You Haven’t Been To Brussels Really If You Haven’t Visited This Place!

The city of Brussels may be small, but it never fails to surprise its visitors. The city is known for a long history that is worth exploring during your visit to Brussels. Not only this, But there are also plenty of interesting sites where you can learn about the city. Out of all the fun facts, the one that seems to be most interesting to the visitors is the Manneken Pis statue in Brussels. Well, it is not just a statue of a little boy urinating but there is also a history behind it which we are going to know soon. When visiting the city of Brussels, you cannot miss the site of the world famous Manneken Pis statue in Brussels.

About Manneken Pis

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Manneken Pis in Brussels This is the famous statue of a little boy urinating. The location of the statue is as strange as it sounds. It is one of the most famous sights of the city and people from different parts of the world come to see this unique creation. This statue is 61 cm high. Visitors should be informed that the statue has been stolen several times but has been recovered each time. The special thing about the statue is that it is dressed in different clothes every time. Costumes are changed based on a schedule posted online or on the railings around the fountain.

You might be surprised to know that the name of the law actually means ‘pee-pee boy’. What started as a public fountain has now become a famous landmark in the city. Many of you may not know but there is a history behind this statue. This is not just a simple statue of a boy urinating but a reminder of the past. There are actually various stories surrounding the origin of the statue. However, no one is sure which story is true. But still it is always fun to hear such interesting stories. The location of the Manneken Pis statue is something that you cannot easily miss during your visit to Brussels. It can be said that your trip to Brussels is incomplete without visiting the famous statue.

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entrance fees

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To see the famous Manneken Pis statue you need to buy a ticket. If you want to visit the original pee fountain in the Brussels City Museum you will have to pay 8 euros per person. However, the fee is applicable for visitors only. Citizens of Brussels can get free admission. As a visitor you can enjoy free admission on the first Sunday of every month if you are over 18 years of age.

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One of the first attractions that will catch your attention in the city of Brussels is the Manneken Pis statue which is the oldest and most famous landmark of the city. This statue was designed in the year 1388 and today, it is one of the world famous statues of the city. It really is a beloved symbol of Brussels. According to many Bruxelois, they draw water from the statue. The sculpture depicts a small naked boy urinating in the basin of a fountain. Located between Rue Chene and Rue de l’Etuve, it is the best site in the city.

Since this statue is world famous, several armed forces have tried to steal it from the city. In 1817, it was eventually stolen by a former convict, who broke the statue into 11 pieces. However, it was later welded together and well preserved, but was put back in its right place.

In fact many legends are prevalent about this idol. so History of Manneken Pis The statue is not clear. It’s hard to tell which story is real. According to one story, a tourist father lost his son in the city of Brussels. The father searched for his son and also took the help of the villagers to find him. After finding the boy, the father gifted him this idol. This is just one story that revolves around the statue. Another story suggests that the boy was a spy during a siege in the city. It is believed that the boy actually bombs the city by urinating on explosives. Well, this is one of the adventurous stories believed about the idol. There are many interesting stories about the statue. If you want to hear them all then it is a must for you to visit the site.

Statue of a boy urinating in Brussels Not only is it a full-time attraction for tourists, but it also has an outfit for every occasion. This statue is known for its variety of costumes. To give the sculpture of the peeing boy a companion, another sculpture called Jenneken Pis was created in the 80s. It is a statue of a girl urinating from a fountain. However, this statue is less popular and is located a short distance away from the original statue.

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things to do

Manneken Pis statue This is the biggest attraction of this place. You can do the following while visiting the statue.

1. Take pictures

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You can really take a lot of photos while visiting the famous Peeing Boy statue. Most tourists are seen doing the same.

2. Explore the area

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You can also explore the area around the famous statue and discover something interesting for yourself.

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Nearby places to visit

Here is a list of places where you can visit the Manneken Pis statue:

1. Gorgeous location

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It is located in the center of the city and is the main plaza of the city. Here you can see the unique architecture of the past. The building looks magnificent with its stone carvings, gables, balustrades and pilasters as well as rich gold decorations. The building is built in Baroque style and was established in the 11th century. It soon became the economic and political center of the city. There are many impressive rooms in the building.

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how to reach

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The original Manken Pis statue is located in the Museum of the City of Brussels. You can reach your destination with the help of public transport. The nearest metro station is Gare de Brussels-Central. The statue is at walking distance from the station. You can also take buses from Plattstein bus stop that will take you directly to your destination.

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Now that you know the important details about the Manneken Pis statue, don’t miss your chance to visit this famous attraction. It is one of the best places to visit in the city. So, plan a trip to Europe with TourTravelHotels, visit Brussels and make every moment special while visiting the place and don’t forget to click pictures with the statue of the urinating boy. After all, every moment is worth capturing.

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