Lakshadweep Has a Lot of Islands! Find What You Can Do to Enjoy an Exotic Getaway!

Lakshadweep is a stunning group of islands off the coast of Kerala. Kavaratti island is the capital of this late union territory. There are a total of 36 different islands in Lakshadweep where some of these islands have people living on them while some do not. The islands of Lakshadweep will thrill you like no other place in the country as they have fascinating colorful flora and exotic fauna and offer incredible thrills to all of us. Lakshadweep is a spectacular heavenly island and is perfect for a perfect beachside exotic holiday. there are so many exciting things to do in lakshadweepWhich makes it an ideal destination for explorers from all over the world.

Top things to do in Lakshadweep for an exciting holiday

Here is a list of the top adventures and things that one can enjoy during a vacation to this otherworldly place:

1. snorkelling at agati island

snorkeling in agatti is one of the amazing things to do in lakshadweepsnorkeling in agatti is one of the amazing things to do in lakshadweep

Image Credit: Evabalk for Pixabay

Agatti Island is an incredible place with calm waters, which ensure that one has a surreal experience. Anyone looking for the best things to do in Agati Island can never forget snorkeling. The shallow shores are filled with colorful reefs and exotic underwater animals. Agatti Island in Lakshadweep can be reached via Kochi – either through a ship ride or through a local flight. Agatti Island Beach Resort is also an incredibly popular resort in Lakshadweep.

Place: Agatti Islands, Lakshadweep

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2. scuba diving at kalpeni island

SCUBA diving at Kalpeni Island, top things to do in Lakshadweep for adventurous people.SCUBA diving at Kalpeni Island, top things to do in Lakshadweep for adventurous people.

Image Credit: Joacant for Pixabay

Kalpeni Island is famous for its rich and colorful underwater life. There is a different fun in scuba diving on Kalpeni Island. There are hundreds of exotic corals off the coast of Kalpeni Island that will make your dive amazing. The waters are also extremely rich with a large number of exotic fish species. According to some experts, there are over two thousand different species! Amazing turtles can also be found here under water. Some experienced driving instructors will make you feel comfortable and instruct you thoroughly before the actual dive, making your entire experience excellent. While visiting Kalpeni Island, one never forgets to indulge in scuba diving, which is one of the top-tier activities in Lakshadweep.

Place: Kalpeni Island, Lakshadweep

3. Go fishing at Kadmat Island

Go fishing on Kadmat IslandGo fishing on Kadmat Island

Image Credit: Pixabay

This awe-inspiring island is famous for its fishing adventures. Kadmat Island is surrounded by an attractive lagoon on one side. If you love fishing then this incredible fishing spot should not be missed. It is a dazzling exotic island – that will take your breath away with its exquisite beauty. The island can be reached via a short helicopter trip from Agatti Island.

Place : Kadmat Island

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4. Explore the architectural wonders on Kalpeni Island

    Explore the architectural wonders on Kalpeni Island    Explore the architectural wonders on Kalpeni Island

One of the most popular islands here – Kalpeni is also inhabited by the local people of Lakshadweep. The island is full of magnificent and stunning architectural wonders. Some of the popular architectural sites here include the allegorical mosques. One can take a ship ride from Mumbai to reach this awe-inspiring island. The island is also very popular for its amazing seafood that can be found in the restaurants here.

Place : Kalpeni Island

5. Kite flying

Kite surfing tops among the best things to do in Lakshadweep.Kite surfing tops among the best things to do in Lakshadweep.

Image Credit: Olighst for Pixabay

Kite surfing is an exciting water sports adventure that one can partake in in Lakshadweep. Kadmat Island, among others, is a popular spot for kite flying adventures. Kadmat Island offers a good opportunity to practice surfing and go into the depths with your kite. Once you get the hang of it, practice enough, after which the adventure will become more fun. There are good trainers on the island, and they will make you feel comfortable and at home in this sport. So, if you are looking for adventurous water activities in Lakshadweep, do not hesitate to try kite surfing.

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6. Canoeing on Minicoy Island

Canoeing on Minicoy IslandCanoeing on Minicoy Island

Image Credit: Kanenori for Pixabay

Canoeing in Lakshadweep is an incredibly beautiful experience – among the many adventure water sports that one can indulge in. One of the best places for canoeing in Lakshadweep is Minicoy Island. The shallow waters around Minicoy make it an ideal place for canoeing, and anyone can enjoy this sport even if they are trying it for the first time. For those looking for admirable activities in Lakshadweep, canoeing is a great experience.

Place : Minicoy Island

7. Nightlife in Lakshadweep Islands

Discover the nightlife of Lakshadweep Islands, one of the top-tier things to do in Lakshadweep.Discover the nightlife of Lakshadweep Islands, one of the top-tier things to do in Lakshadweep.

Image Credit: Pixabay

The nightlife of some of the islands of Lakshadweep is a colorful vibrant affair. The eateries and restaurants are full of scrumptious and delicious seafood which is very unique to this place. At night, the islands offer a captivating atmosphere with extremely pleasant weather, natural beauty and mesmerizing music. If you are a party animal then visit Bangaram Island. Agatti Island is of divine natural beauty and amazing night life. Minicoy Island is another place with a very colorful nightlife. The island is full of amazing restaurants and eateries near the beaches – that will surprise you with the perfect all-night dining experience.

Place : Bangara, Agatti, Minicoy Island

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8. Sunbathe on Androth Island

Sunbathing on Androth IslandSunbathing on Androth Island

Image Credit: Terese for Pixabay

Androth Island of Lakshadweep is one of the most beautiful islands here. One of the best parts of this island is its untouched natural beauty. The island does not have as much commercial activity as some other islands – and that is why it has retained its natural beauty. This is one of the best places to live close to nature. The tranquil sun-drenched beaches on this island are a charming way to experience nature. Sunbathing on these beaches is one of the divine experiences in itself.

Place : Andrew Island

9. Visit the Maritime Museum on Kavaratti Island

    Explore the Maritime Museum on Kavaratti Island    Explore the Maritime Museum on Kavaratti Island

image Source

There is a stunning marine museum on Kavaratti Island that depicts and displays the fantastic and fantastic life of the underwater inhabitants. The museum houses some of the most exotic fish and underwater species. Home to amazing marine life, this museum is one of the best places to learn about underwater life in detail. Exploring the Maritime Museum on Kavaratti Island is going to be an extremely unique and amazing experience – one that you should not miss during your Lakshadweep holidays.

Place : Kavaratti Island

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10. Watch the sunset from Minicoy Island

Watch the sunset from Minicoy IslandWatch the sunset from Minicoy Island

Minicoy Island is one of the most amazingly beautiful places in Lakshadweep. The view of the sunset from this island is supernatural and awe-inspiring. Amidst the picturesque setting with palm trees fringed islands and breathtaking beaches – the sunset views from these islands are unparalleled in their beauty and will simply take your breath away. These ethereal sunset views are something that is a must see if you are here in Lakshadweep.

Place : Minicoy Island

How to reach Lakshadweep:

Lakshadweep can be reached by ship ride or plane. Here are two ways to reach this picturesque holiday destination:

by ship:

There are about 7 passenger ships from Kochi that take you to Lakshadweep. The journey may take a maximum of 20 hours.

By Airways:

The nearest airport in the mainland to Lashadweep is Cochin International Airport.

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Lakshadweep is a wonderful tourist destination of India. A trip to Lakshadweep and its exotic islands is full of mind-blowing natural beauty and awe-inspiring adventure. Now you know all the things you can do on these spectacular islands – don't forget to plan a trip to the ethereal Lakshadweep soon!

Cover Image Credit: WeTrag for Pixabay

FAQs About Things to Do in Lakshadweep

How many days are enough for Lakshadweep?

5-6 days are enough to visit Lakshadweep and cover all the major sightseeing places. You can visit Agatti Island, Kadmat Island, Kavaratti and many other major attractions during these days.

What is the best time of year to visit Lakshadweep?

It is good to visit Lakshadweep at any time of the year as the temperature here remains tropical. However, October to February is the best time to visit this attractive place. During this period the humidity is not very high and the weather is quite pleasant.

Is any permission required to visit Lakshadweep?

Yes, government permission is required to visit the islands before starting your tour. This can be taken care of in advance by your tour guide.

Which is the most beautiful island among all the islands of Lakshadweep?

It is difficult to make comparisons between islands – because islands have their own charm. As said – Kavaratti Island is the island preferred by most of the tourists most of the time. You should visit the islands of Lakshadweep and come to your own conclusions.

Is a passport required to travel to Lakshadweep?

While Indian citizens will need to obtain a permit – a passport is not required. Foreign nationals will have to carry their passport with them.

How many islands are there in Lakshadweep?

There are 36 islands in total. Only some of these are inhabited by local residents. Some islands are banned from entry by tourists by the Government of India.

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