Things You Need To Pack In Your Backpack For Trekking

Things You Need To Pack In Your Backpack For Trekking

Trekking! This word itself gives a rush to your adrenaline. This is one adventure activity that will give you so much happiness in one go. The happiness of buying that new trekking shoes, the happiness of reaching the starting point of your trek, reaching the midpoint, where you feel the motivation of a little more, and finally when you reach up there to see the beauty of this world.

This all starts with packing things in your Backpack and making it ready for that one more memorable trek of your life!

Trekking packing list

Any person while going on a trek, a beginner or an expert needs to make their backpack ready for their next trek, be it in snow-covered mountains, or the Green Jungle, the excitement remains the same to make a trekking packing list, how and what to pack your backpack, list of things to carry while trekking, essentials for trekking in India or any other destination, basic and important things to carry for trekking.

Don’t worry! We are here to provide you with The List Of Things You Need To Pack In Your Backpack For Trekking. Take a look.

Trekking packing list

Important Things To Carry For Trekking:

Government ID proof
Water bottle
Dry Munching Items (energy bars, dry fruits, biscuits)
Trekking shoes/floaters
Multipurpose Swiss knife
Cap or Hat
First Aid Kit and Sanitary
Poncho or a Raincoat
Ziplock bags
Mobile/Camera charger
Pro Tip – Always carry extra clothes depending upon what kind of trek you are planning for and roll them up. You will save a lot of space.
Basic Essentials During Trekking:
Lots of Wet wipes and dry Tissues
At least one hand towel
2 pairs of rapid dry Tshirts and Track pants
Sweaters, Inner wears, Socks, Gloves (Winter trek)
Lipbalms, Sunscreen, and Moisturizer
One small Sling or Waist bag
Glucose or ORS
Prescribed medication
One thin bedsheet
Other Things Worth Mentioning:
Sleeping bag
Anti-mosqutoes oinment
Hiking pole
Toilet sanitizers

BONUS TIP: Always carry a “thread and needle” with you while on the trek. Thank us later!

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