A Comprehensive Guide To Top 10 Things Not To Do In Maldives

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Republic of Maldives is an expanse of 26 atolls that stretch from Addu City to Ihavandhipolu. Located in the Indian Ocean on a submarine mountain range called the Chagos-Lacadive Ridge, The archipelago of Maldives, together with Lakshadweep and the Chagos Archipelago, is known as a terrestrial ecoregion. Fishing is a major activity in this island chain. It contributes mainly to the economic revenue of the nation. some top are What not to do in Maldives? You should keep this in mind when you are vacationing there.

10 things not to do in Maldives

To ensure that you don’t get into trouble while visiting this place, we have compiled a list of 10 things not to do in Maldives that you should keep in mind:

  • Avoid displays of affection on the streets
  • Import of alcohol is banned in Maldives
  • Wearing bikinis is limited to resorts and boats
  • avoid drinking tap water
  • Do not attempt to smuggle prohibited items
  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen
  • don’t wear shoes on the beach
  • Don’t expect your seaplane flight to be on time
  • don’t litter the sea
  • Selling/buying black coral or turtle shells is prohibited

1. Avoid displaying affection on the streets


The Maldives is a very conservative country and public displays of affection can cause very unpleasant stares and raised eyebrows from the locals, who may not be accustomed to this kind of behaviour. Kissing on the cheek is also prohibited. So much so that if you get caught it is against the law. If you are visiting the country as a couple the most you can do is hold hands and that’s it. This is definitely one of the These are the things you should know before going to Maldives with your partner.

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2. Import of alcohol is banned in Maldives


Being a Muslim country, Maldives objects to the consumption of alcohol. Even pork is not easily sold. It would be better to stay away from alcohol or pork in public places as you may offend someone. Foreign tourists are subject to many dirty glances. Such actions could be interpreted as an attempt to corrupt their religion. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry to avoid any serious consequences. But if you have booked a room on a resort island in the country, these rules do not apply.

3. Bikini wearing is limited to resorts and boats


As mentioned earlier, being a Muslim country, women are advised to avoid wearing bikinis or clothing that is revealing in public. This is disliked and considered a violation of their social customs and disrespect. Even if you don’t agree with these customs, it is better to relent rather than face any unpleasant consequences and ruin a pleasant trip as a result. Again, in resort islands there are no such rules and you can show off your best bathing attire and relax under the sun.

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4. Avoid drinking tap water


between various things about maldives You must know this, it is most important. The water in Maldives goes through a different process to get rid of all the harmful bacteria and germs. This process is known as reverse osmosis desalination. This process is very successful in eliminating all the germs and bacteria from the recycled water, it also removes all the natural minerals from the water which provide many benefits to the human body and ends up not being as nutritious as it should be. A better option is to choose packaged mineral water sold in their stores.

5. Do not attempt to smuggle prohibited items


A conservative Muslim country, many items are banned from entering the country: items that may be considered offensive, threatening or an insult to their social customs, religion and lifestyle. Some of these include any religious texts other than the Quran (including the Bible, Geeta, etc.), alcohol, even if no duty is imposed on it at shops, pork or any other pig-related product as well as tobacco. Products included. a warning. To avoid any unpleasant consequences, it is best to leave these products at home or not buy them at all before leaving for your flight.

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6. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen


Maldives is known for its calm turquoise waters. But before you venture into the depths of the ocean, make sure you apply plenty of good quality sunscreen lotion, otherwise avoid the dreaded tan, which can lead to even more excruciating burns and cost you the rest of your holiday. You may have to spend a few days in your hotel room. , close the curtains and cool. And we all know that traveling outside the country is not that much fun.

7. Don’t wear shoes on the beach


If you ever find yourself confused about what to do and what to do What not to do in Maldives?, just follow logic. For example, this is a very sensible point! Maldives has some of the most exquisite and pristine sandy beaches. When walking on the beaches it is best to leave your shoes in the hotel rooms and wear slippers as there will likely be sand particles left in your shoes which will prove to be very irritating while you are walking.

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8. Don’t expect your seaplane flight to be on time


Seaplane flights at airports are never on time as they get delayed due to unexpected circumstances. So after a tiring and long journey from your home country to the international airport of the capital Male, rest assured that your seaplane flight will definitely be delayed. This results in irregular drop-offs and pick-ups which affects the fixed schedule followed by these aircraft.

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9. Do not litter the sea


Marine life and vegetation are an important part of the ecosystem and in a world of rapid climate change, marine habitats are severely impacted. Needless to say, but please don’t litter the water, put your garbage in the dustbin. Avoid throwing plastic bags in water as it is really harmful to the marine life and vegetation, causing considerable damage to them and ultimately leading to the destruction of the exquisite beauty of the world that exists under the sea.

10. Selling/buying black coral or turtle shells is prohibited


Last but not the least in the list of Maldives Do’s and Don’ts, this has to be remembered at all costs. Black coral and turtle shells are endangered species in the Maldives and are therefore protected by the Government of Maldives. Therefore, being caught in the act of selling or buying black coral and turtle shells can lead to serious consequences and harsh penalties. In fact, catching or killing sea turtles and selling turtle products has been banned in the Maldives since 1995.

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The Republic of Maldives is a Muslim-majority country, where the religion originated in the 12th century. Maldives is home to diverse landscapes and extremely rich culture. Its pristine beaches attract large numbers of people from all over the world. For the most rewarding travel experience, book a trip to Maldives today. Keep this list of things not to do in Maldives handy.

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