourne with a ‘Thor’ themed ambiance. The interesting fact about it is that the idea behind its name comes from Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, which gives it a special significance.

What is special about this restaurant?

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it Viking Restaurant in Australia Offers the full Viking-style dining experience. From traditional cheering at the start of the meal to serving up a series of signature cocktails, the restaurant offers a modern reinterpretation of Viking feasts and customs.

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The restaurant serves a variety of meats and drinks that are perfect to satisfy the foodie inside you. While you’ll be slicing the meat with one of the provided Viking daggers before the meal, your drink will be served in an actual drinking horn. Sounds quite attractive, doesn’t it? Well, the restaurant is, indeed, a blend of luxury and fantasy!

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The restaurant opens at 5 pm daily and the average price for tasting Viking cuisine is around Rs 4,500 for two people. Apart from providing an experience of a lifetime, the restaurant is also always ready to organize special events like birthday parties and corporate dinners.

Are you falling in love just thinking about it? Well, hurry up, plan your trip to Australia and celebrate your next birthday or visit this unique restaurant for an incredible experience!

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